Friday, May 11, 2012

Week In Review

Another great week of stories have come and gone. Our characters are growing and developing and we hope you are enjoying the journey.

On Monday Cathy brought you a wonderful light episode of Love Bites. Merah has moved in with the human, Glen and now we wait to see if she bear to live in the same apartment with him and not want to devour him both sexually and carnivorously. Nicolai is trying to track her down to no avail until he stumbles onto a story of a killing and he thinks right away of Merah. It's nice to see Merah interacting with other people. And this new character Glen seems to bring a new turn in the story for Merah. Now I can't wait to see what happens next? What will Merah do? Who will she kill next? And there is mention of another vampire Giorgio, can we really trust him?

On Tuesday we saw Fiona as she is trying to move on from Nyasha. She as changed a lot of things about her life, and has even come out to her family. Then, in walks Stacey who makes her move in the first scene, giving her number to Fiona. Now what will Fiona do? Is she over Nyasha? Will she go to the film festival? Will Nyasha accept defeat?

On Wednesday Purging Matthew had me blushing. Matthew has reached his peak in every sense of the word. He has had enough sulking and grieving, he wants to move on, and he wants to enjoy life and everything it has to offer. Ryan is there to grant his wishes, to show him pleasure and fun. Matty likes that Ryan is upfront about his feelings. Ben on the other hand is the opposite, he seems to want to tell Matt something but holds it back. Now what could that be? He doesnt think Matt should be dating? Does he like Ryan too? Or does he....hmmm, so many questions about this Ben, but guess we will have to wait to find out.

On Thursday we saw a side of Phoebe that we have never seen. Phoebe has transformed from hurt to angry and she is channeling that anger from both of the men she believed have played with her feelings. I must say she did surprise me in the scene with Lisa, I was half expecting her to forgive her right off the bat, but was pleasantly surprised to see her stand up for herself and speak her mind. That confidence that resonated in the scene with Lisa seems to emanate from her when she visits the Vet too, because he becomes attracted to her and asks her out. Now what? Annie is supposed to be helping Jake get to Phoebe and Phoebe is about to go on a date with someone else? I was smiling through that part and saying, "Oh you are shrewd Malora." Now we wait to see what happens when Annie surprises Phoebe with Jake? And will she still go on the date? Does Jake still have a chance? DId you buy the story he told Annie?

Week six of our stories are all on the blog for you to read over and over again. Please follow us so as not to miss out on any of the stories and look out for an announcement about our new episodes coming June and our new Friday writer.

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