Thursday, May 17, 2012

Friday's Week in Review

This week in Storytime Trysts...

        On Monday, in Cathy Brockman's Love Bites, Merah goes to Italy with Glenn and finds out that he has real feelings for her. She meets his uncle, Giorgio. Nicolai finds out Merah has gone to Italy. He decides to forget about her then receives a note from someone from his past. Will Nicolai go to Italy? Is Merah really in danger? Does she reciprocate Glenn's feelings?

        On Tuesday we introduced our new writer, Ellie Mack. We're excited to have her join us. Her story will be starting in June.

        On Wednesday, in Emmy Grayshun's Purging Matthew, Matt decided to take some more baby steps forward in his new relationship with Ryan. And things went well for them. They enjoyed each other and also spent time with Morgan and her new man, Creepy Internet Dude. But what is going on with Ben and who is Creepy Internet Dude?

        On Thursday, in Malora J Braveheart's Must Love Words, Annie talked Phoebe into going out on a surprise girls' night out. What Phoebe doesn't know is the venue. And, boy, is she annoyed when she finds out exactly where they end up. In the meantime Phoebe has a date with Leonard, the vet. Will things work out or is there something behind the rumors of his past?

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