Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Dom's Diary: Reflections

Wow, after last week's edition left us on the edge of  our seats, I could hardly wait until this week's. Let's get right into it! 

 The Dom's Diary: Reflections
Abyrne Mostyn

                Before I noticed I was home, I was home.  Beta had met me at the front door, obviously glad to see me but that might have been his stomach talking.  It was several moments before I remembered I was supposed to have company and made my way to the hall closet to check.  She was here.  She had also been late.  Her overcoat was hung, but not straight.  I wondered as I moved through the lower level to my playroom what state I would find her in. 
She was kneeling on the foam mat as instructed and the weights were hung properly, but her hair was down, a distinct breach of protocol.  She had her arms behind her, hands grabbing forearms, eyes front just as directed, so it surprised me as I inspected her further that she had missed such a simple step.  I wondered for a moment just how late she had been.  Judging by the tension coloring above the nipple clamps, she had been quite late.  I was not pleased.
As she began the swaying motion that would move the weights like a clock pendulum, I circled her once, twice, and a third time.
“Tell me slut, how late were you?”
“Not very Sir.”
“Not very…is that so?  How do you explain the state then of your coat?”
She hesitated.
“I stopped to pet Beta Sir.”
“Was stopping to pet Beta part of your instructions?”
“No Sir.”
“How did stopping to pet Beta prevent you from neatly retiring your vanilla dressing?”
“I did not pay attention the detail Sir.”
“Correct.  You did not.  What other details did you miss?”
She paused and appraised her situation.  She also paused the motion of her sway and knocked off the rhythm of the pendulum.
“I did not tell you to stop.”
“No Sir.”
She resumed her motion, fortunately, without creating a counter sway and having to begin again.  She had not replied.
“Well wench?  What else did you miss?”
Another hesitation.
“I don’t know Sir.”
“You don’t know?  Rise.”
She managed moderate grace as she stood.  I was not impressed enough to withhold my punishment however.  After walking up to her, I unceremoniously released the pressure of the labia clamp and took the weight away without easing it off.  The pressure and sensation of the abruptly returning blood flow likely did not please her, though she remained blank-faced with her arms still held in position.  Swatting her ass crisply, I motioned the table of tools.
“Choose your piece and to the bench.”
She did not hesitate, instead walking directly to the table where she selected an aerated tawse and moved to stand at the bench with the piece held over the surface on upturned palms in presentation.  I removed my jacket and rolled my shirtsleeves back before facing her from the opposite side of the bench, taking the tool she offered.
“Excellent choice.”
Moving around to stand behind her, I fisted her hair in my left hand pushing her forward from the base of her skull with the mass of blonde silk between my fingers.
“Do you remember NOW what else you missed?”
“Yes Sir.”
“What did you miss?”
“My hair was to be up off my neck and it is not.”
I noticed as she responded that her hair was also damp.
“You at least remembered to wash.  Do I need to inspect the shower?”
“No Sir.  It is clean, just as you require.”
“Good.  Would you like to revise the rest of your story now, or shall I expect apologies after I’m finished?”
“Yes Sir.  I would very much like to revise my story now.”
I pulled her vertical by the knot of her hair, letting it fall from my hand once she was standing.
She assumed the pose before beginning, a small credit.  A very small credit.
“I was late as you suspected…”
“Correction.  As I knew.”
“…yes, as you knew.  I stopped to pet Beta and did not check my coat.  I ran through the shower as directed and cleaned up making sure that was done.  I took too long after being late and was too hurried to get the clamps on properly and get into position to focus on my purpose before you arrived to remember my hair.”
“How late were you?”
She swallowed hard, squared her shoulders and let out a deep but quiet breath.
“Thirty-five minutes.”
This was not how I wanted to spend the evening when I set the appointment.  As I stood determining the punishment for her actions, I had to remind myself to stay in the present moment as my mind’s eye wanted to wander to seeing Cla’vis from behind as she threw the single tail.  I wanted to remove that jeweled plug and take her right there on the raised platform until she was not having me call her Pallaca, but she was calling me ‘Sir.’  Instead, I was running numbers in my head for a sub that needed to remember who she was dealing with.
“For every five minutes you were late, you will receive one strike of the tawse.  You will count them out loud to me and state each time that you will respect my time.  For the coat, Beta and the hair you will receive one strike each and you will again count them out loud and state each time to me that you will respect my protocols at all times in my home.  You will receive five strikes for the lies and for making me make you reveal your dishonestly.  You will count them out loud and say to me with each count that you will not disrespect me by lying.  Am. I. clear?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“What say you?”
“I am sorry.  I consent.  I am ready.”
“Good girl.”
I removed the nipple clamps a bit more carefully than the labia ones, but not nearly as gentle as I could have been.  She again managed to steady her face, but by her breathing I knew she was in full sting.
“All clear?”
“Yes, Sir.  Green.”
I guided her onto the small incline for her feet to alleviate a bit of the stretch on her calves as she leaned down into position across the bench.  She did not wait to have her hands guided to the hold posts, which was expected.  I believed that she was with the program now, though it was not the one I had intended for this night.  Having set my stance, I warmed the handle of leather to secure my hold before landing the first stripe across both cheeks.
“One, Sir.  I will respect the Sirs schedule and be on time.”
We continued through the seven earned for being late before pausing.
“Have you learned this lesson?”
“Yes Sir.  I will not be tardy to our arranged time.”
“Good girl.  All clear?”
“Yes Sir.  Green.”
The eighth strike was a bit harder as I allowed the tawse to fly quicker and the air to whistle through the bore holes.  She did not hesitate.
“One, Sir.  I will keep to the protocols at all times in the Sirs home.”
After the third, I again checked her understanding.
“Have you learned this lesson as well?”
She hesitated only a moment to catch her breath.
“Yes Sir.  On your time and in your home I will obey your rules.”
“Good girl.  All clear?”
“Yes Sir.  Wobbly green.”
I could have let up and eased back the strikes, but this lesson was the most important one of them all and so I added pressure to the first and consecutive strikes to five to drive home my message.  She counted as directed though her voice took on a slight squeak as I made my point.
“One, Sir.  I will not lie to Sir.”
By the time we got to five, I knew she wept.  I allowed her a moment to compose herself while I set aside the tawse and got a damp towel from the warmer.
“Do you understand the last lesson?”
“Yes Sir.  You will not abide liars.”
“Good girl.  Come here.”
I helped her to upright after having kneaded her lashed, reddened and swollen backside, leading her to the overstuffed chair in the corner.  Sitting down, I pulled her into my lap wrapping her with a blanket and holding her close.
“Do you understand why you were punished?”
“Yes Sir.”
“Did I ask too much of you without me here to guide and remind you?”
“No Sir.”
“Will I have to punish you for these things again?”
“No Sir.”
“Good girl.  I like very much placing my mark on you, but not this way.”
Sitting there, holding her while she came back from the hole that she hid in to be punished, I thought of Cla’vis.  Her face reflected in my mind, just as it had in the solar room glass.  So stunning.  I would be talking to Maxim and when I did, I would be asking some questions about Ms. Cla’vis Tand.  My tawse hand itched to tame her.  My cock agreed.  I could feel her ass across my palm and there was a burning need to bury myself deep in the silken valley that I knew without knowing was waiting to be rent.  I could feel the glide of her across my face as though I were one of the pearls she wore as she whipped Yessenia earlier in the night.  Given the woman still snuggled against my chest, it was too much.  It was also not nearly enough.


  1. Thank you, Sir. May I have another?

  2. oh good are so visual with your words, I sometimes feel like a voyeur who can't look away...and quite frankly...I don't want to look away.

  3. Saaahwheeet baby carrots! The imagery! I got tingly all over reading this! Now, the question I have; was his punishment of his sub, intense...BECAUSE he was thinking of Cla'vis? He had to pull himself back, repeatedly, from thinking about her and what he wants to do with/to her. So, I am thinking - much like his sub, his entire focus wasn't "in the moment" so-to-speak. So, what happens now? Oh, that's right! I have another chapter to read!!! *cackles and dashes off*