Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Dom's Diary: Jelly Legs

Teetering on the razor's edge;  I don't think  this is what Occam quite had in mind - that fine line between sanity and divine pleasure - but once over the edge, it's a free fall.

The Dom's Diary: Jelly Legs
Abyrne Mostyn

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It was only with sheer determination that I didn’t blow her head off with the load that sat knotted at the base of my shaft.  She paused after sitting all the way down and the tight glove that held me was nearly enough pressure to finish me.  Where the pearls had been like individual little fingers stroking in unison, this was a completely different sensation.  I wanted to buck and thrust and finish, but her hands on mine at the edge of the table made me try to wait.
She began rocking slowly. slowly.  I nearly wept as I locked my jaw down and willed my release to hold.  Breathing through my nose was not nearly sufficient to get oxygen in, or enough to stay the hard pants that she was cultivating.  It became hard hitching breaths long before she sped up and raced my will as she claimed another orgasm before I let go.  I could not recall ever being dominated by a woman so thoroughly, and I had almost never allowed one to try.
I would love to believe that I had held out longer than I actually managed.  Almost as soon as I felt the trickle of her release coat my balls, I knew I was filling her with my own.  The torment of her earlier play had culminated in a release that left me gasping for air and jerking underneath her long after she stopped pumping.  I saw black and then I saw stars dot across her back as she raised the final time to disengage from me.  I understood why some men passed out to a dead sleep after sex, though I had never done so.  Good fucking was like that.  Take ‘em high, drop ‘em fast, and let them free fall.  What did that say about the sex I’d had up until now?  I didn’t want to think too hard on that.
She had moved off the table and was walking away asking about some Arnica for my stripes as I recovered.  She had loosened my bindings before she walked away and I had to wipe the sheen of perspiration from my face before sitting up.  I could only muster a grunt of affirmation at her offer. 
Shaking my head to knock my brain back online, I got down while she was turned, walking on jelly legs to the table of tools.  I had to chuckle to myself to see the trail of wax flakes that followed her path to the corner where she was again rummaging in her bag.  Her hair was damp to her back.  I was not the only one who had been worked over.
I took a condom from the bowl on the table, knowing you never go back to front without care and slipped it on my still rigid organ as quietly as I could manage.  I grabbed a small crop from the table too before walking over to her.  Fisting one hand in her hair, helping her to her knees with the other, I pushed her head down and to the side before I addressed her.  Her gasp of surprise was cut short by a flick of the crop.
“Danced a little close to that Sadism line, don’t you think?”
She chuckled.
“Close, but did you notice I didn’t cross it?”
“By whose definition darlin’?  Those pearls were quite tight.”
“Do you intend to return my wickedness?”
She was toying with me, and I was mixed minded about it.  She had managed to completely dominate me where others had always failed.  I was however, a Dom by nature, and there was something compulsory about letting her know I would have the last word.  Alternating the crop against her lower cheeks, I knew she was still wet, or wet again.  I could smell her.  The air between us, in what little space there was, was saturated with her.
I dropped the crop when her ass began to faintly glow, grabbing her hip and driving straight with mine.  Her cunt, my cock…no longer space between, I was back where I wanted to be…in control.  The edge of need was long gone after the release earlier as she rode and I now had plenty of time to enjoy the tight friction of her sliding along the ridge.  It was my turn to speed up and slow down in response to her mewling and make her wait. 
Twisting her hair in my hands, I brought her head up off the floor, spanking her open-handed across her ass, forcing her contortion to my will.  She was now the one hitching breath and gasping for air.  She was now the one wearing the goose bumps from dancing the edge that I was hanging her release from.  I knew if I were of a mind to flip her over that the tight bundle of nerves at the cleft of her sex, though untouched at this point, would be an angry, pulsing button that would ignite her release.  I left her on her knees.
Bucking harder once my own release teetered to come forth; she nearly beat me to it, but only ended up a fraction of a breath behind.  Letting go of her hair, I turned her carefully into my lap, shifting to sit once she had stopped quaking in the aftermath and I had pulled free.  Holding her close, we both seemed to take up the cause of aftercare.  She, with the bottle of Arnica she had in her hands when I caught up to her and me flicking the bits of wax from her breasts.  Whoever had clean up duty for this room was likely to be most unhappy with the puddle of wax and herbed oil, not to mention the brushed suede on the tilt.
It was long past full dark when we finally disengaged, dressed, and headed to the lower community room for a nightcap and goodbyes.  Ellis had the drinks on the bar within a second of our crossing into the room and had moved away to the other end of the length of teak.  We barely spoke, but the glances between us shouted.  We were both well satisfied, and would definitely be getting together again.  How much of the future would be sex was anyone’s guess.  I don’t think either of us had any idea.  Domination, hers I would guess, and mine I knew, had never been quite so fully about the actual act of fucking, though there was no denying the extreme pull between us as I could have taken her right there on the bar just thinking about it.
Finishing our drinks, she grabbed her satchel and I her elbow as we walked toward the door.
“Do you intend to direct me here as well Maisu?”
“No Pallaca.  I am a gentleman.  I would see you to your car.”
“That won’t be necessary, Ren has brought it around.”
Looking up, I saw one of the men from the first night that had helped Yessenia from the frame standing near the door with keys in hand.  It seems I was not needed beyond this place, something to think on.
“So I see.  Until next time then darlin’.  I can’t wait to see what else you have in your arsenal.”
“It will be my great pleasure.”
“And also mine.”
With that she had her keys and was out the door and to her car before I reached the steps.  I had to shuffle back before descending and turn as a voice caught me by surprise.  I did not realize Ren had followed us out.
“You must have done something right.  She seldom offers seconds.”
I nodded and turned to leave without another word.  I had much to think about.
Good to know.


  1. I'll take her seconds and thirds if she doesn't want them. Wowsa!!

  2. She has upended his world. I like that. :) And now I will sit here and quietly simmer in my office. :squish squish:

  3. Holy cow am I glad I waited so I could read all the parts in one sitting. This waiting every week would have killed me. Great job. I loved it. *groans*, need a cold shower now to cool of.