Sunday, October 20, 2013

This Night: Remix

It seems once was not enough for the guys. Sophia agreed to see them again, but now what? 

This Night: Remix
Eythan Rogers

Sophia stepped out of the shower; steam billowing around her and covering the small bathroom making it hard to see. When she pulled open the door a rush of cool air came in, covering her arms in goose bumps. Or maybe it was because she was nervous to see the guys again. She wasn’t really sure why she agreed to see them again. Yeah, she had a good time with them, and yes she thought about them a few times a day. But that’s what a fantasy was. Something you thought about and dreamed about. So why was she still thinking about it? It was out of her system and done with. It was just as she had hoped. It was hot and sexy and there was so much passion and lust her mind was over loaded and nearly fried out from so much pleasure.

Sophia had asked Kim why they wanted to see her again, but she was about as much help as a color blind man helping you pick out curtains. She was always a cryptic one.

This time Sophia wasn’t sure what was going to happen between them, so she offered to meet them at Kim’s club and go from there. It as a central location, and public. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust them, but she could never be too cautious. Her past would prove that true.

Without realizing it her hand covered her heart as if she was trying to slow it down. She would not let that asshole ruin the rest of her life god damn it! He had taken way too much from her already and she would be damned it she let herself get worked over a guy who was far far away from her now.

After taking a deep breath and clearing her mind, Sophia dried off and got dressed. Fixing her hair just right and putting on some light make up she was ready to go.

Her apartment was in a decent neighborhood and her neighbors were nice. It was the type of neighbors that would lend you a cup of sugar or a few eggs any time you needed. They were more then willing to help and she was thankful to have them. On more then one occasion Sophia had locked herself out of her apartment and needed to call the landlord. A sweet older man Brian across the hall was more then willing to help. 

Sophia was even more amazed to find out that there was a parking garage for her complex. It was almost unheard of in this area but it was great for rainy days and keeping safe.

Checking her watch one more time Sophia stepped off the elevator and into the parking garage. She was just on time. She hated being late. She was always on time or early. Waiting was a pet peeve of hers, so she always made sure to have enough time to get where she needed to be.

There was a light right under her car and she tried to always get that spot, it was easy to remember and close by the elevators. When she walked around to the driver side door she stopped short. Her breath nearly stopped as well. Her hand quickly covered her mouth and the gasp that escaped her lips.

Stuck to her window was a piece of paper and in bright red marker spelled out “Slut!” Franticly Sophia looked around to see if anyone was around. Not seeing a soul she ripped the sign off her window, shoved it in her purse and jumped in her car. Who the fuck would do that?? Not stopping to analyze it further Sophia threw her car in drive and sped off to the club.

Someone had the wrong car. Why would that be on her car? It must be a mistake. She had no enemies.

Forget it. She had to forget it. It was just a stupid mistake and she was going to see Brandon and Anthony and forget about it. There was no reason to dwell on something so stupid.

Pulling up to the club Sophia noticed it looked pretty dead tonight. Guess Kim was right about all of that outside fun. With a smirk on her face Sophia parked her car and headed into the club.  She admitted to wondering about that as well.

She felt more at ease meeting them inside rather then in a dark parking lot. Its not like they were staying here tonight. She would just wait inside where it was still light and no playing in the lobby. So there was no chance of her running into any erotic play. Not that she has ever seen it before. Hell she remembers helping Kim open the place. Long days and nights spend here, and seeing things she never thought possible. Which could explain her major curiosity on the subject. Or was it all of the books Kim recommended her to read? Whatever the cause, she was very interested and soaked up any literature on the subject of BDSM and D/s relationships.

“Sophia.” She nearly jumped out of her skin when Brandon placed his hand on her shoulder and pulled her from her thoughts. She didn’t realize how caught up she was.

“Whoa, easy there. Sorry, I didn’t mean t frighten you. You ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry. I didn’t even hear you guys come in. I was just day dreaming I guess. It’s good to see you both again” Sophia smiled. Actually genuinely smiled. She was happy to see them, more then she thought she would be.

Brandon looked like he wanted to hug her but didn’t want to make it awkward. She could see it written on his face. She kind of snickered at his discomfort. She had the feeling that it wasn’t often that these guys felt awkward or out of place. Letting it go she let them both off the hook and asked where they wanted to go. Anthony spoke first.

“Well, we were going to leave the choice up to you, but we thought better of that. Too many choices.” He smirked and tucked his hands in the pockets of his dress pants. He slowly took a few steps forward and only a foot separated the to of them. Sophia had to look up to see his face. She nearly swallowed her tongue when she swallowed.

“Sso- what did you two decide?”
Anthony pulled one of his hands from his pocket and tucked a finger under her chin making her look into his eyes. With a wicked grin Anthony said

“We are staying here at the club, Sophia.”