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Monday Love Bites -Episode eight

Episode 8:


It has been over a month and not one word from Merah. I haven't seen any more deaths recently on the news that would link to her. It’s almost as if she has fallen off the face of the earth.

I finally decided to call Reggie to get more information on this Glenn. Perhaps He will know where I can find her since he and Merah are so close. Why should I care so much.  I barely know her and am acting like a teenager in high school.  I chuckle at the thought, how do I even remember high school after centuries?

I just need to explain things to her. If I can just get her to understand that I would never have turned her against her will under different circumstance. Perhaps now she would be willing to let me help her learn.

Italy. She has gone to Italy. My head pounds. If I were human I would have had a stroke by now. This woman has caused me more trouble in a couple of months, than anyone has in over two hundred years.

It only took only a few minutes to get Reggie to tell me that Merah and Glenn Rossi seem to have gotten very close and she was going with him to Italy to meet his Grandmother and Uncle Giorgio and to recuperate.

Glenn’s uncle is Giorgio Rossi? How could Giorgio possibly have found out about Merah?  She is in great danger. He will know immediately that she is mine. He will be very angry with me. He will kill her as he has all the others he thinks I turn to be my mates. So what if Giorgio throws a fit of rage when he finds out I made her? Why do I care if he kills her? I pick up the remote and just before I throw it through the window again I drop it and kick the end table instead. Damn I forget my own strength. The remote would have been easier to explain.  I am glad I can just call the repairman tell him what to fix then hypnotize him to forget the whole thing. 

It’s not my problem. She chose to leave on her own. I offered to help her. She would have everything she needed here and then some, but no she wanted to try to do this on her own. . She chose to run off with a man she has just met. She is no longer my concern. I fumble through today’s mail, tossing most into the trash. I stop at a grape colored envelope with my winery, well Giorgio’s winery logo on it. Odd it is from Giorgio’s address. How did he find me?  Oh Hell!  This can’t be good.

I call my pilot and arrange a trip to Italy. I'm sure I am making a mistake. On the plane I think about Giorgio. Young and innocent. He was only nineteen when we met.  I hired him as an assistant. He had been living on the street selling his body for food and shelter. He deserved so much more. I put him through college. He had big dreams of owning a winery and a bed and breakfast. That was an easy dream for a man of my wealth to make come true. Things were perfect with us or at least I thought it was. He would have done anything I asked of him. He worshiped the ground I walked on. I suppose I was always impulsive when it came to people I cared for. I knew he loved me but didn’t realize how he loved me.

Giorgio became so infatuated with me that I could hardly breathe. He became ill. His chance of survival was slim to none. I offered him eternity and he chose t. He thought I was offering him something I could not. He was so angry when he found out that I wasn't interested in him physically.

Women I dated started coming up missing or dead. I figured out it was Giorgio killing them but I couldn’t bring myself to kill him. What was his true crime? Loving me? We had a terrible fight when I left. Giorgio promised someday he would get even. He would make me pay for hurting him.

 I gave him the winery and secretly finance it for him.  Without my help it would have folded not long after I left. Giorgio is fantastic at making wine but not a very good on the business end of things. The least I could do is to make sure he is kept in the lifestyle I made him accustomed to.

At least if he mentions me he will see she hates me. Perhaps that will save her. Maybe I should just stay out of this. She has made it perfectly clear ever since I turned her that she can’t stand me. Perhaps that will keep her alive.  It’s probably best to just let him end her, so I don’t have to.  But I know deep down I can’t. I foolishly believe deep inside me that she will realize we were meant to be together.

But she didn't choose to become a vampire and she sure didn’t choose to become a pawn in an old affair of mine.

I look again at the letter from Giorgio.

Nicolai, I have something that belongs to you. The question is ..Do I keep her for my own, or do I torture her over and over the way you have me for eternity?  FOREVER YOURS, Giorgio

 I put my head in my hands. Dammit, Merah, how do you get yourself into so much trouble?



The next day Giorgio offered to take me on a tour of the winery, Glenn came along insisting I not be alone with Giorgio after how he acted last night. Giorgio seemed to have done a complete one-eighty from last night. He is very nice to me. Actually a bit flirtatious. I have to admit I like the attention.

We decided it was best for me to learn to live alone.  Anna Maria, Nonna, Glenn calls her, suggested I stay in the cottage and she will move back to the mansion .

Over the next few weeks I learned a lot. I found out that as long as I keep all my human needs well satiated I wouldn’t have to feed so much. I have a high protein diet and take iron supplements and found that helps a lot also. Glenn is acting strange lately. H and Giorgio seem to argue a lot. I understood they were very close. You could have fooled me. I am getting dressed to go out with Giorgio. There is a knock on the door I look at the clock I still have an hour before Giorgio is supposed to be here.

I put on a robe and hurry to the door.

“You’re early,” I say as I pull the door open to find Glenn standing there. My heart flutters as I look into those big brown eyes. I could absolutely get lost in his gaze. I can tell he is unhappy and this isn’t going to be a pleasant visit.

“Merah, we need to talk.” He looks as if he has lost his best friend.

“I’m sort of busy right now. Giorgio is taking me to a show tonight, I’m in the middle of fixing my hair and makeup.”

“You look nice,” his eyes trail over my body. The thin robe doesn't hide a lot. His voice is thick and husky with need. He lightly licks at his lip as he speaks.

Darn he looks sexy in his tight jeans, his pale yellow cotton shirt unbuttoned low to reveal thick curls of dark brown hair.

My need to touch him gets the better of me as I move in close.

“I’m not even dressed.” I tease.

“We need to leave Merah, something isn’t right with Giorgio.“ He swallowed hard as his eyes fixed on my chest.

I glance down and notice the robe gaping open, my black lacy demi-bra has the girls pushed up nicely on display.

“I think your jealous Glenn.”  I smile coyly as I trail a finger up his chest twirling the soft curls. Darn this man is hot, and he has been open with how he feels about me. He’s right about Giorgio also, we send a lot of time together and he hasn't even tried to kiss me. Where I can see and smell the desire in Glenn I get none of these vibes from Giorgio.

Glenn pulls me close and kisses me wildly, hungrily. There is nothing pretty about it. Our lips push tightly together, both our tongues fighting to see he gets to taste who, teeth clanking as we kiss madly.  I pull his shirt apart sending buttons flying. The need to touch that soft hairy chest just got the better of me. He didn’t seem to care at all. We both drop to the floor our mouths still locked greedily in a hungry kiss. Hands roaming.  When I thought he would pass out from lack of oxygen, he stops only  to move down to my chest, pushing down the bit of bra covering my hard nipple. He licks it softly then begins to suck and nip at it. I moan in pleasure.

“Glenn, Giorgio will be here soon.” I whisper softly.

He glances up, breathing hard,” You initiated this so you stop it.” He goes back to his licking and sucking. I pull his head back up; our lips meet again this time not as fiercely. I unfasten his pants as he unties the sash that isn’t doing much good holding my robe together anyway. He reaches back to his pocket and pulls out his wallet. Fumbling as he still kisses me, he pulls out a foil packet, breaks the kiss long enough to catch his breath, rips it open and rolls the condom on quickly. I kiss his neck and trail my tongue down his chest. Before I can take him in my mouth he pulls my face back up.

“The next time we will take our time.” He grunts as he kisses me softly and tenderly.  I wrap my legs around his hips, he hesitates as his hard cock presses against my hot, wet opening.

“Are you sure?”

Unbelievable! He waits till now to ask. I pull him into me. We both cry out as he enters me. We find our rhythm quickly, going at it like dogs in heat. I can hear his heart beat faster and faster, the blood pulsing through his veins. I didn’t even realize what I had done, until I taste the coppery, sweet, salty blood in my mouth. He comes suddenly.  Screaming my name, his body jerking violently on top of me. His moans sounding anything but painful.

All of a sudden I feel strong hands on my arms jerking me off.


I growl and attack. Giorgio strikes me, knocking me off my feet. He grabs Glenn and puts his lips to the pouring blood. I can hear myself screaming “MINE!”

Giorgio lays Glenn down on the sofa, bloodstains smeared on his bare chest, but his  throat no longer bleeding. I notice him gazing at Glenn, his eyes getting darker as he trails them down his limp body. He grabs a throw off the back of the couch and covers Glenn’s naked body.

Giorgio grabs me and shakes me hard, slaps me.

“Merah snap out of it.” He drags me fighting and screaming to the shower and turns it on cold holding me close. Suddenly I let out a breath. I realize I am standing in the shower with just my bra pulled under my exposed breasts, my robe open. Giorgio, looking so sexy standing inside the shower dripping wet  in a nice suit, pulls my bra back into place, and gets the towel off the rack to cover me.

“Can you dry off and get dressed by yourself?  I need to go check on Glenn.”

“Oh Crap he isn’t dead is he?” Suddenly becoming aware of the taste of Glenn’s blood in my mouth, I  start to run out of the room. Giorgio pulls me back.

“No!  You stay in here. Get dressed. He wasn’t dead when I sealed off the wound. But I have no idea how much you have taken. I will take him back to his room and give him some blood.” Giorgio looked really hot, his wet suit clinging to his thin frame, dark curls plastered to his head.

“I will change my clothes, then come pick you up. Looks like plans have changed. We will catch the show another night. I’ll take you to feed. Looks like you need a new lesson in control, and healing wounds. You can’t take too much and you have to lick the wound to heal it, otherwise they will bleed out quickly.” His jaw was clenched tightly.  The sight of Glenn’s nude body and the scent of his blood awakening animalistic desires, weakening his control.

Damn!  He doesn’t look happy at all. But I guess I can’t blame him. We have been practically inseparable for two weeks and he walks in to pick me up for a date finding me feeding on his nephew in more ways than one.

I change my clothes putting on tight jeans and a tight fitting tank top since we are going hunting instead of to the theater. I retouch my makeup, thinking about what happened with Glenn. I thought I wanted to stay with Giorgio but after tonight I don’t know.

I feel very differently about Glenn than I do Giorgio. But Giorgio is like me. He understands me. And if I take blood from him he won’t die like Glenn can. No! I need to let Glenn go back home. No matter how I feel about him I have to let him go for his own good. I run my hands through my hair pulling in frustration, tears starting to fall.

I feel a familiar sensation. Perhaps since I took his blood I can feel him now. I open the door hoping I can send him away and not fall back onto his arms.

“Glen, we need to talk about what just happened.” I look up into the most amazing eyes. Eyes I dream of gazing into every night. Arms I have longed to hold me.

Did ya see any of that coming? What did ya think? What is Nicolai going to do? Will Glenn leave? check back next week for the conclusion thats right the conclsion will be next week ,then we will be moving on to a  whole new set of  adventures. Our new Tryster Ellie Mack will be dropping in to morrow to give us the  beginnning of her story.*waves*

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