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The Good Girl - Chapter Five

If this happens again, I'm going to spank you. How could one simply uttered ultimatum throw my world into absolute chaos?

My name is Maxi McConnell and I live a double life. Don’t worry. It’s not nearly as nefarious as it sounds. It’s more a simple case of perfection vs. reality. The Perfect Maxi is just that… perfect. Impeccable clothes, immaculate hair and make-up, topped off by a sparkling personality. The Real Maxi…not so much.

I’ve happily played the role of Perfect Maxi for Thomas Graham, my sexy attorney boyfriend over the last several months. But something happened recently that sent our relationship careening into uncharted territory. It seems Thomas doesn’t want Perfect Maxi, he wants Good Girl Maxi. The only problem is I’m not sure how Real Maxi fits into the equation, or if she does at all.

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The Good Girl
By Fiona Summerville

Chapter Five

"But Maxi, you're so…vanilla." Eric sat back in his chair and chuckled softly, clearly amused by my confession that I thought I might want to be spanked. The waitress delivered our drinks, and I kicked myself mentally. Ugh. Why had I ordered a Vanilla latte?

"See what I mean?” He snorted as he took a sip of his Red Eye. “Vanilla, just like your latte. You never deviate from the norm, Maxi. You order the same exact drink every time, and you come the same exact way every time."

I should have been shocked by Eric’s comment, but I wasn’t. I admired his honesty. It’s the reason I’d sought him out. Well, that and the fact that he was the “naughtiest” guy I’d ever dated. I knew I could talk to him about my situation and he would give me the straight dope, not sugar-coat it for the sake of decorum or to spare my feelings.

Eric and I had dated for three months. And they were, until Thomas had recently ratcheted up the thermostat, three of the hottest months of my dating career.  He and I fucked in movie theaters, department store dressing rooms… Hell, he’d even managed to sneak us into the Greystone Mansion where we fucked in the ballroom, on the staircase and in one of the fifty some odd bedrooms.  It was decadent, gothic, and made me feel so amazingly naughty. What seemed funny to me is that even after all that, Eric still considered me “vanilla”.                                                                                                                  
"Max, you wouldn't even let me blindfold you, and now you want to be spanked?" 

I shrugged.

"You're still in Perfect Maxi mode, aren’t you?"

"How can you tell?"

He reached across the booth and tugged at a lock of my freshly flat ironed hair.

"Come on Max, there’s not a hair out of place. I bet he also thinks you’re a housekeeping goddess." 

I rolled my eyes at his comment. Eric was the only of my exes that I’d kept in contact with. Ultimately, we were better friends than we were lovers. Granted, the sex had been amazing, but we were too much alike. I shoved dirty clothes under the bed, and his were piled high on one side of his closet. When our fissures started to show, we faded as a couple, but the friendship remained, and had grown stronger over the years.

"Let me ask you this, Maxi. When he says he wants to spank you, does the thought excite you? Does your body react?” 

I stirred my latte and nodded, not making eye contact with him.

"Then maybe you are into that sort of play, Maxi. I’m mean, you did enjoy fucking in public places. I guess it’s not so hard to believe you might like a bit of rough play. You just never knew it, because it had never been an option before," he snorted softly. "It kinda bums me out that I didn’t go there with you. It could have been fun. Just do me a favor. For your sake as well as his, figure out where your boundaries are. Ok?" 

"But how do I do that?"

"All you can do is give it a test drive. Has he asked you for a safeword?"

I nodded.

"Good. If you do decide to go through with this, and things get a little hard for you to handle, don't be afraid to use it. From what you've told me about him he sounds like a pretty stand up guy. He wouldn't think any less of you if you had to use it."

I knew he was right, but did I even have the nerve to get to a point where I might have to use a safeword? While the body seemed willing, the spirit was still comfortably straddling the fence. But all that would change later that evening.

"Maxi, I told you that I would spank you if you were late, correct?”

"Yes, Thomas,” I answered, confused at his question. I hadn’t been late since the evening of the foreign film.

"I told you I'd put a clamp on your clit if you looked at porn without me, true?"

Yes. However, that had been such an incredible experience. I was contemplating getting caught again. I nodded.

"And that I'd fuck you in public if you walked around without panties?"

Once again, I nodded in the affirmative. Where was he going with this?

"So Maxi, tell me what you think the consequence is for seeing another man?"

My eyes locked with his. How had he found out? Meeting Eric for coffee wasn’t a date date.  I started to defend myself, but stopped. I didn't want to play twenty questions. I wanted him to tell me what would happen. Needed him to tell me. So I sat back in my seat, and silently issued the challenge. I don’t know. You tell me, Thomas.

He leaned forward and propped his elbows on the table, and rested his chin on his thumbs. "You do like having things spelled out for you, don't you Maxi? “

I looked up at him through my lashes and nodded once more.

"Alright, fine.  If you and I were in an exclusive relationship, which technically we’re not right now, and you chose to see another man behind my back, I’d give you two options.”

"Options?" I whispered.

"We'd either break up…"

 “Oh no, Thomas! There was nothing to it. He’s just a friend.  I only met him for coffee to ask his advice. I didn’t think – “

"Or," Thomas continued, halting me mid-mia culpa, "I'd tie you face down in the center of my bed, fit you with a ball gag, and…” He paused mid-sentence, eyeing me across the table as he sipped his wine.

Watching him watching me set a shiver up my spine. He seemed so nonchalant about the whole thing. I, on the other hand, was not. While my mind might still need convincing that it was interested in his sort of play, my body did not. I was wet, quivering and silently begging my mind to stop over-thinking the situation. You know you want it. 

His eyes caught mine and held them, burning a path straight to my kinky little soul. I wanted to look away. I probably should have, but I couldn’t. They were dark, smoldering pools of quicksand, slowing pulling me under, and for once, I was going willingly.

"And then I would oil up your tight little asshole,” he smirked and his eyebrow quirked up. “Have you ever been fucked like that, Maxi?"

A gasp escaped my lips, and slowly shook my head, never breaking eye contact with him. The quicksand was up to my neck now.

"Mmm… That’s good. I'm looking forward to being the first,” he whispered, shifting slightly in his seat. “It would hurt at first, but I’d go slow. Let you get used to the feel of me tucked up inside you, stretch you out. And then when you were ready, I’d fuck that tight little hole until you came. And you would come, baby. Hard. We both would.”

I squirmed in my chair. The quicksand was just below my nose now.

"Who was the man?" He asked quietly. His tone calm and even keeled. Nonetheless, I shivered.

"An old boyfriend."

"Why did you meet him?"

"I had questions."


 "About stuff. This…that,” I gestured with my hand as if to encompass the scenario he had just finished describing. Although, Lord knows Eric and I hadn’t talked about that.

Thomas laughed out loud. "Jesus, Maxi, you and your research, that’s all you think about all day, isn’t it?"

My face flushed.

"And night,” he snorted softly then reached across the table, covering my hand with his.  “You’re totally over thinking this, baby. You need to relax."

I laughed. Relax? He expected me to relax after he stirred me up with all his talk of tie downs and ball gags?

"What sorts of questions did you have for him, Maxi?" 

The quicksand had made its way just over my nose, and I finally looked away, but Thomas grabbed my chin and made me face him. My brain was scrambled. I had too many thoughts, and visions ricocheting around to piece together a cohesive sentence. Why had I met with Eric? What wisdom had I expected to garner from him?

"I'm not sure. I guess I just needed a sounding board."

“Why him?”

I shook my head and snorted softly. “He was the naughtiest guy I knew. At least until you came along.”

His eyes shifted back to blue, and a broad grin split his face. "Baby, you don't have to go to someone else with your questions. You could just ask me."

My mouth went dry. Ask him? Maybe I did want him to do all the things he’d talked about, but I don’t know if I’d be able to have a conversation like that with him, at least not right now.

His eyes twinkled as he drew my hand to his lips, brushing them softly across the knuckles. "Maybe I’ll make you ask me."

I sighed, my eyes silently pleading with him. Yes, please make me. I’ll do or say anything you want me to.

"Have you thought of a safeword yet, baby?"

I had, but telling him would mean total surrender… to him…to myself…to this new world he was offering, and I couldn't bring myself to do that, at least not yet. I shook my head. "No, no yet."

"I won't wait forever, Maxi. You have one week. If you can't tell me by then, I guess I’ll have my answer."

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