Saturday, May 5, 2012

Week in Review

We regret bringing you the week in review at such a late time, but this was a hectic week for the ladies at Storytime especially since we are interviewing someone new to be featured on Fridays starting June. So look out, we may be announcing her name soon.

This week was a great week in all the stories.

Monday Merah woke up in the hospital and was battling with herself over her decision to leave Nicolai. Seems she is torn between whether she made the right decision or not. Then in comes the dashing Glen, who like a superhero in human form, is ready to offer Merah somewhere to stay and the option of helping her learn the ways of a vampire. But how will a human help a newling learn to be a vampire? And how will they live together without her biting his head off? Guess we have to stay tuned to find out....

Wednesday was another refreshing episode of Purging Matthew as Matty opened up to meeting new people, making new friends and bonding with someone who knows the pain he feels of what happened in Spain. Now we wait to find out what is in store for Matty and Ryan? And what about the hints we got last week, will anything come out of that? Is their some menage planned? Oops hope that wasn't a spoiler, LOL.

Thursday my heart when out to Phoebe. We have all had a heartbreak or two and I felt Phoebe's disappointment. I personally felt close to her, she felt like a friend to me, like we had grown to know each other and now that her heart was broken again I felt like Annie, needing some emergency chocolate. Now what is next for poor Phoebe? Jake seemed to want to explain something when he was messaging her, what do you think he will do next? I can't wait for next Thursday to find out.

We are all contemplating carrying on our stories or some version of it in June, what are your thoughts on that?
Welcome to the three new followers, hope you are enjoying our stories.

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