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This Night: the Club

 Being at the right place at the right time - priceless! 

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This Night:
the Club
Eythan Rogers  

It went against everything he thought was right to still be standing here. Anthony swore he was done searching for her. There was no “her”. All there was, was a girl who liked to have a little fun. He was more then happy to have fun with his best friend. But he would be damned if he got attached. There was no sense in that.

Brandon wanted to believe in a happily ever after for them one day. With a pretty little wife, a big house with a white picked fence and a house full of their kids. There was only one problem with his friends dream world. It didn’t exist.

There was no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for them. Anthony found out long ago that the type of relationship they wanted, craved, was damn near impossible, and all it got them was heartache and screwed in the end. What woman in her right mind would put up with not one, but two stubborn ass males for the rest of their lives? He knew what kind of man he was. Demanding. Stubborn. An asshole at times. Hell, that was probably being nice.

The only reason he agreed to meet Sophia again was because Brandon seemed a bit enamored with her. Anthony didn’t disagree that she was beautiful and amazing in bed, but he didn’t see this going anywhere. He knew her type. She was just interested in the fantasy of it all. Once the fa├žade wore off and she would be running like the rest of them.

“Take a picture. You can burn a whole through that faster.” Anthony turned around to Kim glaring a hole into the back of his skull. Her arms crossed over her black corset and one perfectly manicured bow popped up.

“What are you still doing here? I thought you two said this was just a meeting place.”

He didn’t know why she bothered asking. He knew damn well she already knew the answer. Crossing the space between them in a few steps Anthony just smirked and stood beside her. Watching the crowd of regulars and newbies around the club.

“Then I changed my mind. We decided to stay here. And play” His smirk was still in place. His gaze never leaving the crowd.

Kim was now staring at him again in disbelief.
“And by “we” you mean, you.” Kim scoffed and shook her head. “Why does that not surprise me? God forbid big bad Anthony be alone with a girl. What? Afraid she’d bite back?

“I don’t mind a little biting” Anthony never faltered. His poker face stayed in place and he was not going to let Kim dig into him.

“Bull. Shit. I know this routine with you two. I warned you both that it was only a one time thing. I don’t want to see my best friend get hurt. I know what will happen next and I swear to fuck if you two hurt Soph..! “

Anthony spun around so fast Kim didn’t realize he was in her face until it was too late.

“No, Kim. You only think you know. You haven’t even scratched the surface.” Anthony’s pulse was pounding as he walked away. He was so wound up. Kim didn’t even know the half of it. Who the hell was she to..

“Hey, there you are. We went back to the bar and you disappeared.”

Brandon walked over with Sophia on his arm and Anthony’s smile came back.

“Here I am. Just talking with a few friends while you showed Sophia around. What did you think?”

“Well, I only saw a few parts. Brandon wouldn’t show me the back rooms. But I liked what I saw.”

Brando chuckled “In time. You’ll see them in time. We don’t want you running away now.”

Antony had a snort at that, but for an entirely different reason.

“What did you show her Brandon?” As he list off the names of the equipment Anthony kept a sharp eye on Sophia. Watching for even a hint of a reaction. And that’s exactly what he got.  After each passing word her mouth became dry. Her soft pink tongue snaked out to went her lips and as soon as Brandon mentioned the spanking bench her breath hitched and her pulse increased. He could see her chest rising and falling harder and he knew her pussy would be soaking wet.

Anthony smirked “I think we found what Sophia’s first experience will be in the club.”

“Wait, what?! I didn’t say anything, how would you have known?” Sophia was panicking now. Anthony shushed her and trailed a finger over her jaw line.

“Because it’s my job to know. Now, Brandon, take Sophia to the spanking bench and let me see how well she mounts it.”

Brandon had an evil grin on himself and took Sophia’s hand. Sophia gulped and followed him without question. They both knew she wanted this. It was just getting her past her fears and insecurities.

Anthony took a seat in the over sized seat that was right in front of the spanking horse. Sophia stood behind it, facing him and swallowed hard again. Brandon stood at her side. His hand stroking over her arm, encouraging her to get up on the bench. To the untrained eye Sophia looked scared and frightened. And he had no doubts that she was, but deep down, what pushed her forward was her dark desires. The desires that kept her up late at night. The desire that gave her the strength to go through with her fantasy of being with two men. This was another passion that Anthony loved himself. There was nothing sexier then a hot red bottom that was begging to be fucked.

Sophia slowly draped her body over the center of the bench. Her knees resting on the padded leather below and her arm stretched forward and rested above her head. She was still a bit scared and hesitant, but he wanted to see how long it would take to make her squirm now.

Brandon was watching her as well. They both knew the signs to look for and knew when to stop a scene when it was going too far.

When Anthony nodded to Brandon he knew what to do. Leaning over the bench Brandon whispered into Sophia’s ear. Just loud enough for Anthony to hear.

“Stop means stop, remember that. Now, hold on darlin’.”

Sophia didn’t have time to say yes before the first swat came. She cried out but it wasn’t in pain. For Brandon’s standards that was barely a hit. He watched the man deliver man a spanking and this was a -2 out of ten. He was just getting started.

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