Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oral Dilemma Pt 6

Welcome back Trysters!  Hard to believe it's summer already.  Are you ready for a sizzling good summer lineup?  
We've got Abyrne back with his sizzling story, Diary of a Dom.  We've got Vicki still spending time in the White Birches. Macie will be sharing a two-parter from Greek mythos, and Faith Ann will be tripping the fantasy realm with mermaids.  Cathy has a steamy new rendezvous for you. You don't want to miss Ben's newest  steampunk tale of sultry seduction. Oral Dilemma continues, but moves into a new realm of passion with Roxy and Luke. 
We have an action packed three month summer schedule that will scorch your boxers clean off!  Don't miss a single episode!  
Now, let's catch up with Roxy. 

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I met with a couple of personal trainers from local gyms: asking about their qualifications, about their rates, and about their typical schedules. I made it clear I was intending to use their lessons for more than point fighting in their dojo's. They offered valuable insights and recommendations to improve my workouts, and what they would recommend for a newbie just starting.
Working through my several pages of notes, I came to several conclusions that would better our current training regimes. I went back equipped with a few ideas for my own training as well as Luke’s. According to two of the trainer’s I was over-training, which would explain that wall I couldn’t seem to get past. I was charged, excited, and anxious to get started on this new venture. I tried to focus, waging a mental battle during class, Luke’s close proximity was playing havoc with my mind as I kept returning to my memory of his backside as he walked to his locker from our first session.
Shaking my head to clear the fog I realize I was leaning into him, our sides touching from hip to shoulder as he shared statistical date that he’d found. I blushed, realizing what I’d done as I glanced to the third member of our little group. She hadn’t seemed to notice as she was staring intently into Luke’s eyes.
She stopped him in mid sentence, placing her hand on top of his. “Um, could you back up and go over that again? I didn't’ catch that last part.”
Right! I wanted to scratch her eyes out. Which made no sense, I had no claims to Luke. I tried to focus as I waged this mental battle with myself during the remainder of the class. Meanwhile, Luke maintained the contact as I sat, nodding in agreement as he went over the numbers slowly for Cheryl, the soon to be eyeless freak that sat across from me.
Once class was finally over I closed my notebook deciding that in payment for todays training perhaps I could get him to go over the notes with me. I hadn’t written but four words. I bent to grab my backpack and we bumped heads.
“OW” we both said simultaneously. Then laughed together as he reached for both of our bags.
“Ready for your first real workout?” I asked him eagerly.
“What? Really? What was that you put me through last Friday?” He opened the door for me as he slung his pack over his shoulder.
“That was an evaluation.” I grin. “Had to see what I’m working with.”
“Ugh.” He gave me a mock sign of disgust. “I’ll have you know I was sore all weekend thanks to you.”
“Why? I didn’t even push you that hard.” Our hands brushed as we walked. I wondered if he thought of holding my hand as I wished he’d take mine.
He chuckled. “ So, Roxanne. Have you decided on a price to charge me for your torture?”
“I have.” I was almost giddy. I couldn’t wait to share my plan. I just had to be careful that I didn’t gush on him. “I think you’re right, cardio every day might be a bit much for you to start with.”
He rolled his eyes. “I can’t believe I am going to pay you for that kind of torture.” He reached the door and pulled it open. “After you Domina Roxanne.”
“Oh you’re going to pay for that!” I say as I pass him. “I got some great ides to help us achieve maximum results to be ready for the first match in October. It’s on!” I stride ahead and enter the locker room. As I pushed the door I caught him staring at my ass. I couldn’t help but blush and smile.
He was checking me out. My energy level was instantly off the chart. I quickly changed and headed to the cardio area picking up a jump rope.I was five minutes in when he came out of the locker room. I motioned to him to pick up a rope.
“OK. Let’s talk rates.” I talked as I jumped. “Two days a week would be seventy five, 3 days a hundred. However, if you agree to be a training partner as well I can reduce the rates to seventy five for three days. If you promise two things.”
“Yh, ok I’m listening.” He started in at the same tempo I was going.
“First, you give me 100% effort. Second, can you go over the notes from todays class with me? I was so excited to get started on our new plans I couldn’t concentrate.” I grin sheepishly.
He chuckled. “ And here I thought maybe you might like me or something, hoping that touching your leg and hand might win me a kiss or two while you’re excited about how to torture me. Sure, Roxanne. I’ll gladly go over the notes with you if you are willing to come by my placer after we get done here.”
I nod, trying to act cool while I’m bouncing inside. Did he just say? Hoping I like him? He wants to kiss me? “Sure, I suppose I can do that.”
We followed the workout I had prepared. I know we did it, but it was a blur by the time I was in the shower scrubbing. Even though he had just been in close proximity of me sweating, I wanted to be extra clean in case, well just in case, hoping that he’d still want to kiss me.
When I came out of the building he was leaning against a black Camero. “Domina Roxanne, your chariot awaits.” He walked around to the passengers side and opened the door, then cursed as fast food debris and notebooks spilled out onto the pavement. “Ern, well give me a second.”
“I couldn’t help but giggle.
Scooping up the trash, he jogged the short distance to the barrel. “Sorry about that. Now, your chariot is ready.”
I slipped into the seat. “Sweet ride.”
As I buckled in, he leaned over. “How about some dinner first? I’m starved after that workout?”
“Sure. So am I!”
He leaned the remaining four inches cupping my chin in his hand, his lips brushing over mine gently before kissing deeper as he turned the ignition on, revving the engine.

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