Monday, October 7, 2013

Just Another After School Special - Part Six

It wasn't an overly long kiss, it wasn't something that was packed with passion and made me want to rip his clothes off right there. Instead it was soft, full of the promise of more to come, my skin tingling where he touched me. It was everything a first kiss should be.

There,” Nick said with a smile as he pulled back, both hands now resting gently on my hips, “Now we can go.”

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Just Another After School Special
Part Six
Eva Rayne

 My head was spinning. Had he really just kissed me? What just happened?

The twinkle in his eye and the easy smile on his lips told me all that I needed to know as I become overly aware of his hands resting lightly on my hips. 

"On second thought," he said, his smile turning slightly mischievous, "How badly do you really wanna go eat?" Food was suddenly the last thing I wanted. 

"You know, now that you mention it, I'm really not the hungry," I tried to sound off hand about it but I knew my smile gave me away as I rested my hand lightly against his chest.

"How about a movie instead?" he asked, grabbing my hand and leading me back over to the couch. 

There was no more mention of a movie, possibilities of titles never crossed our lips as he pulled me down next to him. I don't know how long it was before either of us spoke again, or even came up for air. All I knew was as soon as my ass hit the couch he pulled me to him, and it wasn't long before I leaned back and pulled him on top of me. 

I knew there were questions I should have been asking myself, a million and one reasons I shouldn't be doing this - the fact that he was my teacher being only one of them - but those things couldn't have been farther from my mind. 

His lips were soft against my own, against my skin, and his scent invaded my scenes. It took me a second to realize that the soft moan filling the air around us was coming from me as Nick made his way down my neck to my collar bone. 

I couldn't help but squirm as he slid his hand under my purple tank top, tracing along the edge of my bra. His fingers left a trail of warmth and sparks against my skin.

It could have been five minutes later, or maybe even half an hour, when he finally pulled away. There was a different kind of spark in his eye. It wasn't just fun and flirty anymore, this was lust; desire. 

"Are you sure?" he asked softly as I tried to catch my breath.

I nodded. 

"Are you positive? Cause we can stop now." He started to pull back farther, to sit up, but I grabbed the front of his t-shirt, pulling him down, my lips finding his. 

"I'm positive."


  1. For heaven`s sake, don`t stop now!

    Another highly enjoyable issue.

  2. Thank you Vicki. I promise, in the next chapter there's no stopping ;)