Thursday, October 3, 2013

Text Dirty to me?

Ok so you remember Lola and Lukas, the textual tease and the tense texted? well this is a portal to a what I would like to think happened, not next but sometime later. 

She lay back and stretched on the bed, sweaty and tired after a long lab day and a lecture before rolling across town from the campus to her trike and finally home, she grimaced as she looked down the bed, staring at the clock that read 1030pm, if it was that early why had she been asleep and why hadn't she eaten and why was it all a mess? She crawled across the bed for her click switch and turned the light on low as breathed deeply. The room smelt of sex and sweat and passion, she was sore and could feel the sting of freshly applied antiseptic, looking down she saw the covers a mess the sheet marked with blood and heard the happy sated half snore of Lukas, dead to the world and worn out by the look of things.

As she half crawled half dived for the plate of Hoisin duck wraps that her darling had prepared earlier that had obviously been forgotten in favor of more important things, she devoured them at speed and polished off a pair of bottles of shock top before she was satisfied looking at him guiltily as she tried to hide a small belch. She snuggled into the crook of his arm and drifted off into her memories to the sound of his heart remembering what got her here.

She had rolled in grabbed a sixpack and the plated duck wraps off the counter dropping them into her little trolley that clipped to the back of the chair that lived by the door, she rolled into the bedroom and paused for a second to just enjoy the view of her Lukas in a pair of black silk trousers and nothing else but his rosary that matched hers, that they had bought in Lourdes together.  Slipping that note into the locker that day hadn't been stupid, nor had allowing herself to dream and to dare, dare send a picture and dare reach out.

She grinned to herself and slipping her phone from her pocket typed a short message. Which the lounging boy looked at and smiled, her phone bleeped once more she checked it and grinned.

Whipping her hoody off in one quick movement revealing to her waiting partner the tattoo that so captivated him from the moment they met, the pink leopard spots on her right shoulder, she had others of course, ink with meaning, ink with symbols, ink to hide the scars, the blue waterfall below the pink spots hiding where her arm was rebroken by the surgeons, the ying yang of ice and fire on her left leg hiding the entry point for the wicked metal bolts holding her leg together, the other leg carrying a second ying yang of earth and air, sliding down from the chair and crawling up the bed ignoring the food that lay waiting she snaked up his body pulling himself up his legs by her arms.

She gasped at the contact as he moved in the way he always did, so that her sex would be dragged over his knee, his hands sliding into place and tugging at the button of her jeans and yanking them down in one easy movement, pressure from his foot dragging them off her feet and as usual forcing her slip-on trainers off with the denim.  He immediately pulled her into a kiss using nhis strength to grind her into his knee, he could feel her breath quicken and her whole body chase after this intensity of feeling as he plundered her mouth with hard kisses and bites of her bottom lip. Scrabbling for the phone she tapped out a short curt message begging for more.

In response he intensified the assault dragging her knickers down and off her body but doing nothing more than grinding her into his knee ever harder, relishing in the smaller girls silent gulping gasping cries. Her limpness in his arms as he felt one orgasm race through her before he pushed her to the bed and lay there between her thighs his breath tickling her clit as he nibbled around her sex, always seeming to hold just at the point of making contact with her wetness but never quite getting there. Holding her waiting and completely under his control.

And through this torrent of abuse and begging in black on green he simply grinned as he held her just on the edge of touching her, her sat in his lap feeling the outline of his bulge and gently running the very tip of his nail over her moist lip[s waiting for her to lose her mind.
He grinned as he saw the message, his lover losing control shown in her wriggling and her spelling and hearing that faint almost silent yelp, the only thing close to a sound he had ever heard her make. He unsheathed himself from his denim prison and while stripping, buried himself inside her as she attacked his neck and back like a wildcat. They rocked and thrashed and snaked across the down mattress almost more like a fight than a fuck, him moaning panting gasping but Lola she was forever silent still gasping, his phone filled with her screams of ecstasy and orgasm.  

They lay tangled together and sweaty covered in, sweat, tears of passion, each others explosion and not a little blood from the scratches and bites, nuzzled together in that happy dazed afterglow.
“We needed that” mumbled Lukas into her hair as he cuddled her from behind kissing her neck”

She simply nodded texting a response causing Lukas to burst into a deep belly laugh shaking her slightly making her squirm and bite her lip.

“can I ask you something”  he murmured into her hair, a question on his lips that he had wrestled with since meeting her, suddenly unsure how to phrase it, she simply nodded.
“Why don’t you speak?, not even to me?” he asked gently stroking her tummy to calm and reassure her, she paused terrified then slowly reached for her phone and painstakingly typed an answer with shaking hands. 

“when what happened?” he asked confused, she’d turned by then facing her lover the ring on her finger rubbing against his chest as she stroked his strong upper body, she looked hurt upset frustrated and not knowing what else to do pulled her closer to him.

He waited confused and wondering about the tangent and just lay enjoying the contact staring into her eyes.

As he read he grew steadily more and more angry seething as he saw the pain of remembering in her eyes and all he could do was stroke her hair and murmur promises that he would keep them away, keep her safe.

He looked sick to his stomach at the end but was strangely curious and he nodded slowly and looked into her eyes warmly and with nothing but encouragement in his heart and his expression, caressing her palm with his thumb.

She looked into his eyes before looking down at her rosary and her ring, slowly carefully looking like she was struggling immensely she in a heavily slurred gasping breath mumbled “Te Amo Maritus”
He looked gobsmacked and shocked for a second as the words went through his mind as he untangled her voice in his head, he blushed and gasped as he realised that that was her asking for what she wanted most in the world and offering a way for them to truly have spoken vows, he crushed her into his arms holding her tight and kissing her softly before mumbling “really? You’d want that? Me? A wedding? You want me of all people?”

She wriggled on his lap until she was laid her mouth next to his ear and whispered “Volo” the more he heard her the more he understood and the more his heart leapt as he pulled her close trying to calm his pounding heart as they kissed as if they needed each kiss more than air. 


  1. the formatting is a sod to do. glad you like it.

  2. I'm a few days behind catching up on reading here. I like this story. You hear about sexting and things, but I've actually never read a story with the concept used. Very well done.