Monday, July 15, 2013

Seeds of Eternity Part 2

Last week Macie introduced this charming tale.  If you missed the first part you can read it HERE.
Let's see where fate has brought our start struck lovers this week.

Seeds of Eternity
Part 2
Macie Snow

Seph. What a beautiful, perfect name. A perfect
name for the most perfect of goddesses. My goddess.
I had to make her mine. And if she would not be mine, I
had to free her. For if I did not save her, no one would.

Who was he? What sort of being could

penetrate mothers defenses? For that is

exactly what had happened. Mother created

 barriers, specifically to keep others from

finding me. So the fact that the stranger had

been able to see or hear me at all should have

 been impossible, and yet But oh, what a

stranger he was. A whisper away Whatever

did that mean?

Days passed. The days slowly melted into weeks, and
 Seph had yet to call for me. Did I in someway make it
 unclear how she should summon me? I watch her as
usual, though she does no longer sing. Summer would
soon be over, and I grew ever mournful. If she did
not call to me before fall, all would be lost.

A whisper away. Did that mean I needed to

whisper his name and he would come? How

 mother would be furious if I called him. But

would she know? He was probably watching

 me even now. I no longer sang, for I knew he

 watched me. Though it pained me to hold back

my song, I could not sing. The plants begged for

music. I could not sing. I would not sing.

Why did she not call me? I could not enter the garden
if she did not call. It took enough effort the first time;
 I could not go to her again without her permission. So why did
she not call my name? Perhaps she truly felt nothing for
 me. Perhaps I found her too late. She did not call me, nor
 did she sing. Summer was coming to a close. I would
not abandon her to a lonely infinity. I couldnt.

Would it really work, whispering his name?

 It would be such a small thing, merely a tiny

 breath on the breeze. Could that truly bring him

to me? Even if it did, what would come from it? He

 could not court me in the way that men court

women out in the world. I was different. Mother

would never allow it. If she even got one glimpse

of him, he would perish, and my cage would shrink.

No. I could not give into the temptation of seeing him again.

I could take her. Rush in and bring her out with me.
Break open the cage and save her. I own every intention
to do that very thing. However, the power required to
break through, not only myself, but to bring her out It was
too much. She has to summon me for it to work.
Without her word, she will perish.

A whisper. Mother would never know of a whisper.
Even the chances of him hearing me were slim.
My flowers were dying without my songs,
and I could not sing while the man waited.
Because of course he would wait. But for how long?
How long would I wait? Long enough for mother to
lock me away again? Long enough for him to give up?
Had I not dreamed of an opportunity such as this?
Why was I so hesitant to act? Mothers paranoia had taken
hold of me. I take a deep breath, ready to seize my destiny.
I whisper his name into the wind.

She said my name.

            I gently lifted the last blooming white rose and cradle it carefully. I knew not whether he was coming, or if my feeble whisper had even reached him. My head told me that I had waited too long. My heart told me to wait a little longer.
I listened to my heart.
            “Seph, my goddess,” his voice calls to me from behind.
            Startled, I whirl around, clutching the rose to my chest. Damen walks towards me, more handsome and otherworldly than I had even dared to remember. He stops in front of me and reaches towards my hands, gently taking the rose from me.
            “A gift, I presume?” he inquires, holding the rose up.
            I blush and nod. That had been exactly why I took the rose, on the slim chance he would show up.
            “I thought,” I whisper then clear my throat and speak a little louder. “I am surprised that you heard me at all.
            “I would hear your voice from anywhere,” Damen replies. He gently removes the stem from the rose, and reaches over to place it in my hair.
            “It becomes you goddess,” he says, gently tilting my chin up. I blush deeply as he peers into the very depths of my soul. Every aching pain, every selfish desire.
            “I… I see the snuffer now,” I whisper, staring into the endless obsidian orbs that were his eyes.
            His eyes soften. “Indeed, I thought you might.” He gently pulls me over and sits on the garden bench, inviting me to join him.
            I sink onto the bench beside him and bury my face in my hands.
            “Mother is going to take my garden. She feels I have had more than adequate time to have my fun. She says I belong inside, where I’m safe. It took me eons to convince her to let me have a garden, how long will it take me to convince her again?” I sob.
            Damen gently pulls my hands away from my face and I look up at him.
            “Come with me Seph. Please. You can start an even larger garden, one that won’t have to be hidden. You can chase your own desires, and not have to cater to your mother’s selfish wishes. You can be free,” He pleads.
            I shake my head viciously, trying to calm my pounding heart. His words excited me, the picture he painted was tantalizing, but forbidden. “I couldn’t possibly,” I say. “What would Mother think? It would break her heart! I couldn’t do that to her!”
            He smiles sadly. “It is quite admirable, the way you love your mother so much that you would surrender your own dreams so that she would be happy. One must wonder if she would do the same.”
            “Of course she…… would,” I finish my rebuttal in a whisper. Mother would sacrifice none of her own desires. Not for me, not for anyone.
            “All birds must leave the nest my goddess, even the rarest breeds. They must find their own flight, their own home. Ride the winds on their own, and taste the freedom of flight. Your mother knows this. That is why she tries to make you feel guilty about leaving. That is why she hides you.”
            I shake my head vehemently, denying the blatant truth.
            “I would take you to travel the world. Every beautiful garden, in every city of every continent of the world. You could chose to stay with me, or you could leave should you wish. Though my heart would break to see you go, my greatest desire is to see your happiness. To see a smile light up your face, to see your eyes sparkle in the sun as you try to take in the beauty of the world’s famous gardens.”
            “How could I possibly leave?” I whisper. “Everything I’ve ever known is here, everything I’ve ever cared for.”
            “Yet not loved,” Damen notes.
           I sigh. “It is difficult to love the toys in a gilded cage. However, it is impossible to taste the freedom of flight, when one has not the spirit to fly.”
            “I would carry you until you could fly,” Damen says, clutching my hands in his own. I would teach you to fly, even if it meant you would leave. Anything to make you happy my goddess, anything to see your beautiful smile, untainted by sorrow.”
            I give him a small smile. “I am very grateful for your more than generous offer, however, I couldn’t possibly accept.”
            “You can accept!” Damen cries, dropping my hands and leaping to his feet. He gestures around wildly at my garden. “This beauty need not remain hidden! I could take you to every garden in the world, only to have you come back and recreate your own, combining the most beautiful places in the entire world in one place. I would take you to the very Garden of Eden could I defeat the one guarding the entrance! I would give you the world to roam as you please! She would keep you locked indoors, stealing your beauty from the world, and its beauty from you!” He drops to his knees before me and clutches my hands, staring desperately up into my eyes.
            “I have felt emotions I did not know I still possessed, when I see you, my heart leaps with joy, and when I see your sadness my heart breaks as if it were my own. You need not stay with me Seph, but please allow me to free you. I’ve opened the cage; I’m holding the snuffer at bay. You need simply to act. I will help as you wish, but please my goddess, let me help you.”
            My heart pounds frantically in my chest, and were I not sitting, I would fear fainting. I open my mouth to speak, but no words come, so I close it. Again, I try to speak, and again no words come.
            Damen stares up at me, desperation clear in his eyes. There was something more, something he wasn’t saying. Some reason why he felt I should go with him. I knew not enough of interaction with others to tell what it was he wanted of me, why he felt it was so important that I go, but I felt as if he truly wanted to help me. And he seemed more desperate, it felt like he needed me more than mother had ever wanted or needed me before.
            “Please Seph,” he whispers, dropping his head gently onto my lap. “Please come with me, my dear goddess.”
            Slowly, hesitantly, I lower my hand onto his hair. I gently twisted one of the soft curls around my finger as my perception of reality shifted, and everything began to feel like a dream. A wonderful, heart pounding, adrenaline racing, invigorating dream.
            “Okay,” I whisper. “I’ll go with you.”
            He lifts his head, and looks up at me hopefully. “You will?”
            I nod, and smile, a small, hopeful smile. “Damen, free me. Take me with you and show me the wonders of this world, and let me taste the freedom of flight.”
            Damen laughs once, a joyous, relieved laugh, as he stands, and pulls me to my feet, embracing me in a hug.
                I hesitantly wrap my arms around him as well, and smile, closing my eyes. I would finally be free.