Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oral Dilemma: Family Ties

Have you forgotten about Roxanne? When we last heard from her  she  and Luke  had just finished their matches and won. Then they celebrated afterwards.  
Let's see what  mischief they've gotten up to this time. 

Oral Dilemma:  Family Ties
Ellie Mack  

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     There were 4 days left of spring break after the match, Luke wanted to take me home to meet his mom. I was nervous and scared of course. The whole time he packed my things I argued with him that we should wait until summer break. I argued and unpacked.

     After several rounds of repacking my things he stopped me, taking my hands in his. “Roxy! Sweetheart, trust me.” Then he kissed me deeply. I was always in trouble when he kissed me like that. My mind suddenly cleared of all the worries, all the what ifs and was soothed by Luke’s loving kisses. 

     “Go make us some tea while I finish packing. We’ll drive down, I’ll show you my hometown, have dinner with mom and she will love you. We’ll go out on a date, find something to do in that little town then go back to her house. Please Roxy, for me?”

     How could I argue? Especially when the man kissed me senseless. “Sure Luke, I can do that.” I walked into the kitchen with a sigh, placated for the moment. How bad could it be? I saw my reflection in the toaster, and turned from side to side. I suppose with makeup the bruises won’t show. I wouldn’t want anyone to think Luke had hit me. At that moment I got a call from my sister Tara.

     “Hey Roxanne, are you going to come home at all for spring break or just hide out up there?”

     “Well um, I hadn’t planned on coming home. I told you that on skype.” I heard a prolonged sigh. ”Mom said she was working every day, so I just figured I'd wait until after finals. Why? What is it?”

     “You know it’s boring around here since you moved out and mom is never home, and since she got the diagnosis I’ve just been really scared.” 

     “Wait, what diagnosis?” Silence. “Tara Marie, what are you talking about? What? Diagnosis? Talk to me.”

     A long exasperated sigh with a slight hitch came from my baby sister. “Mom wasn’t going to tell you until you came home for the summer, and then she was worried that she wouldn’t have enough time before we left for dad’s.”

     “Tara, what diagnosis?” She was beginning to worry me. "Enough time?  Enough time for what?" 

     “She asked me not to tell you but I’m scared Roxy.” She was crying now.

     “Tara. I, honey you gotta tell me what’s going on. I don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about.”

     “It’s mom Rox, she’s got breast cancer. She was diagnosed two weeks ago.”

     The glass shattered on the floor, ice tea went everywhere. NO! It couldn’t be true. Not my mom, it was a mistake - a horrible cruel joke from Tara. My mom was strong, invincible. She was an amazing woman that did it all. She was only 45! Luke came running to see what happened. There I stood pale white, broken glass in a pool of tea at my feet. I’m not even sure if anything was said after that on the phone, it was a blur. 
     Luke carefully walked me to the sofa after checking me over for cuts. He cleaned up the mess as I sat there numb from shock. I didn’t cry, just sat there staring at nothing.

     I sat there hugging a pillow while Luke packed us up. He loaded the car, then helped buckle me into the passenger seat. Luke’s home was only thirty five minutes from my mom’s house. He talked to me the whole ride, explained how we could balance our time, and how he was there to support me. We’d split our time between the moms and announce our engagement a little early.

     An hour in on the trip home we stopped for gas at his favorite little stop along the way. He shared with me how his dad always stopped here for cones when he was little. When he came back to the car he carried two of the biggest cones I’d ever seen and a plush little panda bear that held a single rose that lit up. I know he said a lot of thoughtful caring things, but honestly I was in such a state of shock that only the fact that he was incredibly caring and patient registered. 

     We arrived at his mom’s at 5:30 on Wednesday evening. Linda Reed instantly welcomed me with open arms. I think Luke’s little brother Matthew had a serious crush on me as he was inseparable from the moment I got there until we left on Friday morning. His little sister however, was a different story. She circled around me, with a disapproving scowl then informed me that Luke’s last girlfriend brought her gifts.

     What do you expect from a seven year old, right? I wasn’t about to surrender my panda bear and all I had in my bag was a few protein bars so I told her that I was unaware of the protocol since it was my first visit. She told me. “Well I’ll let it go this time, but don’t let it happen again.” Anna was going to be a tough nut to crack.

     Mrs. Reed made a fabulous meal. I ate way too much! It was so good to have home cooked food, not instant or microwaved. I was definitely going to have to learn to cook. Salads were simple, but I didn’t know how to make a pot roast if my life depended on it.
     While Luke spent time with his brother and doing some handyman stuff for his mom, I sat with Linda in the kitchen watching how she prepared her foods, asking questions while I chopped vegetables for her. I asked a ton of questions, I’m surprised she didn’t kick me out.

     At the dinner table with everyone there, Luke made the announcement about our engagement. Linda cried, Matthew sulked, and Anna was furious. Well that went well. Despite my insecurities and fears they are a wonderful family.

     Early Saturday morning Luke drove us to my home. Tara was alone when we arrived, Mom had already left for work. That actually worked out well, it gave me time to glean information form Tara.

     We were out on the deck sipping tea when I glanced over to the Miller’s, remembering when I sat in the exact same spot watching a shirtless sweaty Devon mowing the lawn. As Tara talked with Luke, I reminisced about the times with my best friend and wished that I could tell him the good news. I thought perhaps I’d skype him sometime over the weekend when he stepped out onto the back patio. I instantly shot to my feet! He was home! Oh my gosh! “Hey Devon!" I shouted waving.

     He looked up and waved.

     “Come on over! I haven’t seen you for ages!” I was halfway down the steps while he loped the distance across the yard. When he reached me he lifted me off my feet and twirled me around, kissing me soundly. 

     “Wow It’s good to see you Roxy.” He set me down after hugging me and giving me a quick kiss. “You look great!”

     I grabbed his hand and drug him up the stairs. Once we reached the top of the deck, I saw that Luke was standing, he'd been watching me the entire time. I blushed as I introduced them to each other. Luke immediately moved to my side and slipped his arm around my waist. Could he have been jealous of my friendship with Devon? 

     I started telling Devon about our matches, that we both won our divisions and how I’d won a sponsorship. He said he was happy for me, but I could tell he still didn't approve of my fighting. I wanted so much to tell him Luke was my fiancee now that we had set the date for the following June, but I didn't want to spill the beans to Tara and have her blurt it out to mom.

     Before Devon went back home he gave me another hug and whispered to call him later. It was so good to see him. Tara went inside  to get ready for work and Luke pulled me close, kissing me deeply. 

     “So that’s my competition. Your best friend Devon. He’s going to have to find a new playmate as I’ve got you now.” Another deep kiss, my knees about to buckle, and he starts nibbling on my neck. 
     I was instantly melting in his arms. I felt relaxed at my home, not timid and uptight like I did at his mom’s house. Without even thinking I was tugging his shirt up, pressing against him. He walked me back into the railing and unzipped my jean capris, sliding them down as he slid his fingers over my cleft. Instant heat spread over me at his touch. His lips were on my nipple gently brushing at first then sucking into his mouth as his fingers worked lower. He brushed over my nub as he sucked in. I gasped moaning his name.

     He slid down my body, covering my abdomen with kisses, tickling my belly button with his tongue before tugging the jeans over my ass and down. Hot breath washed over the damp silky panties giving a delicious mix of fire and goose bump chills. Rough calloused fingers played over my bum as he tugged the panties to one side, his tongue flicking out over my sensitive button. 

     "Oh God Luke yes!"

      He dove between my legs lapping, tonguing and slipping fingers inside me. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew someone could see us, I guess it added to the taboo of being out on the deck in the middle of the day. A part of me knew that Tara could be watching us, the neighbors could be watching us. I didn’t care. I was Luke’s instrument at that moment and I didn’t care who knew.

      He pushed two fingers inside me while sucking my clit and I exploded in orgasm. Shuddering, gasping, saying yes, whimpering almost.

     He stood up and whispered to me “Do you want me inside you?”

     I nodded in agreement.

     “Say it baby.”

     I was out of my mind with need for him. “Please Luke. Take me here, now.”

     His lips were on mine, claiming possessively. “Louder Roxanne, I can’t hear you. Tell me specifically.”

     “Make love to me Luke, now. Here on the deck. Please!”

      He turned me around and leaned me over the rail, my knees on the chaise lounger. He pushed all the way inside me, moving slowly at first then getting increasingly faster and harder. After about twenty minutes I was on the edge again. I’m not sure who was taking who at that point, I just know it was good. It was intense. “Luke, I’m gonna come. Baby, I. . . Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!”

     I lost it! Waves rolled over me, I was drowning in it. The most intense orgasm I’d ever had and he wasn’t stopping. I was nearly shaking when I heard myself yell loudly “Oh God yes. YES! Ohhhhhhhh fuck YES!” 

     At that point Luke exploded inside me, letting me feel the hot gush of his seed shooting inside me, filling me as he leaned over my shoulders kissing the back of my neck.

     As he slumped against me I swiped my hair out of my eyes, and saw Devon standing on his back patio. He’d seen and heard everything. He turned back going inside with his head down, a look of hurt on his fade. Why did I feel like I just betrayed my best freind? 

     Me and my big mouth.


  1. Holy cow! Talk about running the gamut of emotions!

    Well done, Ellie.

  2. Glad someone liked it! Thanks Vicki!