Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This NIght: Secret Longings

   It seems the one time experience has made a lasting impression on everyone involved. Where will they go form here? 

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This Night: Secret Longings
Eythan Rogers

Brandon tossed aside the dark blue shirt that was in his hand and held up the black one again and decided that was it. With a pile of shirts all over his bed be finally found a shirt that would look good enough. After cleaning up the mess he made Brandon zipped up his jeans and buttoned them just in time for Anthony’s arrival.

“You ready yet princess? You take longer to get ready then a chick.” Brandon just snorted and flipped the collar of his shirt down. He sat on the edge of the bed to tie his shoes.

“You’re just jealous that I look so good and the ladies all come up to me first.”

Anthony rolled his eyes and folded his arms over his broad chest.

“Yes, that’s it. What would I ever do with out you.” Brandon knew the guy and knew he was just kidding. They fought like brothers all the time. That’s what happens when you spend almost every minute with your best friend for the past 6 years. They went through basic training together and all 3 of their tours through the Middle East. You get to know a lot about a guy when you’re trapped in a mud ditch for weeks on end hoping you don’t die at the hands of a psycho. They had each other’s backs then and even more so now. They had been through a lot together, including their share of women. At the time he thought his buddy was just talking shit. You say a lot when you think you’re close to death and you won’t live to see the next morning. But it turns out they had a lot more in common then he thought, or that he believed.

“Princess, let’s move it. Sophia is probably already waiting and thinks we stood her up.” Anthony yelled from the living room. When Brandon rounded the corner he saw his friend fixing his hair in the mirror.

“Who’s the princess now?” Brandon smirked and Anthony threw his comb at him. Laughing they both headed out the door.

When Anthony pulled up to the park they saw Sophia sitting on a bench, looking out over the pond. Her gaze seemed to go on forever. As if she was looking for something but couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

“Are you sure she wanted to see us again?” Anthony asked for the millionth time.

“Yes, man. You should have heard her. She was hesitant at first but I knew she wanted to see us. The longing was laced in her voice. I think she might be the..”

“Don’t say it. Don’t even think it. She just wanted this as a one-time thing and for fun. Don’t push her into anything she’ll regret. So get that out of your mind right now. “

Brandon wasn’t buying it. He knew she was out there somewhere and he wasn’t stopping until they found the one girl that they could have together, forever. It was a hole in his life that he couldn’t explain. Anthony filled that hole in a way his real brother never could. They were best friends and could talk about anything. They trusted and respected each other. And it just so happened they had the same fantasies and kinks. So sue him for hoping for the best in their lives. He knew damn well Anthony wanted the same thing, but it was harder for him to say, at least out loud. They had some deep conversations about this a few times but every time a potential girl came into their life Anthony assumed the worst and shut her down as long term material right away.

No worries. Brandon could make him see how it could be soon enough. If he was right about Sohpia that is.

They got out of the car and both of their doors closed at the same time. Sophia’s head jerked in their direction and she smiled when she saw it was them. Walking across the street his eyes never left her. She wore a cute sun dress with sandals that had little flowers on them. Cute, just like her. Her red hair shining in the sunlight, so beautiful.

“Thank you for coming.” Brandon spoke first and Sophia came closer as if to hug him, but then backed off, not sure if it was ok. Brandon couldn’t help but chuckle at her awkwardness.

“Sophia, relax. I’m not going to jump you here.” The wicked intent was all over his body language though.

“Sorry, I guess I’m just nervous. Why? I have no idea. We’re in an open park filled with people. It’s not like Im in danger. But Kim already made sure you guys were safe, so.” She laughed and nodded like an idiot. “Ok, rambling again.

Anthony decided to step in and pulled Sophia into a close hug, but nothing to make her uncomfortable. “It’s good to see you again Sophia. How have you been?” His hug seemed to calm her and Brandon went in for his hug. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on her again. There was something about her that he wanted to crack, to figure out and never let go.

Sophia told them about her work. How busy she was and how little time she actually had. They found a picnic bench to sit at and talked about her job. They were both curious what she did all day and night. When they weren’t around her.

Turns out Sohpia was a busy little bee. Between going to school for her Masters she was also working part time for a law firm. Brandon sat on her side of the bench but made sure not to sit too close. He was tempted to move closer but not stupid enough to frighten the little kitten. He didn’t want her to run from them.

“So, you guys asked me here to talk about me? Sorry this will be a boring conversation.” She laughed and so did they. No way in hell was this girl boring. She had a lot to learn about herself and they intended to teach her.

“Well for starters, yes. But we also wanted to see you again. We asked Kim for your number and thought we would give it a shot.”

Anthony snorted and tapped his finger against the wooden table. “You didn’t ask Kim, you damn near threatened her.”

Brandon glared at his friend “ She had it coming for withholding valuable information.”

Sophia busted out laughing. “You threatened Kim?? And your balls are still intact?! Holy shit, I think I’ve heard it all."

Now it was Sophia’s turn to get Brandon’s glare. “She was smart and gave up your number before things got worse for herself. I know her weak spot.”

Brandon grinned like a son of a bitch and wouldn’t give that secret up to save his life. He scooted a bit closer to Sophia and watched her body, making sure she he wasn’t crowding her too much, for now.

“We’d like to see you again Sophia. I know you just wanted a one time thing. But we were kind of hoping you’d reconsider.”

Anthony nodded in agreement. “If you’ll have us again that is.”

Brandon watched as Sophia nearly swallowed her tongue. He could see the wheels in her head spinning. She was over thinking this. He needed to help her focus. She was amazingly smart, he could tell just by hearing her speak briefly about her future and career goals.  But she needed something. Something she wasn’t even aware of herself.

Before she knew what was happening Brandon’s hands framed her face and he looked deep into her eyes before his lips fell against hers. His eyes closed shut and he put everything into that kiss. He could remember ever crease to her lips. Her sweet smell and how her lips parted just so as he kissed her. He could feel her heart skip as she came up for breath and kissed her deeper. When he pulled back and looked down, Sophia had her eyes closed but the smile on her face said it all.

“Can we see you again Sophia? Please put us out of our misery and say yes…