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                                                                  LOVE BITES-EPISODE 6


I watch in awe as Glenn talks to Reggie. The man is magnificent. His words are as smooth as silk and his voice so calming. Not to mention, the man is as hot as heck. I keep my eyes glued to Glenn’s handsome face and unruly brown hair so I am not so tempted to look in the shadows for Nicolai, but I can feel him. Part of me wants to see him, the other part wants to rip his sexy head right off his shoulders. He has to know that Reggie is upset. Why doesn't he just come out and help? I can’t very well say; come out, come out, wherever you are. Then say “oh while you’re here, won’t you brainwash my best friend to let me go live with a stranger?” No, I can’t really do that, and fortunately it looks like I'm not going to have to even bother with Nicolai.

Glenn has Reggie eating out of the palm of his hands. Still not so sure what happened back there, I climb into the passenger side of Glenn’s truck while Reggie and Aaron wave and get into Reggie’s car. Can it be possible that Glenn has the ability that Nicolai has? I am so sure Glenn is Human. He smells like Reggie and Aaron, not like Nicolai. Is it possible some Humans can use mind control?
“Glenn, I need to ask you a silly question?”
“Sure Merah, ask away. I am sure you have lots of questions. I am not sure I will be able to answer them until I call my uncle. First let’s get you to my place and settled in. Tomorrow we will try to get you all the answers you need.” He glanced over at me and smiles timidly. Even in the dark I can see the fear in his eyes, smell it in his blood. I’m not so sure I’ll ever get use to smelling blood like it’s a gourmet dinner, but his really smells good. If he is afraid of me why is he helping me?
“Are you able to control people’s minds?” As soon as I said it I knew I made a mistake. If I didn't know about Vampires or who turned me why would I be thinking about mind control?
“Mind control? Where would you get a silly idea like that?” he chuckled. “I think you’re letting to many vampire stories flood your brain. Pretty much most of that is just that; stories.”
“But we both know vampires are very real. I just wondered how you convinced Reggie to let me come with you, a total stranger, so easily.”
“I am good with people, Merah, and he just wants what is best for you. I can help you more than he can.”
“So you told him you were going to feed me blood and call your vampire uncle to teach me the new ways of the world?” I rolled my eyes though I knew he couldn't see me in the dark. Yet I could see him as clear as if we were in bright sunlight.
“Merah you were standing right there. Didn’t you hear a word I said?” His voice sounded a bit worried.
Uh oh! I hope he doesn’t want to know what I was doing instead of listening to him. I can’t very well say I was hoping my maker would come out and save the day when I have told him I have no clue what happened. I am not a very good liar.
 “Yes I heard you. I just still can’t figure out how he gave in so easily. Reggie isn't the easiest to convince.”
He chuckled again. He has a nice laugh. It’s a shame we couldn't have met under better circumstance. I could go for a man like this. No Merah, You wouldn't go for a man like him. He is too nice, too sweet. Face it Chickie you like the intrigue. The proverbial tall, dark, mysterious stranger. A man more like Nicolai. Nope, you'd never look twice at this one under normal circumstance.
“I wasn’t kidding when I told him I had a degree in sociology and I can help you get through the trauma.” He turned into a driveway of a small but nice looking house. “We are home.”
Home. Will I ever feel like I’m at home again? “So why are you working in a lab and not in a fancy psychiatrist office?”
He gets out grabs my bags and ushers me towards the door. “I got tired of school and decided I didn’t want to sit in an office. I like lab work. I like the variety my job offers.”
He set down my bags and fumbled with the lock. “Damn I knew I should replace that bulb.”
“Let me.” I take the key and easily unlock the door. “Looks like being able to see in the dark can be handy.” I reach down and grab the bags like they were feather pillows. Odd he is a pretty strong looking man and he was tugging as if they were heavy. OH I must have super human strength too. Maybe some of this vampire stuff will actually be useful. No one will ever drag me in an Alley again.
I follow him into the kitchen. He opens his lunch box and takes out two plastic bags and pushes them towards me. “Here, this was all I could get tonight. Drink this, get a shower and go to bed. I am sure you are exhausted. I will call my Uncle Giorgio and see what advice he has to offer.” He busies himself unpacking his lunchbox, rinsing it out turning it upside down in the sink and then opening a cupboard. “Want some soup? I have chicken noodle and chicken with rice? I will stop and pick up some things after work tomorrow. I promise to not pull a double.”
We eat our soup and I finally down the blood. I am surprised I didn’t gag. I really wanted more. No. I wanted to sink my teeth in his soft brown neck.
Where is the shower?” I get up and look around. He picks up the bowls and rinses them and put them into the dishwasher. After drying his hands, he grabs one of my bags, I take the other and follow him.
“The bathroom is just through that door.” He points to a door off to one side of the room.
“Feel free to use the closet and the dresser. Make yourself at home. It’s not much but at least no one will be bothering you.” He turns to walk out.
“Glenn. Thanks. Really I do appreciate all the help, but maybe my staying here isn't a good idea. I can’t promise I won’t try to … “ I hesitate I don’t want to blurt out rip out your throat.
“I know this is all hard to deal with Merah, But I have watched you on the news and I don't think you would mean me any harm. I also think you have great self-control. It will get easier. I am sure Uncle Giorgio will help. Sleep. I will see you when I get home tomorrow. Stay inside. Use the computer. Just don't leave the house. I will call you tomorrow before I come home. I should be here before midnight with some more blood.” He shut the door. I hear another door open and a lock click, and a bolt slide. I hate to tell him I could probably still open the door like it was made of paper. But I will let him at least feel safe, for now.
The room is pretty nice. No pictures or anything, just a bed, a dresser, and a small desk. I open my largest suitcase and smile. Oh Reggie my love, my laptop. The bathroom is a pale cream with yellow towels and yellow rugs. Not bad. The shower feels good. It also feels better having on some of my own clothes and not a hospital gown or the extra scrubs Glen thoughtfully loaned me. Or Nicolai’s shirt. I look through the plastic bag the hospital put my stuff in; why am I looking for his clothes?
I curl up in the bed under the soft down comforter and stare at the ceiling, trying to sort out my feelings. Why did I run out on Nicolai when days before I was wanting so bad to be in his arms?

I wake up thinking it was morning when in fact it is quite dark. Had I slept all day? Is this my new life; sleeping all day and roaming the streets at night? I jump and grab my ears. It sounds like my head is hung in a church bell. I quickly realize it is a phone. Drats. I still don’t have my cell. Is it at Nicolai’s or do the cops have it? Crap. I was supposed to go to the station for my statements today. I grab the phone by the bed. “Hello?”
“Merah. Did I wake you?” It was Glenn.
“No, I got up a little while ago. I was supposed to go to the station today.”
“I took care of that. We will go tomorrow morning early. I am off tomorrow. Do you have a passport or do we need to get one?” He asked nonchalantly.
“Passport? I have one but not sure if it’s any good. I can’t remember when last I used it.”
“I’ll talk to you more when I get home. Do you like Chinese?”
“You want to go to china for food?” I giggled. I just couldn't resist.
He laughed. I could get use to the calming sound of his voice and his jovial laughter. “No but when we get to Italy I will treat you to the best homemade ravioli you ever had.
“Italy?” I sat on the bed in shock. Wow I have always wanted to go to Italy and with a gorgeous guy?
“Yeah, Uncle Giorgio says it is best we come there. He is more familiar with things there and best to keep you out of sight until you adjust. He reserved us a flight and we will leave tomorrow night. Now how about the Chinese? I am starving.”
“Yeah sweet and sour chicken, and fried rice, and an eggroll, if you don't mind.” I realized I was hungry. Odd I figured all I would want is blood. I guess there is still a lot to learn. How can I drink blood without killing? If I have to kill, is it really wrong to kill those that prey on innocent people? Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone. I chuckle at the play on words. I glanced at the empty suitcase on the desk, wishing now I hadn’t already unpacked. I hate packing. I look at the laptop and open it instead. I pull up Google search; Pedophiles. Wow this will be easier than I thought as page after page appeared before me. Wow and some so close. I look at the clock three hours before Glenn gets here. I smile to myself as I jot down an address.

Damn! How did I not notice she wasn’t with her room-mate? I am getting careless with my old-age. I watch Reggie and his friend go into their house but no Merah. Where the hell is she? Surely she didn't leave with the other man. I had researched her for months. She wasn't dating anyone. Well I am hungry and I need to fed its almost morning and I am too tired to hunt. I will talk to Reggie, and feed from him.
“Hello Reggie?” I smile as I capture his gaze. This one is too easy. He opens the door and I look at his roommate. This one I don't like, but he too is easy to read. I feed quickly and find out what little they had to tell me. I decide I can use Reggie to keep tabs on Merah and tell me more of this Glenn Moore. Something just isn't quite right. Why is this stranger so interested in Merah. I don't believe the therapy stuff for one minute. Tomorrow I will have Reggie give Merah a cell phone. Then I can keep track of her with that. I love technology. I tuck Reggie and his boyfriend nicely into bed erase memory of my feeding and make it look like they had been having sex. All Reggie will remember is to come to my office tomorrow afternoon. I look at them all safe and sound. I could just rip off Reggie's head and send it as a message to Merah; to not be screwing with me but I think better of it. This will be much better. I can get him to talk her into whatever I need. Tomorrow he will give her the phone and some more gentle messages. She will see it my way soon and come to me. I lay down in the bed and smile. Yes soon she will be here where she belongs. She will realize we need each other. I fall asleep and dram of a better life a life with a partner, after all these years I will soon no longer be alone.
The next day I find out from Reggie that Merah didn’t go to give a statement to the police and that she is going the next day. I go and give my statements and make it easy for her. They won’t have many questions and will have all the answers already. She better appreciate my skills. I head home quite pleased with myself. I eat my dinner at the police station. It has been a long couple of days. I figured a quick feed from a sweet receptionist wouldn't hurt. She wouldn't remember a thing. I even had the officer she longed for call her for a date. A lay was the least I could do for her since she so willingly let me drink her lifeblood. I take off my shoes and turn on the TV. How do these pretty young women talk about murders and smile? So it is a pedophile but still, slit throats are never pretty to see. Before I realize it I hear glass break as the remote sails out the window. Shit. Merah, what have you done?

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