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All I Want... Chapter Three

Time to catch up with Teri!
Who will she end up spending Valentines with? Her Husband Jerry? Or the young and sexy Jimmy..?

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Chapter Three
The Grandkids and I had fun Saturday baking and decorating Valentines cookies. I chose a couple cute ones to put in the box for Jimmy. The rest of the week seemed to drag on. I tried to chicken out a couple times. I think I would have if I had his number. What’s the harm in a simple coffee with a new friend? A very cute, sexy, and young friend.

I went into the Bakery early Wednesday and got the Valentines orders all done up and made plenty of extras. I’m glad we aren’t taking any new orders. I did make some extra cupcakes and heart shaped cakes so there would be plenty for last minute shoppers. I will come in early tomorrow and refill these.

I go home at noon and start preparing for tomorrow. I retouch my hair-color, do a facial and my nails. I feel like a teenager again going on her first date.

   Tossing and turning I finally get up at 3 am and get dressed. I will have to meet Jimmy straight from the bakery so I roll my hair and put on my makeup. I put on tight-fitting jeans and a nice form fitting red sweater with a low -but not too-low- neckline. I don’t want to seem forward, or give him the wrong impression. Exactly what impression am I trying to make? What do I want from this young man?
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My stomach in knots I touch up my makeup and hair before leaving the bakery. I think about going home and hiding all the way to the Coffee shop. He probably won’t be there, he was just flirting.
I walk inside and my heart flips as I see him sitting at a table close to the door. He smiles and joins me.
“Hi. I was afraid you weren’t going to show.”
His smile is so sweet and sexy my heart melts. His big chocolate brown eyes warm me in places a married woman shouldn’t be warming with another man. Especially one in his early twenties.
“I saved us a table in the back is that alright?” He motions to a table not visible from the road, or door for that matter.
All I can do is nod.
“What would you like?” He takes my arm and guides me to the counter.
I order a skinny caramel mocha with sugar-free raspberry. He orders a caramel mocha with an extra shot of espresso. He takes both cups and I follow him like a puppy to the table. My mind races, trying to tell me to run for the door. I hand him the box of cookies and assorted brownies I made for him. His eyes light up like a little kid on Christmas morning. He opens the box and smiles brightly.
“Mmm! Mmm! Mmmm! This raspberry brownie is to die for! You’ve really outdone yourself!” He reaches down on the floor beside him and pulls up a cute package wrapped in pretty sheer pink cellophane, tied with a beautiful hot pink bow tiny red hearts all over it. I open it up –it’s an adorable coffee mug with a frog holding a small heart-shaped box of chocolates.
I feel my face heat up. I haven’t gotten a valentines gift in years. Jerry and I stopped getting each other gifts when our daughter was two. We spent the money on her stuffed animals and pretty fancy dresses. Maybe, if we were lucky enough that she went to bed early, we would have a quick valentines roll in the hay. That stopped a few years ago too.
“You shouldn’t have.” I slide the gift slightly back towards him as if it might bite me. The disappointment on his face makes my heart ache so I take the gift and smile sweetly.
“Thank you. It’s really cute. How did you know I collected frogs and holiday mugs?”
“I follow your Pinterest boards and saw it on Face-book.” This time it was his face warming.
Dam he looks so sexy blushing. I bet he would look so good with his face heating after a good make-out session.
Why am I even thinking this?
Talking with Jimmy was easy. We chatted so much after the first few awkward moments that lunch slipped up on us. He offered to buy lunch and I haven’t a clue what got into me accepting. We both had the soup of the day and resumed our conversation well into the afternoon.
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My phone rang. It was my daughter wishing me a happy Valentine’s day and the grandkids got on to wish me one also. I realized then it was after school-time and I needed to get home. Hopefully when Jerry gets home he will want to take me out for Valentines. Wishful thinking girl! Whens the last time he even noticed it was Valentines at all?
“I didn’t realize how late it was getting. I better head home.” The reluctance to leave sounded in my voice.
“Thanks for meeting me and for the awesome cookies. How about we exchange numbers and email addies?” He smiles shyly and quickly says we should do this again sometime. I smiled back and accepted. What the heck am I thinking?

I get home less than an hour before it’s time for Jerry to get there, so I run the vacuum and light some nice tangerine and lavender candles. I retouch my hair and makeup and slip into a pretty pink floral shirt-dress.

“What you all dressed up for? Been on a hot date?” He doesn’t even bother to kiss me as he tosses his briefcase and jacket on the table.
“What’s for dinner?” He kicks off his shoes in the middle of the dining room floor and heads into the bedroom.
He comes back out in a pair of sweats and sweatshirt. I guess it’s clear we aren’t going out.
“I sort of thought we may go out tonight since its Valentines.”
“You know how crowded everything is. Let’s stay in, we always do. I’m sure you have something in there you can throw together.” He hands me a small envelope and plops in his chair, turning the TV on to some reruns of a storage auction show.
“You thought I totally forgot its Valentines. I knew you’d expect something even though we already agreed to not do anything a couple weeks ago.” He chuckles like he is really proud of himself.
I open the envelope and it is a gift card for a mani-pedi at a local salon. Not even a card.
“There’s lunch-meat in the fridge. Make your own dinner.” I huff as I go into the bedroom, change into my pajamas and head back into the guest room with my phone and kindle. No. MY room now.
The doorknob rattles as he tries to open the door.
“I’m gonna order pizza want anything while I am ordering?”
“Screw you!” I yell through the door.
“You really need to go see the doctor about those hormones you’re really being a bitch lately.”
The shoe I throw ricochets off the door with a loud Kathunk. I pick up my phone and send Jimmy a text before I even realize what I have done.
‘Thanks for the candy. It’s my favorite. Had a gr8 time today. Maybe next week?’ Well he is probably out on a date with his sweetheart tonight anyways so it doesn’t matter.
I pick up my kindle and the phone buzzes as I lay it on the bed.
‘Glad ya liked it, it’s my favorite too. Why wait till next week? 2morrow?’
‘U not on a d8’
‘Nah. Been single a while’
‘A guy as handsome as u should be beating girls off with a stick’
‘LOL None that I’d go out with. I like more mature women.’
I just sit there wiping the tears from my cheeks. Now I’m smiling profusely. Maybe Jerry is right and its hormones? How can I go from screaming and throwing things one minute then smiling and laughing the next? What am I doing chatting with this man? The phone buzzes again startling me from my reverie.
‘U still there? U didn’t answer about 2morrow.’
‘U not working?’
‘Evening shift. Off till 2’
I sit thinking. Should I really pursue this? I hear the doorbell ring. Jerry answers it. I hear the fridge open and a can top pop, and the TV resumes loudly. The smell of pepperoni pizza fills the air. My stomach growls but I refuse to be near him. Besides dropping a pound or two won’t hurt.
‘Can’t talk?’
‘Sorry thinking.’
‘I’m off Saturday. Do something then?’
We made plans to meet Saturday at the casino parking lot and take my car across the river into the next town.
We texted till close to midnight, when I decided I better get some sleep. I have to be at the bakery early, since today was Valentines we will be out of everything.

After a quick shower I fell asleep and dreamed of a very sexy young man with the prettiest brown eyes I have ever seen doing some pretty hot things to me. But not nearly as hot as the things I did to him…

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