Monday, August 5, 2013

Immortally Mine

 A ugust brings sultry heat both indoors and out.  Welcome Eva back to  share her latest escapade.

Immortally Mine 
Eva Rayne Heaton

He kissed me hard and I felt the chills run throughout my entire body. My hands were under his shirt, exploring the muscles of his chest. I still could not believe that I was here, after years of wanting it, I was half-naked, lying under Tyler Van Camp. I was finally with the man who I had been secretly crushing on, could not stop thinking about, half in love with, since the day I met him. I was being held, caressed, and kissed by a vampire.
I could hear the sounds of ripping fabric as he pulled my shirt away. It fell to the floor in a small pile of deep burgundy fabric. Tyler’s eyes traveled over my skin from my purple lace bra to my star belly button ring, the butterfly tattoo on my hip bone and back to my scantily clad breasts. There was lust in his eyes, longing, but something else too. Hunger.
I drug my nails down his chest, watching the shallow pink scrapes heal before my eyes. I gasped and I heard him chuckle as he adjusted our position slightly. At first, I thought he was crazy when he suggested that we do this here, in his car parked just off a dirt road in the middle of nowhere outside of town instead of just going to my place. But, now that we were here, with the steamed up windows, the heat building up in the backseat, I knew exactly why he had picked this place. Tyler repositioned himself over me as my fingertips found his jean’s button. I could feel his mouth against my neck, kissing, sucking.
My short leather skirt came away as easily as tissue paper. I yelped in surprise as the thick, warm air of the car found my thighs, playing against the dampness of my thin lace panties. His easy chuckle filled the backseat once more as he pushed his own jeans down. The deep blue boxers under them quickly followed. My pulse quickened as I took in his hard, sculpted body. His skin was tanned and warm, inviting, over the rippling muscles of his upper body. Everything about him screamed power.
His lips were back on my neck, slowly moving down to the front of my throat, then back up to just above my carotid artery. This time I could feel the slight prick of fangs against my skin. Not hard, not enough to break the skin, just a teaser of what was to come.
“You sure you’re ready for this, baby doll?” His words were a low growl against my sternum, making me jump; I hadn’t felt his mouth leave my neck.
“Yes, honey, I really am just that fast,” there was a mischievous smile on his lips before he snapped the thin piece of fabric in the middle of my bra, freeing my breasts, “But I promise, this won’t be,”

To be Continued. . .   

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