Monday, July 22, 2013


This is a two part series that will bring out the vampire in you. Bloodgasm will make you thirst for blood and want something a little more satisfying. Readers sit back and enjoy. Oh, don’t forget to cool off because this is one steamy, hot read.
Bloodgasm Part 1
By Krystol Diggs

I remember like it was yesterday. It was about ten thousand years ago. I was 21 and at a college party with my friends drinking. I noticed that my boyfriend Lorenzo wasn’t at the party. He never misses a party. As I’m sitting on the couch two couples are on the side making out in front of me. I was annoyed so I got up to get some fresh air. While leaving the room, my friend Jalisa called me.
“ Soriah Marie, where are you going? They got X over here. Come on!” She said grabbing me back to the party.
“ Lisa, I’m not really feeling X right now, I’m trying to wait for Lorenzo.”
“ Lorenzo will be here just come on, it will get your mind off of things.”
“ Okay.”
I went back inside with Lisa. I needed something quick because people dancing and the loud music was getting on my nerves. I had my beer in my hand and I  started to dance by myself. Lisa handed me a pill and I popped and followed it with my beer. I closed my eyes and started dancing in the middle of the floor. I needed to release the stress that I was having. Lorenzo and I had a big fight a few days ago.
“ Lorenzo it’s not my fault that you lost your job.”  I said with rage.
“ God, Soriah Marie, you can’t just support me this one time?” 
“ No, I’m not asking my family for money so you can get drugs.” I yelled.
“ You take them too.” He yelled back.
I just plopped on his bed and started to cry. I was tired of arguing with all the time. My family was rich but he had no right to take advantage of them.
Lorenzo came over to me with his blonde hair in his face as he moved hair from his eye.
“ Look, I love you Soriah Marie. I just want us to be happy.”
Before I could say another word he kissed me. I pushed him away.
“ Don’t!”
He kissed me again, this time harder with more force. I kissed him back.
We started taking off our clothes as our lips intertwined as one. I could feel my gina get moist and I was ready to have sex.
Completely naked, Lorenzo laid me on the bed and entered me slowly.
“ UUgghhhh.” I moaned softly.
He started kissing my body as he thrusted inside of me. I could feel my gina getting wetter and wetter.
“ Man, I love having sex with you.”  
I couldn’t respond because I was so in the moment.
I pushed him outside of me and climbed on top of him. I started to ride him very slowly and he moaned softly.
“ MMM… Soriah, I love you.”
I smiled as he showed his love for me.
I started to speed up and have my first orgasm.
“ Oohhh Yes!” I said as I gripped his chest.
We were both so into the moment that we didn’t hear someone knock on his door. 
“ Oh my God! What the fuck are you two, doing?” His mom yelled.
“ You tramp get the fuck out of my house!” She yelled at me.
“ Oh my God, I’m so sorry Ms. Peters.” I said as she came darting at me smacking me while I was still on top of Lorenzo.
He tried his best to shield me.
Next thing I knew I was on the his bedroom floor naked, being hit and called a slut and tramp.
I didn’t want to hit his mom back.
“ Mom, get off of my girlfriend, I love her!” He yelled and he grabbed her off me.
She turned around and started yelling at Lorenzo. I quickly turned around put on my jeans and shirt. I couldn’t find my bra, and I didn’t want to find it either. I ran downstairs and out of the house. I went through the alleyway and ran down three blocks to my house. I sat on the porch and gasped for air. I began crying again. I couldn’t believe that Lorenzo’s mom called me a slut. We had been dating for over two years now. But, she didn’t like me from the beginning.
Still dancing to the music at the party, I started to feel really horny and mellow. Sweat started to form on my foreward and my body. When I opened my eyes, Lorenzo was there with a group of boys. I ran over to him. Something looked different about him. He was still wearing the same outfit that he was a few days when we got caught having sex.
“ Hey baby where have you been. I called you this afternoon and your dad said you were sleep.”
I went to give him a hug and he didn’t embrace me.
“ Lorenzo what is up with you? And who are the guys you’re hanging with. They seem so scary looking.” I said.
“ They are my friends. Look we need to talk.” He said grabbing my arm.
“ Okay, let’s go upstairs.” I said heading toward the stairs.
“ No we need to go somewhere quiet outside.”
It was the summertime but it was a cold night. My jacket was inside the house with the party.
We walked down a dark ally. I noticed his friends were behind us.
“ Why are they following us?” I said with a scared look on my face.
“ God do you always have to talk so fucking much?” He said to me.
I looked at his face and noticed how pale he was, he looked thinner then normal.
“ Look do you want to be with me for the rest of your life?” Lorenzo asked me.
“ You’re proposing to me here?”
He kissed me. I was already horny so I kissed him back and I started to get aroused. He snapped his fingers and his guy friends started touching me.
“ What’s going on?” I managed to say as we stopped kissing.
One of his friends started to play with my gina, while another boy was rubbing his dick on my hands. I started to get real turned on. Lorenzo kissed my neck slowly then he started to lick it. I could hear my heart beat a mile a minute. Then he did it and I didn’t even see it coming. He bit my neck. I couldn’t scream from pain but from pleasure. The whole time he was feasting on my neck, someone was tasting my gina and sucking on my clit. As blood was flowing down, I was having a orgasm. I moaned so loud in the ally way.
After I finished cumming I started to feel weird in my body. I was more horny but I felt so weak too. I went to say something to Lorenzo and it started to sound like echos. All I heard was,
“ She will pass out in a few. She’s one us now, Lorenzo, a vampire.