Monday, July 1, 2013

Perfect Retreat: Part 4

It's been several weeks since we've heard from our two couples heading off for a retreat. Never fear, they  haven't been abandoned in the woods and forgotten.  Last we heard, the girls were being playful in the car nearly getting caught then they rolled up to a beautiful cabin and directed by the eccentric owner. 

Let's see what they've gotten up to out in the wilderness. 

Perfect Retreat: part 4
Faith Ann Whitten

In the morning Rose found herself extremely cold and not wanting to get out of bed.  She grabbed her watch out from the night stand:  5:30 a.m. “Of course” she said, “Only I would wake up this early.” She dragged herself to a sitting position, resting her arm on her knee.  Clutching the blanket, knowing she has to move, as she sits looking around the room.
There is a great view from her window and with a satisfied smile on her face, looks up seeing the river bank and gasps, her eyes widen.  “Wow, what a beautiful sight.” She brings her hand to her mouth. Pulling her legs into her, she smells the room,  ‘What a dank smell’ and scrunches her nose, then stretches while touches her toes to the floor.
Suddenly an urgent need overcame her. She runs to the bathroom only to find no toilet, no shower.
 Just a room with a mirror. She grabs herself going to the kitchen looking for something, anything.  She runs outside. “Son of a crap” She clutches her panties harder.  “A bush, yes a bush that will work!” With a sigh of relief, a high pitched squeal escapes her gritted teeth. “There is poo, oh gross!” She panics and doesn’t think she is gonna make it,  running to the river bank, pulling her gown off, pulling her panties off and  steps into the water. “Ah! That feels so good!” After a few moments she moves away from the water and goes for a swim.
Jake watched Rose rip off each piece of clothing with haste while she clutched her pussy.  He can feel his pants pull against his cock as he stands there.  He decides to follow her, removing his own clothing, being careful about where he steps, the ground has such crisp grass and is wet.
When he reaches the water, he swims to her and catches her back side in his face taking the opportunity to make his move by grabbing her ass and slides his lips up her back while coming up to the surface.  He kisses her neck and nibbles, putting his hand on her neck.
Rose feels the hands on her, the feeling of it is so arousing she can’t wait to get her hands on whoever is touching her in such a possessive manner. He grabs her breast, massaging and she lets out a moan.  She turns into him and her face flushes.  Startled, she looks down. She never thought Jake would touch her in that way and she is frightened.
She does the unthinkable, putting both hands on his chest then running them up into his hair, bringing herself closer feeling his hardness.  She moves to where it slides between her thighs letting out a sigh. He hardens more, getting bigger with each touch.
Jake's jaw flexes, he’s not sure what’s gonna happen next.  Rose puts her hands in his hair, leans in and kisses him.  He feels his cock getting harder and harder with each kiss she places on his body.  Rose is unsure what his response will be, he can see it in her face.  He decides for the both of them.
She tightens when he grabs her around her waist and lifts her legs. He can feel his cock rub on her pussy as he walks out of the water, close to climaxing when he lays her down on her clothes.  He kisses her body, moving lower.  Rose’s face flushed as she felt her body warm to his touch.  He pushes his finger just inside and kisses her clit hard.
Rose moans, turning  her head side to side with each thrust of his finger “Oh, it feels so good.” she moans.
Jake moves on top of her and swirls his finger inside, rubbing his thumb on her clit.  He watches her moan and arch her back as her juices begin to flow over his fingers.  He pulls his hand away bringing his fingers to her lips and has her taste herself.  She puts her mouth around his finger and sucks, then kisses the tip and giggles she moans “Tastes so good”.
He watches her reactions, surprised by her moans,  by her words.  His eyes widen, pulse races as  he thrusts inside her and she immediately scratches his back.
He moans, grabbing each of her hands putting them above her head and puts his hand under her back and thrusts deep and slow inside her.  Rose responds and pushes back moaning so loud her legs shake.
Back at the cabin
Jeremy awakens to the sound of Rose scrambling through the house cursing and finds it amusing. Then he hears the door shut followed by more cursing which causes him to actually laughs out loud.  Then hears the door shut for the second time and wonders who it could be. He lay there for a few minutes wondering  before curiousity got the better of him.   He gets out of bed, walks to Jakes’ door and sees he isn’t there then sees him follow Rose.
“Hmmmm.” He immediately thinks of Lily.
He goes to her door  and slowly presses his ear against it, carefully puts his hand on the handle and gently turns the knob. Peeking in he is startled to see her looking so magnificent laid out across her bed. The blanket did little to conceal her nude body.  “Wow” he thinks, her hair spread over the pillow and her face looking quite seductive. He finds himself tip-toeing into her room, closes the door and slides into her bed.
He pulls on the covers, covering her and sneaks into her bed wrapping his arms around her and snuggles up to her, burrowing his face in her hair. He feels her stir and move into his body and moves her hips back and forth into him and he hardens.  Lily moans and pushes harder and says “Will you fuck me already?” She runs her hand along her body and moves her ass, then reaches her hand behind her to grab his cock.  Stroking him, she quickly realizes this is not Jake’s cock. Her eyes shoot open, then she turns saying “Oh is that right? You want to fuck me Jeremy?” She pushes on his chest and sits on top of him.  With a smile on his face Jeremy brings his hands to his head.
He says “Of course I do, plan on it. I saw Jake leave with Rose and I figure you and I can go about it while they are.” Her eyes squint while smiling at him she smacks him hard on his face playfully. “Alright fucker, but on one condition.  You must keep your hands to yourself, is that clear?”
“Well my lady, I do not think I can keep that promise, but I do think I can make you regret asking that question.” He says then flips her on her back grabs her thigh and smiles as he pushes his cock inside her and she grabs the blanket and bites his chest and moans, her teeth sink in deep, she draws blood and doesn’t realizes how hard she bit him. He winces in pain but uses the pain as arousal and loves it, he thrusts harder.
The blood sticks to her face when she presses into his chest and moans loudly. He is making animal noises and she is growling back at him.  He loves the sounds coming from her. He bites her on her neck and swipes the hair out of her face , sees the blood and wipes it off and slows down.  Before he has a chance to stop ,she bucks under him and climaxes and claws his ass cheeks, moaning so loudly as he pushes back harder.  He lowers his head, brings a nipple to his mouth and teases. Sucks, and bites. He moans “Oh Lily.”
He finishes then shows her his hand with blood droplets on it from her face.  She giggles in between breaths. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bite so hard.” He drops onto her, releases her and moves over, gasping for air.