Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Love On the Dance Floor

Hello, Storytime Readers. This is a snippet from a book I’m working on ‘In Pursuit of Danger’. I love the dynamic of Alex and Lucia together and am honored to share it all with you. ~ © Misty Harvey

Love on the Dance Floor


Misty Harvey

The sound of a toilet flushing behind him caused him to jump. He watched a stall open to reveal a voluptuous blonde woman walking out. She stared at him horrified to find a male in the wrong restroom.
“Pardon me.” Alex nodded his head. He made his way toward the door running into an older employee.
The woman looked between Alex and the blonde woman that was just finishing washing her hands. She only barely remembered to move out of the way so Alex could pass. Her mouth agape at the pair exiting the bathroom.
Alex did a rapid check over his appearance noticing his zipper was down. He reached down bringing it up to where it should be. A chuckle rested in his chest as the older woman put a hand to heart. The thought of what she would be imagining had happened in there. It bubbled out of him while he walked down the hallway. If she’d known the truth of why he’d been found in the woman’s room she’d never believe it.
He walked back into the club area spotting Lucia across the room. His footsteps were surer, when she turned to look at him. The liquid courage keeping his overpowering nerves at bay.
Lucia stared at Alex. It still took her by surprise to see such a dreamy man under all that flamboyant drag. The way his muscles propelled him forward made him look like a jungle cat. His midnight blue eyes reflected the lights around him making them more intriguing.
Her heart stopped beating. The breath she’d been taking lodged somewhere in her throat, and the world stood still. Only this time that sensation didn’t unnerve her. She knew Alex better than she knew herself. No matter how he dressed, he would always be the same person to her.
A smile slid across his lips, teasing her with just a glance of his dimples. Someone around them sucked in air, not realizing it had been her. He raised his hand palm up toward her, filling the last few inches between them.
Lucia swam in the deep sea of his eyes. The smell that surrounded her so simple, but so him. Her lips opened partially, expectantly. When she’d remembered to breathe they were slow deep exertions, causing her breasts to heave tempting anyone who dare look.
They stood mere inches apart. Both gasped for air, filling their lungs with the scent of the other. An erotic sensation building between them without their ever having to touch.
They were friends. They were lovers. They were more than that. Soul bound in a way words couldn’t even explain. Not so much a physical binding, but one deep within their beings. If one were to die, the other would cease to exist within themselves, leaving them a mere shell of their former glory.
Alex leaned down closing the gap between them. His lips rested centimeters above Lucia’s before turning toward her ear. He linked their fingers together at their sides.
“Dance with me.” The request stood out.
On the outside, it was a very simple request, but the feelings that lie beneath it spoke volumes. He trusted her not to make fun of him. Knew she wanted to dance, and had exposed his soft underbelly for the world to see just to please her.
Lucia’s lips parted more to accommodate speech, but none came. She didn’t have to. A soft squeeze of his hand let him know her answer.
Alex led her out onto the dance floor. The tempo of the song upbeat. Bass vibrating the wood floor beneath their feet. He slid his feet to one side and then the other.
Lucia had seen others do it, and they’d joked calling it the white man’s dance. Now it brought a smile to her lips. Alex bounced his knees with the movement, and she giggled. The giggle wasn’t something to be discouraging, but more her own lack of confidence with this new turn of events. She mimicked his movements with her own, bringing the deep crevices of dimples into his cheeks.
That one exchange had been all they needed. Now the fun would begin. They didn’t care about others around them, just that they were having fun. A game of Simon says without all the talking. Alex would do a move and then Lucia would repeat it the best she could.
They were laughing as one move spilled into the next. Alex had included classic dances such as the sprinkler, the robot, and even vogue. The moment the song change, they froze like deer in headlights staring at each other.
Soft music played through the speakers. Couples that had been previously grinding against each other to the quicker beat took the opportunity for more in contact foreplay. This would be their point to decide if they were going to stay or evacuate the dance floor.
Alex lifted his hand once again. When Lucia slid hers inside, they danced to the music. He wrapped his other arm around her waist.
Lucia smiled, sliding her hands up his chest to encircle his neck. She pressed her body comfortably against his. Her hips moved to the beat.
“Why?” she spoke quietly by his ear.
“Because you give me the confidence to be who I am no matter what I’m wearing.” Alex smiled, resting his cheek against the side of her head. He had to bend over slightly, but holding her seemed surreal.
“How much alcohol did it take?” Lucia grinned.
“Oh, a bit.” The chuckle that tickled her ear was the first real laugh she’d heard from him for a while.
“You’re not going to make me have to try to carry you up the stairs again, are you?” Lucia leaned back a little to look in his eyes.
“Nah.” Alex grinned shaking his head.
They both knew better, and it only made them laugh more. His bravery tonight made her heart swell with love for him. Not many people would think to step out of their comfort zones to bring a little joy to a friend.
Lucia leaned in closer. The kiss she gave him was feather light. Their lips barely brushed together. Fireworks exploded around them in grandeur. Choirs sang ‘hallelujah’.

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