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Welcome to Freestyle Friday

Hello Everyone!! We hope you enjoyed Raymond's story yesterday. Today we are introducing freestyle Friday. We decided to add something new and different for us. Sian Young is our first freestyler. She will be doing short stories, flash fiction, prompts,and maybe even some fan-fiction. She also writes on the lighter sweeter side of romance for those of you that like something sweet to bring a smile to your face..
This week Sian was complaining bitterly about a thunderstorm and no power. So I said drop and give me 1500 about the thunderstorm and make it romance. She did just that. Here is what she gave us. We hope you love it. I did!

Thundering Love

May 29th, 2012

"Andrew, this storm looks nasty. Are you sure we're ok?" I looked at the rain beating down upon the glass, creating little rivers in the mud. I shivered and looked up at the sky, rumbles of thunder sounded, followed by flashes of light that went across the sky.
"Don't worry Angela, everything's fine. The worst that will happen is the power will go out, but we have candles and flashlights and a nice big fire, so relax. OK?" Andrew called from the kitchen where he was cooking dinner for us. I sighed and sat down on the chair in front of the window. I knew coming to this cabin to get out of town for the weekend, while people we didn't want to see were in town, was a bad idea. Now we were stuck up here alone, in this nasty storm, together, alone...ok, so maybe I was more worried about being alone with Andrew than the storm or being stuck up here.
We're best friends, have been since we were 14, now we're in our 20's. Lately when he gets close my heart seems to do summersaults in my chest, and I can't breathe. And that annoying smile is just so charming now, and he is just so...handsome.
I leaned back in my chair and let out a big sigh. What's wrong with me? This is ridiculous. He doesn't like me that way. 'We are just good friends, so stop it'. I mused.
"Something wrong Ang?" Andrew said, he sounded very close. I sat up and saw him not 5 inches from me, he looked worried.
"Whoa." I pushed at him, knocking him over, as my chair toppled over backwards. "Ah!"
"Eeeek." I fell backwards, my arms and legs flaying everywhere. I hit the floor with a dull thud which knocked me off and onto my side.
"Oh...ow..." I rolled onto my back and sighed. "Well, that was fun..." When the heck had he come out of the kitchen and walked across the creaky floor without me knowing. 'Damned Secret Agent training.'
"Angie, are you ok? Did you hurt yourself?" Andrew said, he got up and ran over to me, fussing over me, taking my hand and helping me up, and brushing dust off me. All I could do was blush, I was such a klutz, why did I shove him away...I could of hurt us both. 'But I really wanted to pull him closer.'
"I'm fine Andrew, I'm sorry for shoving you away like that." I turned away from him and bent down to pick up the chair.  I really needed to relax, big time.
"Ok, well...dinner's ready, come and get it..." I thought I heard him sigh as he walked back into the kitchen.
'Great, now I've gone and hurt his feelings, not to mention push him away, literally and metaphorically.' I thought and sighed, I followed him into the kitchen. When I walked back in, I smiled at the spread he'd made. He always did make enough for 10 people even when it was just the two of us.
"Why'd you make so much food Andrew?" I asked and smiled when he handed me a glass of wine, red my favorite.
"Because, this way we can eat left overs all weekend, I'm not cooking again." He collapsed into a chair.  I giggled and handed him my wine.
"Well, if you didn't cook so much food, you wouldn't be exhausted." I smiled and sat next to him. He sat up and took a sip of the wine; the face he made almost had me on the floor laughing.
"Sorry, I forgot you hate red wine." I giggled and took the glass from him setting it on the counter.
"Come on, let's eat." He got up and took off the apron that said "Kiss The Cook." When I saw it, I immediately blushed, luckily though, he was being dense and didn't notice. He held out his hand to me like the gentlemen he is.  I giggled again, took it, and got to my feet with his help.
"You giggle like a woman who's had too much wine and you haven't even finished one glass yet." He smiled and led me to the dining room table, filled with food, a real feast.
"Looks so good Andrew.  I love it." I smiled and sat down in a seat across from him. After I was situated, he sat down across from me.
"Only the best for you Ange." He smiled and I couldn't help but blush, any other woman would think he was flirting with them, but I knew him and he wasn't. Much to my disappointment.
"Well, it's a special occasion. Tonight is our first night together, alone." He smiled, a glint of something,
'Heat, maybe if I didn’t know better I'd say he was flirting with me.' At that thought my blush deepened.
"We've been alone many times before..." I fidgeted in my seat and played with my napkin, this was all getting a little too much like flirting. 'But he doesn't flirt with me, he never does.'
"Well yes, but tonight we're alone , no one around anywhere for miles and miles, we're completely cut off." He smiled and his eyes did this twinkle thing, yet why did I feel the sudden need to shiver and run all the way back to town in the pouring pitch black rain, just to get away from those gorgeous brown eyes, I sighed.
"So, it's special." He repeated, I looked back at him and couldn't help but smile.
"Ok, then a toast. To our first night alone...together." I held up my wine glass and smiled when Andrew did the same.
"May there be many, many more to come." He added. I blushed again and took a sip of my wine, 'I'd like that very much, but not just as friends...stop it Angela, right now.' I scolded myself and sighed.

Later that night, I was tossing and turning in my bed trying to get some sleep, but all I could hear was the storm outside still going strong, getting worse even.

"Stupid storm..." I sighed and sat up. If I had signal on my phone I'd watch youtube, but no we are in a dead zone. "Stupid dead zone..." I mumbled when I heard a sound downstairs, maybe it was a burglar.
'Sure Angela, a burglar decided to come all the way out here to us in a massive storm to rob us, right.' I got up and grabbed the baseball bat I'd found in the closet and snuck slowly out of my room and to the banister so I could look into the living room below. It was dark and only fire embers were left to light the room. I crept slowly down the staircase, keeping an eye on everything at the same time, while also keeping my ears open. I stepped onto the living room floor, when I saw movement out the corner of my eyes. Instincts kicked in and I spun and kicked whatever made the movement in the gut, I heard a grunt, then things being dropped and a crash. I ran to the light switch and threw it on, only to see Andrew lying on the floor groaning.
"Andrew! Oh my god!  I'm so sorry." I dropped the bat and ran over to him, but I being Queen Klutz tripped over the stuff he'd dropped.
"Ah!" I fell, arms flaying, and landed on top of Andrew, who let out another grunt when I landed.
"Oh god, again I'm so sorry!" I sat up slightly so I could look at him, but instead of being mad or annoyed he was smiling, such a cute smile.
"It's ok, if I had to be assaulted by someone, I'm glad it was someone as cute as you." He smiled and sat up himself. I froze and my face, I'm sure, was bright red. I coughed, sat up and started to gather the things he'd dropped. Wow, I've slapped him, pushed him, kicked him and now fell on him, I'm so humiliated.
'...Did he just call me...cute?' I paused in my cleaning and looked at him, he was gathering up his stuff also, I shook my head and finished picking up the stuff he'd dropped because I'd kicked him...I was such an idiot.
"What are you doing with all this stuff?" I asked and looked at the odd assortment he had in his arms.
"I heard you tossing and turning, so I thought I'd bring you a snack and we could watch movies until we fell asleep?" He smiled and held up the portable DVD player, the DVD's and junk food.
"Why are you so sweet to me?" I asked suddenly, surprising even myself, he just blinked and got shy all of a sudden, it was kind of strange on him.
"I thought that' obvious. I made the feast because I wanted to tell you something...but I lost my nerve and chickened out. So, I thought maybe if we were watching movies and cozy then maybe I could tell you then..." He coughed and fiddled with the stuff in his arms. I frowned, and wondered what it is he could want to tell me. Oh, I know...he has a girlfriend and wants to spend his time with her, that's it...I know it is.
"What did you want to tell me that was soobvious?" I said a little bit meaner then I meant, I sighed and gave him an apologetic look.
"I...I..." He coughed and walked to the table and set the stuff down, and slowly walked back over. He took my hands in his and looked me right in the eyes, oh his eyes they were so damn sexy.
"I need to tell you something started a few months ago and I've been trying to figure out what it is, but now I know." He took a deep breath and stood up taller, I sighed and shrunk a little, he's had a girlfriend for months and never told me.
"Ok, here it is. I don't care if you feel the same way, all that matters is how I feel...for you..." He said the last part a little hesitantly. I just sighed and waited for the dreadful news. Hang on, did he just say 'For me?'
"Angela...I, I know...I love you. There I said it, now you can hate me, hit me, whatever to me, all I care about is you finally know how I feel." He nodded and turned to gather up the stuff to put away. But, all I could do was stand there and stare.
'Did he just say...he' I thought in shock and awe. 'He loves me...he loves me, he LOVES me! He actually loves me...too!" It was all I could do not to do the happy dance.
"Andrew wait." I yelled to him as he walked into the kitchen.
"It's ok; I don't care if you hate me or don't feel the same way." He sounded sad, and it broke my heart, I had to tell him how I felt before he became too depressed to hear me.
"Andrew..." I ran into the kitchen to find him just staring at the DVD's on the table, they were my favorite movies, I sighed and walked over to him.
"Andrew...Andrew look at me." I grabbed his arm and pulled him around to look at me, but he was still staring at the floor.
"It's ok Angela...I'll love you no matter what..." He sniffed and looked up at me. "Even if you don't love me too-" He started to say, but I couldn't take it anymore, I leaned up and kissed him in mid-sentence so he'd shut up and listen to me. He blinked and grabbed my arms and pushed me back to look me in the eyes.
"What are you doing?" He asked, confused and stupid, he always was slow on the uptake.
"Trying to tell you I Love You too idiot!" I snapped, it took a few minutes before he smiled and pulled me into a big hug which turned into many dizzying spins, before he finally set me down and looked me in the eyes, he smiled and leaned down to me.
"You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that..." He whispered before his lips met mine, so soft and sensuous, pressed nervously against mine. I giggled and kissed him back, first shyly then I let myself go like I had wanted to for several months now. Giving in to his lips passionately. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his big strong arms around my waist and pulled me as close as our bodies would allow.

And that is how my fairy tale romance began!

The End!

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  1. Seriously? I must say Sian, and I hope you don't take it the wrong way, but ... I LOVED IT! This is so good Sian and I'm so proud of you! I'm hoping to hear more of the same from you, and I can't wait until I find out what happens next!

    1. Guess what Madison!!! Angela and Steven are getting more limelight!!! YAY!!!! I'm writing more of this story and its going to be action packed romance!! :-D

  2. This is a great story...classic love! It touched me! Keep 'em coming!

    1. Thanks Ken!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!! :-D

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Ellie, I wasn't sure at first as it's very hot and heavy in here lol!!!