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The Good Girl - Chapter Seven

If this happens again, I'm going to spank you. How could one simply uttered ultimatum throw my world into absolute chaos?

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The Good Girl
By Fiona Summerville

Chapter Seven

"What do you want, Maxi?"

His tone was cold, flat with just a hint of exasperation. Not that I could blame him. At least a minute or two had passed since Thomas had answered his door and I had yet to utter a word.

I’d come seeking absolution. To admit I’d screwed up and ask for a second chance. I’d rehearsed and imagined every possible outcome for days. But now, staring up into Thomas’ icy scowl, I had no fucking idea why I was standing on his doorstep.

“Thomas, I –“

My thoughts froze as I searched his eyes for a flicker of something other than distain. It wasn’t there. His eyes were cold, black and distant.

"Maxi, just spit it out. It’s late and I’ve still got work to do.”

He had every right to be annoyed. I’d wasted enough of his time over the past few weeks with my indecisiveness. My eyelids dropped and I took a deep steadying breath. As my eyes opened, my gaze met his.

“Thomas, I’m sorry. You have every right to be angry with me. I was stupid. I should have trusted you, but I got scared.”

He shifted to lean against the doorframe. His manner was still aloof, but at least he was listening.

“I didn’t think –“

“No, you thought too much, Maxi. That’s your biggest problem.”

I understood now why he was such a shark in the courtroom. He gave no quarter. I toed the doormat.  

Ugh! Why was this so fucking hard?

I wanted another chance. A chance at a happily ever after with Thomas. Even if that happily ever after included handcuffs, paddles and ball gags. Ignoring my waning confidence, I huffed out a breath and started again.

"I want to be with you. I want to be the girl you want me to be. Teach me, Thomas. Please.”

"Too late, Maxi. The offer’s no longer on the table.”

He pushed off the doorframe and started to shut the door. Panic set in. I shoved my way past him and into the foyer. The house was dark except for the soft glow coming from the fireplace in the living room. Thomas stood stunned, mouth slightly agape, but he closed the door behind him. Great. I’d forced my way into his home. Now what?

Time to put up or shut up, Maxi.

Taking a hesitant step towards Thomas, I bowed my head. I knew I should look him in the eye, but I was afraid if I did, what little was left of my confidence would be eviscerated.

“Look Thomas, I get it. I over thought myself out of a really good thing. I sought the counsel of others when I should have been talking to you and then I just disappeared. But I want another chance. Please. I want to give you my safeword.”

"Sorry, Maxi. I don’t think you really want this."

My cheeks burned with embarrassment, but also anger. A knot twisted in my gut. I had finally figured out what I wanted. Who the hell was he to tell me otherwise?

"I know what I want, Thomas."

"Prove it."

Prove it? How was I supposed to do that? Wasn’t it enough that I was here admitting my mistakes? That I was willing to give him my safeword? Did he want me naked and prone before him?

Naked…My mind stuttered to a stop at the thought. I knew exactly what I needed to do to convince him.

My gaze locked onto his as I toed off my boots. Sliding my jeans down, I stepped out of them and slowly unzipped my hoodie, adding it to the pile my jeans had started. Thomas’ brow arched. He folded his arms across his chest, but his gaze never left mine. I smiled inwardly. At least I had his attention. The tank top came next. Followed by my bra and panties.

An odd sense of calm came over me as I stood naked before him. I’d stripped, not just physically, but emotionally as well. If he rejected me like this, it wouldn’t be for lack of trying on my part.

“You’ve been so patient with me, Thomas,” I whispered, taking a step to close the gap between us as I reached for his belt. Surprisingly deft fingers undid the buckle and pulled the belt free from the loops. I heard a sharp intake of air catch in Thomas’ throat as I smiled and held the belt out to him with trembling hands.

“I want you to use this on me.”

He took the belt, but made no other move.

"I want you to spank me, Thomas. Now, later, whenever. I want you to spank me, tie me down… handcuff me. I want you to do all the things you've talked about, but I don’t want to have to break a rule for you to do them.”

"How do I know you’re serious, Maxi?"

Oh for fuck sake! My temper flared again. Silly me. Apparently being naked in his hallway, begging him to use his belt on me wasn’t enough to convince him. Either he was being intentionally cruel or he was putting me through some weird BDSM litmus test. Fine. I was game. If he wanted see how serious I was about this…about him, I’d show him. I brushed past him to the door, and turned the knob.

“I’ll go stand on your front lawn and beg. Is that what you want, Thomas? Me, naked, on my knees in your front yard for all the world to see? Because if it is, I’m all over it. I will do whatever it takes to convince you.”

His eyes flashed. Black to blue and back to black, but he said nothing. A rush of cold air swept in as I turned and opened the door, preparing to step out into the night. He stepped forward caging me between his body and the door as he shut it. Oh, my God, that was close. A shuddering breath escaped my body and rested my forehead against the heavy oak door. I was thrilled he’d stopped me, but I was even more thrilled that I’d been willing to do such a thing.

His hands rested against the door on either side of my head. Our bodies weren’t touching, but the heat radiating from his body sent a shiver through mine. He leaned his head in, his lips mere millimeters from my ear.

"Tell me again," he whispered. "Tell me everything you want."

I fought the urge to turn and face him. I’d just surpassed another hurdle. It felt amazing but at the same time I was raw, vulnerable. I couldn’t look him in the eye. Not yet.

"I want you to be the one, Thomas."

"The one.”

"I want you to be the only one to do those things to me. I want you to come home after work and punish me with a wooden paddle. I want you to tie me to the bed and fuck me so hard you make me scream. I don’t want to think or talk about it anymore. God, Thomas, I just want to be me…with you.”

My voice broke. Now, I turned to face him, eyes burning with unshed tears. I’d almost lost a chance at happiness because I chose some ill-conceived notion of who I should be over the real me. I fell back against the door, exhausted. No matter what happened here tonight, from this day forward, I would never make that mistake again.

Thomas tipped my chin up, searing my lips with his. When he pulled away, his eyes were the brightest shade of blue I’d ever seen. He wrapped a lock of hair that had fallen forward into my face around his finger before letting it bounce away and smiled down at me.

“Oh Maxi, I’ve been waiting for you for so long. I thought you’d never show up, baby.”

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