Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday's Week In Review

This week on Storytime Trysts...

On Monday in Cathy Brockman's Love Bites -  Wow, did the story take a turn or what? Merah and Glenn? Did you see that one coming? Then Nicolai showing up... I wonder what he's up to. What will Giorgio think? So, tell me, did you like it? What do you think will happen next?

On Tuesday in Ellie Mack's Love Notes Stephanie has made the decision to go to London after her last minute jitters. What type of adventure will this be? How much detail do you think she will be able to record in her journal? Is Rib who he says he is or is she walking into a huge mess? Will he even show up for their date? Find out next week and through June.

On Wednesday, Emmy Grayshun has finished writing Purging Matthew and is hard at work reading through the entire 22 chapter manuscript and getting it ready to submit to publishers for a look. We hope this story gets published and will let you know when and/or if it happens. Thank you for reading... In July Emmy will be starting something new... a series of shorts all revolving around a resort hotel in a steamy, exotic locale. Different stories every week.

On Thursday in Malora J Braveheart's Must Love Words Phoebe went on the date from Dullsville with Leonard, who just happens to be the Mayor of that town. Annie has been on a super date and was a very naughty girl. And she had a lot of fun being naughty. Phoebe gets home from her date only to find Jake waiting on her doorstep, bearing a mysterious gift. She gets rid of him by kissing Leonard. Poor Phoebe! What's the mystery gift? Will she ever forgive Jake? Will JP like the gift Annie is sending him? Find out next week.

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