Monday, August 12, 2013

Immortally Mine - Part Two

Last week we left Katherine in the middle of nowhere, in the backseat of a car, with the subject of four year worth of wet dreams on top of her. Now, how did she get here, in a compromising position with someone who may not be entirely human? She's about to tell you.

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Immortally Mine
Part Two
Eva Rayne 

I got ahead of myself before, I should start at the beginning. My name is Katherine and I grew up in a small town not too far outside Charlotte, North Carolina. I first met Tyler the day I graduated high school.
My mom was the only realtor in our Poe-dunk little town so when I heard that there was a hot new guy moving in, I knew it was only a matter of time before I met him. After graduation, my friends and I were lounging on our deck by the pool; drinking, reminiscing, planning the future. After all, what’s a true graduation celebration without raided liquor cabinets? Caroline had brought the champagne, Derek stole an essentially full bottle of tequila from his dad. We had a cooler full of various beers and I had dug out my mom’s imported vodka collection and added it to the table.
We were all half drunk by the time a tall, dark haired man came around the corner of the house and up the first couple deck stairs.
Can we help you?” my friend Derek asked, raising his solo cup in greeting.
I knocked, but I’m assuming you couldn’t hear me,” there was something almost akin to amusement in his voice. “I’m looking for Abbi Wilson.”
That’s my mom,” I said standing up, stumbling slightly over the flip flops I had kicked off earlier. I glared at my friends as they erupted in a chorus of snickers and snorts. I adjusted the shorts that covered my bikini bottoms. “She’s not here right now, can I help you?”
She said I could come by this afternoon and sign the last of the escrow papers and pick up my keys. I can come back another time though, if she’s not here,” he shrugged and went to back step down the deck stairs.
I can help you,” I offered, “She left the papers and keys on the counter. She already signed them in case she didn’t get back from the store before you came by.”
Are you sure?” He took another step up and I caught his eyes flicker over my mostly exposed body, just starting to darken from the beginnings of a summer tan.
Of course, come on, it’s through here,” I gestured toward the door with my head. I caught the eye of my friend Caroline who raised her eyebrows suggestively at me before glancing back over at Tyler. I glared at her and led Tyler into the house through the back door.
You have a beautiful home,” Tyler said looking around as we walked.
Thank you. This place has been in our family for generations,” I explained as we walked into the kitchen. “Here they are,” I said, pulling papers out of a folder that my mom had left on the counter.
I had helped my mom with work stuff before so this wasn’t new to me. I slid the house information over to him and began filling out one of the forms. When I looked up, I found him watching me intently.
It’s capitalized,” he said with a smile, amusement in his voice.
W-What?” I stammered, temporarily caught off guard.
The ‘V’,” he chuckled pointing at the form where I had just written his name ‘van Camp.’
I thought in names like this it was always lowercase,” I sputtered stupidly, mentally kicking myself as he laughed. It wasn’t necessarily a mean laugh, but still, I don’t exactly appreciate being laughed at.
The name is very old, as am I,” his smile was charming and it took me a beat to see through the smile and understand the words. Very old? He looked no more than twenty three.
Either way,” I said trying to recover, “I need your signature here and the keys are all yours.” I slid the form and my pen over to him.
He picked up the pen and elegantly signed his name, his eyes never leaving mine. The next thing I knew I was being spun around, my back now pressed against the counter and Tyler was keeping me pinned there with his body.
It was a pleasure to meet you, Katherine.” His voice was low as he brushed his lips lightly against my collarbone, just inside the strap of my bikini. When he raised his head, he flashed me another smile only this time it was different. Almost before I could process what I was seeing, he was gone.
I slowly raised my hand to the place his lips had touched. I shook my head, trying to clear it but I could have sworn, just for a second, that Tyler had fangs.
I had chalked the whole experience up to having spent too much time in the sun. I had been seeing things. I left at the end of that summer, I moved to the city, went to college. It was just my mother and I, and we weren’t exactly close, so I didn’t feel obligated to visit on school breaks and I stayed in the city to work over the summers. I didn’t come back home until the summer after I graduated.
Even though I didn’t come home, I didn’t see him again, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Tyler Van Camp. I swore I saw him out of the corner of my eye at parties. I dreamed about him, I caught myself day dreaming about him during lectures I really should have been paying attention to. For four years, every guy who paid me any attention was secretly compared to him.
Now that I was home, I both dreaded and looked forward to when I would see him again. I never thought that the first time I did would be completely by chance, a run in at a bar. A run in that led us to the back seat of his car in the absolute middle of nowhere.
To be Continued…