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Love Bites episode 7

Hello everyone. We hope you had a great weekend.  Are you ready for  this weeks episdoes? Well here goes!

I get up and walk over to the broken window and look down at the busy city below. The heady odor of the fumes from exhaust, the smell of the street vendors and the nasty people roaming the streets below flood my senses. Why did I choose to live here instead of my mansion in the country? Oh yes, the easy pickings for feeding. I called the maintenance people to repair the window. I am glad I can control human minds; this would have been a hard one to explain. It also helps to have lots of money when you have a temper like mine. Fixing large picture windows in penthouses are not cheap.

Where the hell is Merah and what on earth is she thinking? Does she think just because she rids the world of a few evil beings that makes her less a monster?

Unbelievable. I have existed for almost three hundred years and I let one small human woman get under my skin enough to threaten not only her existence but mine as well. She just doesn't realize what danger she is in. I am not really worried about myself. I have the ability of mind control. I can make anyone, well almost anyone, forget anything they see or hear. I can even give them suggestions, much like a hypnotist. She isn't quite so lucky. In the wrong hands she could die a thousand times over or just wish for true death.
There are people out there that search for us and will do anything in their power to find the more powerful creatures and hunt us down to rid the world of monsters. At least that is their story. Most of the hunters are only in it for the money, fame and glory. In my opinion some of the do gooders are more monsters than most of us are. People tend to be afraid of what they do not understand. Not all supernatural creatures are evil. Most of us are just trying to live our lives with the hands we were dealt. The few truly evil ones make it bad for the rest of us.

After pacing enough that I should have worn a hole in the carpet, I break down and call Reggie.

“Hello Reggie? This is Nicolas Masterson. I am calling to check on your roommate Merah Slavings.”

“Oh? That was rather sudden wasn’t it? I was just concerned about her. She and I had a few business discussions before the tragic mishap. I felt a little responsible for what happened to her, and thought I would check in. I haven’t seen her on the air since her rescue.”

“You can tell me, Reggie.”

“Thank you and now forget that I called. Erase all my calls from your phone and remove me from any of your notes.”

“Good Bye Reggie.”

Why the hell did she go to Italy with this Glenn? How the hell does Giorgio Rossi figure into all of this? They are going to his vineyard for a vacation to help Merah recuperate. Giorgio takes one smell of her he will know I am her maker. She has no idea how much danger she is in. Karma just seems to love biting my ass.


Giorgio has sent a private jet to pick us up, but we still have to go through the airport. Even though it’s late at night and it isn't real crowded, there still are a lot of people milling about.

The coppery sulfur scent of blood overloads my senses. My hunger burns inside of me. The three bags of blood Glenn gave me before we left his place didn't satiate me as well as he thinks it has. He doesn’t know that I sneak out after he goes to sleep and supplement his gifts with the warm flowing blood from the necks of vicious rapists and possible murderers. Since sex offenders have to register they are easy to find. Once I find them I can easily tell if they are a threat to society. Evil blood seems to have a scent of its own.

 Even warmed in the microwave the bags are no substitute for a writhing victim. I have ridden Manhattan of two this week.

Glenn grabs my hand and pulls me closer. “Merah get a grip, you’re growling.”

“Oops Sorry I thought that was just my stomach.” I smiled.

Glenn shrinks back from me and shudders. “I’m sorry, but no matter how fragile and cute you look the fangs and growling is just plain scary!”

I can’t help but giggle as we board the plane. “Are you sure you want to be alone with me in small plane miles up in the sky?”

“Well I am hoping you don’t decide to bite the hand that feeds you.” He smiles back at me as he gestures me to take the window seat.

“I wish we could have done this during the day. Perhaps when we come home we will. The view is amazing.” His eyes twinkle with excitement.

“Can I ask you a few strange questions?” I wring my hands nervously.

“Sure. I may not be able to answer them all but what I can’t we will ask Giorgio.”

“How did you figure out what I am?”

“I told my uncle Giorgio is a vampire.” He looked out the window.

“That doesn’t tell me how you knew I am one.” I stammered.

“Would you like something to drink?” he gets up and walks to the bar in the back of the plane. “It’s a long story.”

“It’s a long flight. Sure, a bottle of water would be nice.”

He hands me the water, opens his and takes a long drink. I gulp as I watch his Adams apple move as he swallows. He smiles nervously as he notices me licking my lips. Maybe he would feel better if I told him it wasn’t his blood I am hungering for this time.

“I was six when my mother passed away. My father traveled a lot on his job and decided I was better off with my mother's family. I lived in Italy with them until I was eighteen and decided to go to America. Uncle Giorgio, my Grandmother’s brother lived with her. He actually raised me. I knew from the first moment I met him he was different, but of course he would never admit to me what he was.
To make a very long story short, when I was about 10 I crashed my bike into a tree, flipped and went rolling down a hill. It left me paralyzed from the neck down. Giorgio was distraught. He hardly ever left my side. He paid for the best medical care. One night I asked him to make me like him. He was startled at first but I told him I would rather die than to never walk or feel from my neck down. He explained all the gruesome details to me but I said anything was better than this. So he did.” Glen stopped and gazed out the window a faraway look in his eyes. “Well he tried.”

“But you are not a vampire. Not like me. I can tell.” I reach over and take his hand in mine. He smiles and shakes his head.

“No to become a vampire you have to die. Giorgio couldn't make himself kill me. But I healed and he was happy that I didn’t die or become like him.” Glen looks at our entwined fingers and squeezes my hand gently; one corner of his lip turns up in a slight smile.

“That is good that you are healed. Giorgio sounds like a very nice man.” Not the egotistical ass Nicolai is. I thought to myself.

“Well after the healing it left me a bit different. Yes Giorgio has a good heart but he is a very bitter man. He harbors grudges. He doesn't tell me much about it though. He says I don’t need to hear his morbid love history.” Glen smiles again as he looks at me.

“So what do you mean by different?” I try to look out the window instead of his sexy brown eyes. Between the sexy eyes and handholding, I am having a hard time concentrating. I need to find blood soon. I should have stayed with Nicolai. Why do I keep thinking about him when this incredible man has done so much for me in such a short time?

“I can feel things. Anything that has to do with the dead, I can feel them.” He swallows hard and looks back at our hands.

“You mean you see dead people?” I chuckle at my bad joke.

“No just feel. I know when a spirit is around.” He shudders. ”Vampires, well I can see you guys.” He smiled, gazing back up at me.

“Why are you helping me Glenn? Why didn't you turn and run as soon as you figured  out what I am?”

“I really don't know. I could feel something. It’s like I could feel the good and confusion in you. If you listen to Giorgio and do as he says everything will be fine. The more I get to know you the more I like you Merah.” He raised our hands up to his lips and lightly kissed them.

“Glenn, I am a monster. We can be nothing more than friends you understand that right?” I pull my hand back. Crap I didn't see this coming. Nicolai says I can’t get involved with a human. At least not until I learn control and other vampire ways and that could take years he told me.

“Merah, I know what you are; I was almost one myself once. I don’t care. I understand that you need to learn to deal with all this, but I am willing to wait.” He looks at me pleadingly.

“Please Merah, just give Giorgio a chance. You don’t have to be a monster. I don’t think I could bear to turn you over to the Agency.” He looked afraid.

“Agency?” From the look in his eyes I don't think I want to be turned over to this agency.

“The Agency of Supernatural Control. We find unclaimed newlings or rogues, loose spirits, any supernatural that is reported and take care of the problem.” Luckily he was saved by the pilot announcing our landing for us to buckle up.


There was a car waiting at the airport for us. The inside of the limo looks like a little sitting area with plush seats and a bar. Glenn declines the alcohol and gets  us each a fancy bottle of artisan spring water. I could use a good glass of wine, actually a shot of whiskey would be better.

The ride to Glenn’s Grandmother’s was very pleasant.

“Wow this is even more beautiful than I expected. All the pictures I’ve ever seen don’t do Italy a bit of justice.”

“I love the way your eyes sparkle when you are excited.” Glenn’s smile is very distracting. Our eyes meet.

“You are so beautiful Merah. I hate the way we met, but I’m so glad that you are in my life now.”

     He pulls me close and kisses me. Slowly and timidly at first then more passionate as my lips parted automatically,his tounge exploring. He tasted so good, like Cinnamon candy, sweet and warm. Damn I never saw that one coming. Why did I so eagerly respond? I can’t get involved with anyone right now, especially a human. Of course Glenn would have to be smart sexy, considerate, handsome and such a gentleman. Mr. Perfect shows up on my doorstep and I can’t even consider a relationship with him. Not now. Not ever.

He gazed into my eyes for a few seconds, his deep dark chocolate brown eyes shining with desire.

The car came to a stop. Without a word he steps out as the driver opens my door. I stretch my legs while they get our bags from the trunk. Looking around at my surroundings in awe, I let out a low whistle. Amazing. It looks like a picture in one of those travel magazines. A huge mansion sitting on the hill, sheep and goats in a pasture off to one side of the mansion with a red barn in the back, a small pond in the center with a fountain spouting water like a geyser. On the opposite side are rows and rows of green vines.

“Are those grapes?”

“Yes. This is Uncle Giorgio’s vineyard. Nonna lives in the smaller house back behind the grapes. You will meet her tomorrow. Giorgio thought you would like to rest after the flight and ordeal you have been through.”

He gestures back behind the grapevines. A little house sits among gardens of flowers, herbs, and vegetables. It looks like a Thomas Kincaid painting. I take a deep breath. Ahh, just the scent of assorted flowers and herbs, even the smell of the goats and sheep don’t hit my vampire radar. I am no longer overwhelmed by the smell of blood and the loud sounds of the city pounding in my ears. Just the lovely soothing sounds and scents of nature. Fresh and relaxing.

“Oh man Glenn, I can see why your Uncle is staying here and not in the city.” Why did Nicolai choose to live in the city? I can’t seem to quit having my thoughts stray back to him even in such a beautiful place with such a wonderful man that is clearly falling for me.

“We can stay here Merah. You wouldn't have much trouble finding a job as a journalist, that is if you want to go back to work in the public.”

I look over at him. His face is as serious as the tone in his voice. Darn, we have only known each other a few days and he is already acting like he wants a serious relationship. If I did though not only am I a danger to him, but I am positive Nicolai would kill him.

“Glenn, let’s just do one thing at a time. Let me learn to deal with this new me and then we go from there.” Even in the dark I can see the disappointment on his face.

The driver presses a small button as we enter the house and he announces us. A tall thin man in black dress pants and a nice lavender dress shirt appears.

“Sir Glenn, it is a pleasure to see you again. It has been a long time since you came to visit.” He extends his hand to Glenn, but Glenn hugs him instead.

“Yes Ricco, it has been too long. This is Merah Slavings.”

“Miss Slavings, glad to make your acquaintance.” I guess I expected the butler to be in tails or at least a tux, but the driver was in black jeans and white causal shirt.

“Master Giorgio told me to show you to your rooms so you can freshen up before dinner. He will meet you in the dining room in an hour. If you will need more time let me know and I will let him know.”

“An hour will be fine, is that ok with you Merah?”

I nod as I look around. The place is astonishing. Huge crystal chandeliers everywhere. The entire room looks like a showplace and I am only in the foyer. As Ricco leads us through a grand room that looks as if it’s a ballroom,with very few furnishings just pure elegance, I am just awestruck at the beauty of it all. Where Nicolai’s penthouse is decorated sparsely with tasteful antiques and lots of wood, this place was puree Grandeur. Lots of white, even white carpet. Not what I expected at all. I guess I figured a vampire would decorate all in black and red. Evidently not since neither Nicolai nor Giorgio have much of either color in their D├ęcor. Where Nicola had all the antique wood Giorgio has lots of crystal and leather.

My room is right across from Glenn’s. The view is spectacular. I have a view of the vineyard from window. Odd Nicolai’s interior fits this scenery better and Giorgio's decor looks more like what you would expect in the Manhattan penthouse.

 My room is very contemporary and posh. The bed railings sleek and simple almost as if they are made of silver. The bedding is thick plush whit down. The only real color is in the exquisite landscape paintings.

I’m at the mirror struggling with my hair, when I hear a quiet rap at the door. I jump at the sudden interruption of the peace and quiet.

“Hi Glenn, wow you look nice.” He has on black jeans hugging his slender body and a pale yellow shirt that really highlights his rich brown eyes.

His mouth dropped open, his eyes wide in surprise, “You look amazing. I won’t be able to take my eyes off you all evening.”

I glance at my reflection in the mirror, glad I slipped in a few simple dresses. I don’t own many, but had a few for special occasions. Mostly just simple classic cut sheaths. I chose a red one tonight. I think the red looks good with my pale complexion and dark brown,almost black hair. I blush as I buckle up the straps on my red strappy heels; I had brought along to go with the dress. I will definitely need to go shopping. Well maybe not since I haven't worked in over a month.

“Ok I am ready.” I take one last look in the mirror, follow Glenn back to the dining room.

The table is set simply yet, elegantly with milky white dishes and beautiful crystal glasses. A large matching vase full of red roses sits in the center with a candle on each side. Very very pretty.

Ricoo seats me while Glenn takes the seat across from me. I guess Giorgio wants to make a grand entrance. “Sir Glenn will be with you soon.” He says casually as he moves gracefully pouring us each some wine. I could smell the sweet tart fragrance of the fermented fruit as soon as he popped the cork.

“Mmm this is really good wine.” Startled by an unexpected man’s voice I nearly spit the red wine all over the white table cloth.

“Grazie,lovely lady. You must be Merah.” His voice smooth and sultry.

He takes my hand and kisses it lightly then moves around the table with the grace of a dancer to Glenn. Glenn stands as the man softly kisses each cheek and hugs him then takes his seat at the head of the table. The resemblance to Glenn is uncanny. Giorgio is an inch or two shorter than Glenn and skinny, his face more angular and eyes more of an almond color than the rich chocolate of Glenn’s. They could pass as brothers. The odd part is that Glenn looks much older than Giorgio, whom looks barley 19. Of course I know he is much older than that, I am just not sure how old he really is.

“It is a pleasure to be home, Giorgio. Thank you for inviting us.” Glenn takes a sip of his wine. “Uncle, your wine gets better every time I taste it.”

“Si. It is good to have you home also. Of course I serve only the best to my family. I hope you plan to stay for a while.” Giorgio’s sexy accent sends shivers down my spine.

“Yes uncle Giorgio, we plan for a while. At least until Merah is ready to go home. If she decides to go home.” Glenn smiles shyly as he glances at me fidgeting around in his seat.

    Almost like magic Ricco appears, pours Giorgio a glass of wine and refills our glasses. A short stocky man comes from the kitchen and serves us each a lovely shrimp cocktail. Dinner is mostly small talk and making arrangements to meet Glenn’s Grandmother, Nonna he calls her, and plan my training. After a nice cup of coffee and some fresh fruit for dessert. We retire to our rooms for the night. Or should I say morning since the sun has risen already. After a hug to Glenn, Giorgio embraces me and kisses my cheek taking a long deep breath. He pushes me back abruptly, his eyes huge almost as if angered.

“You say you have no idea who your maker is? That you never saw or spoke to this person?” He glares at me coldly.

Taken off guard by his sudden change attitude I just slowly shook my head.

“I will not tolerate lies.” He growls.

“Uncle Giorgio! Why are you being so rude to our guest?” Glenn steps in front of me as if I may be in danger.

Giorgio just stares for what seems like a long time but is just a few seconds. Then his countenance suddenly softens.

 “Forgive me, I lost my manners. It has been a long day and I am sure you both would like some rest. I will see you both tomorrow.” He gave me a very piercing look as he passed me and disappeared down the hall into a door at the far end.

Okay. Not only is he a vampire but he is skitzo.

   Glenn and I go to our rooms. I lean on the window sill and look out. With the sun just rising, the view is spectacular. I’m beginning to think coming here isn’t a good idea. Why would Giorgio question my story about my maker? Can he tell who turned me? The look in his eyes after he smelled me sent shivers through my entire body. This time it wasn’t the feel good kind of shivers. It was more like I better catch the first plane out and get my butt back home and make all nice with Nicolai.
I hope you liked this weeks story. Who do you think Giorgio is and why does Nicolai think she is in so much danger? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Tomorrow we will be introducing our new Tryster. So come back and check us out! 

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