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The Dom's Diary: Caribbean Water

If you haven't been following you really should go back and read the previous  installments to catch up, plus you don't want to miss a single episode.  Wow, Thorne seems to be in a club perfectly designed for his needs.  What sort of goodies await him?  Let's find out shall we?

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The Dom's Diary:
Caribbean Water
Abyrne Mostyn

                Without further comment she turned and walked away.  I presumed I was to follow though she hadn’t said.  Catching up to her as she began descending a wide staircase, I increased my strides to end up beside instead of behind her.  The view from behind was not something I minded, I just wanted to speak to her. 
                “You are quite adept with a single tail.”
                She didn’t stop, turn to face me, or change her expression at all as she responded.  I was intrigued and impressed by her control.
                “You will find should you join us here, that I am adept with many implements Mr. DuFoe.”
                “Yes, right.  Thorne.”
                “I have not seen a Domme of your skill in a very long time.  It was an honor to watch.”
                She stopped at this.  Finally, I had her attention.
                “I prefer Pallaca if you don’t mind.”
                I try the foreign word on my tongue.  The snake-ish hiss of the ‘c’ had not come out correctly.  She waited for me to try again.  Her face was well schooled, but her pleasure flashed through her eyes when I got it right.  She would be easier to read facing me.
                “That’s better.”  Nodding.  “Tell me Thorne, what are you?”
                My head canted, I pretended to think about the answer and what she might hope for as a response, but her no-nonsense expression couched my inclination to banter.
                “I would say that I am a Gentleman, Pallaca.  Does this answer the question you ask?  Or were you perhaps enquiring more specifically as to the pleasures I pursue?”
                For the first time since I had seen her upstairs, she smiled.
                “A question with a question Mr. DuFoe…”
                “Thorne.  …it is an interesting tact, but I am not playing games at the moment.  I would not begin a game with you without you being very aware of its inception and eventually, its conclusion.”
                We had been walking again.  I cannot say where we were in the house, but I knew the room we had entered was facing east as the dusk had gained shadow across the lawns and the dim lamp in the corner of the room offered the only light left there.  She continued walking, where I had stopped to take in the expansive room where we stood.   It was a solarium of some sort.  Walls of glass windows on two sides revealed a spectacular view, if only in evening shadow.  As she approached the windows opposite the arched doorway, I could see her in reflection on the glass.  She was watching me, watching her.
                The stellar green of her eyes mutated in the reflection to the deep sea-green, azure of Caribbean water.  It was like looking down into the depths of a deceptive pool from atop the cliffs, knowing that there was eternity there.  She did not blink.  Whatever she was waiting for or watching for, she waited and didn’t look away.  Her wry smile bloomed when I noticed the cross just off center in the room.  It was beyond where she stood, but in the reflected image that stared back at me, they were connected.  The illusion was mesmerizing, and then it was broken as she turned back to me.
                I was speechless for a few moments and took the time to cross the distance to the centerpiece of the room.  It was perfectly placed as the focal point, though I had missed it for her arresting eyes.  Thinking of my own cross, not as well placed in a room not as well appointed to showcase it, I was rearranging furniture in my mind for a moment while I gathered my thoughts.  Coming back to where I stood, I found I had unconsciously raised my hand to stroke the wood and the unfamiliar changes brought me back. 
As I looked the piece over, it had to be ebony.  The deep undertones showed in high contrast under a silken coat of gloss that made it feel like glass.  Where I had reversed the bolt holds and had opened gussets in the frame to switch from heavy to soft restraints, this piece had little pocket doors that switched out and stored in the frame seamlessly.  You couldn’t see the attachment points until you flipped the pockets open.  It was a brilliant change that affirmed again my appreciation for the craftsman who made it.  The retracting neck bench was the same, as was the base support that eliminated the tent arch from the back.  It was perfection.  I was a little jealous.
As I stood manipulating the pocket doors and the refinements to my design, I was not watching Cla’vis.  I should have been.
“Is this also your design?”
Before I could process the question, from the back side was a soft ‘snick’ as the cross was adjusted to my height and the ankle clamps latched down.  My hands were free, but I wasn’t going anywhere.  My gasp must have been audible as this was not part of my design, but I was thinking I needed to have mine re-fitted.
“No.  It is not.”
“No, it is not…what?”
It was my turn to grin.  I'd been snared into a web that I hadn’t seen being made.
“No Pallaca.  It is not part of my design.”
“Very good Thorne.  Would you like to feel the full scope of this cross?”
She was temptation.  There was no doubt.  I wanted to see the full scope of the cross to be certain, but with her on it, not me in it.
“I would like to know the other modifications, if that is your question.”
She stood between the crown ‘V’ of the cross, facing me from the other side smiling.  Her eyes glinted with the things she wanted to say but discarded as she phrased her reply.
“Did you notice the mirror?”
“In the community room above?  Did you notice the mirror?”
“No.  I did not see a mirror.”
“Is that perhaps because you could not take your eyes off my ass?”
Busted.  I could have tried denial, but that wasn’t my style.  Instead, I opted for returning the wide smile she had snared me with.
“That is a good possibility, yes.”
“Yes what?”
I knew I was grinning wider still.  Her lips didn’t return the smile to me, but her eyes were shouting it.  She was enjoying this.
“Yes Pallaca.”
“As you are not a member here, I am afraid that you can only look.  Too bad for you, I have a great ass.”
I knew my grin faltered.  I also knew that it pleased her to see that I wanted, and she held the power, for now.  She was a strong one, there was no doubt.  Taming her, would be immensely satisfying.  I knew without needing to sleep on it, that I would become a member of ‘The Manse’.  Cla’vis Tand had sealed the deal, as I believe she was meant to do.
As she released the clamps and returned the cross to its resting station, I was impressed all over again by the additions made to the design I had requested.  I wondered too how many other pieces I had, had been made by and improved upon by Maxim.  I was hopeful there were a few.
“Our time here is done for now.  Perhaps if you choose to join us, we can continue this lesson on the cross you inspired.”
This time, I knew she was baiting me and I was ready for it.  I couldn’t help myself as we walked the short distance to the foyer where the small Asian man still stood, though this time joined by Jenner who was waiting for me.
“Perhaps so Pallaca…perhaps so.   Next time, I would like to see you on that cross instead, and my marks on your flesh.” Winking.  “Just to be sure it fits me and my needs before I request Maxim to retrofit my own.”
She made a false protesting derisive snort that told me volumes about her situation as a permanent Domme.  She would stand that cross and she would bear the marking.  She would also enjoy it.  Bending at the waist slightly, I bowed to her blowing a mock kiss, before turning to join Jenner who was already headed out the door.  I stopped for a moment, walked back to her and leaned in to whisper as I landed a moderate tap on her ass.
“…and yes Pallaca…I will enjoy it very much.


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