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Forbidden crush part 5 By Samantha Kay

Forbidden Crush  Part 5
Samantha Kay

Jamie's stomach jumped when there was a knock on the door at 5pm.
His legs were shaky and weak as they brought him to his feet. He took a deep breath, and then proceeded to go and open the door.
He felt his throat clench shut the second he set his eyes on Darren before him.
Holy fuck, wow.
Please still want me…

Darren’s hair was ruffled, and his shirt looked worn and creased with the sleeves rolled up. He was balancing two take-out coffees in one hand again, making Jamie want to smile.

Looking into Darren’s eyes he lost himself in the big shiny pupils, glistening and highlighting Darren's gorgeous face. He adored the strong cheekbones and the stubble along his jaw.

"You ok?" Darren said as he tilted his head to a side slightly and furrowed his eyebrows.

"Erm. Yeah sorry." Jamie blushed finding his words. "Come in."

He moved aside to let Darren walk in, before his trembling hand shut the door behind them. The silence in the room felt heavy and pressurising. Say something. Say anything, just make conversation with him.

"Had a good day?" Jamie smiled weakly, before accepting the cup of coffee Darren motioned for him to take. "Thanks for the coffee. I need it."

"Yeah fine." Darren sighed, watching Jamie looking down at the floor with his cheeks glowing pink. Damn he looks cute.

Jamie’s heart sank, disappointed at Darren’s
aloof manner.

”Erm.” Jamie mumbled as he went over to his desk, taking the project folders out of the draw. “I went over the delegations again today, I’m thinking we should change a couple. And I thought we could start the marketing presentation tonight, since we have the objectives set now.”

Darren smiled to himself as he watched Jamie flicking through the folders, rambling on about what they should do tonight. His heart was thumping hard as he pictured what he would rather they be doing for the night; Jamie laying on his back with Darren’s tongue roaming all over his body, before sliding his mouth down Jamie’s stomach and taking his dick into his mouth.
Darren grinned as he then imagined Jamie calling his name, begging for more, as he would tease him playfully. Oh man that would be amazing.
Darren let out a deep frustrated sigh as his cock sprung to life. His fingers were aching, desperate to touch Jamie to feel the warmth of his bare skin again.

”What’s up with you?” Jamie said, narrowing his eyes at Darren; who had let out a groan as he grinned mischievously to himself.

Darren shook his head, “Nothing, just, thinking.”

Jamie’s heart melted as he saw a twinkle in Darren’s eyes as he looked at him, admiring how beautiful it made him look. “You ready to get started with this?” He said, feeling self conscious as Darren continued to grin.

”Yeah, sure.” He said, inhaling the aroma of Jamie’s cologne that had caught his nose. He smells so good…

Jamie sat down at his desk, unintentionally staring at Darren’s crotch as Darren came over and put his cup down. He licked his lips as he shuffled nervously in his seat.

Of course, Darren noticed, and instead of sitting down he just continued to stand there with a smug smile on his face, allowing Jamie to stare.

Jamie opened his legs, making room for his cock, which had started to harden and grow as amazing sensations pulsed it.
“You ok?” Darren laughed quietly.

Jamie’s eyes darted up to look at Darren, his stomach doing a flip at being caught and his face beginning to burn furiously. A tingling sensation began to creep up the back of his neck. Fuck, did he really just catch me doing that?

”Sorry.” Jamie choked, his voice a husky whisper. “I was just. I wasn’t. I err.”
Darren raised an eyebrow at Jamie, who was staring back wide-eyed.

Jamie quickly stood up, his heart feeling heavy. I just need to kiss you.
So. Fucking. Badly.
He darted over to Darren and grabbed his face, before hastily planting his lips to his.
Without hesitation Darren grabbed Jamie’s waist and kissed him back. Gasping as he let his tongue dive through Jamie’s lips.

”I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.” Jamie panted, as his hands then clutched at the back of Darren’s neck.

”Me neither.” Darren said lost for breath, his body becoming hot as his arms encased Jamie affectionately.

Darren backed Jamie up against the wall, before letting his hungry mouth wonder down Jamie’s face and into his neck, where he then began to suck and nibble.
”Oh Darren.” Jamie whined, his cock throbbing painfully as a tingling sensation overwhelmed his body. “Why can’t I leave you alone.”

Darren rubbed his crotch up against Jamie’s, they simultaneously moaned, and Jamie was relishing in the feel of Darren’s hot breath against his skin.
I need more of him.

Jamie playfully bit at Darren’s earlobe, before whispering slowly as he rang his fingers through Darren’s soft dark hair.
”I want you to fuck me.”

Darren quickly pulled his mouth away from Jamie’s neck as his stomach jumped. He stared at Jamie, studying his expression. Did he really mean that?
Jamie’s eyes were wide, his heart pounding as he nervously waited for Darren to say something.
”Have you, have you ever, you know, been fucked before?” Darren murmured, struggling to concentrate due to the hard-on in his trousers demanding attention.
Jamie shook his head, his tight throat stopping him from speaking. His breathing had become shallow, and he continued to hold on to Darren; his hands clutching onto the crumpled shirt.

”Then no. I can’t.” Darren’s voice had a tremor running through it, his lips feeling dry. You have no idea how much I’d love to slip my cock into you right now…

A jolt of nausea hit Jamie’s stomach, and he broke the eye contact as he loosened his grip of Darren’s shirt. His cheeks began to tickle from the heat spreading across them. Why not? I thought he wanted me?

”Hey don’t get me wrong Jamie.” Darren said as he put a hand under Jamie’s chin to make him look up at him. “I want to. I just, can’t let your first time be like this.”

A weight lifted from Jamie’s stomach/heavy chest, and instead of saying anything he just kissed Darren and pressed his body up against him, and he let his hands stroke up his back and into his hair.

”I don’t care about it being romantic or anything, I just want it to be with you.” Jamie gasped as Darren pushed him back up against the wall.
Darren chuckled into their kiss, before speaking softly as he slid his mouth to Jamie’s ear.
”I wasn’t even suggesting it be romantic.” He whispered with a smile. “Just…more comfortable.”
”You trying to tell me being bent over a desk isn’t comfortable?” Jamie grinned, his eyes closed as he pictured Darren making him do exactly that.

Darren pulled his lips away so he could look at Jamie properly, his heart fluttering as he took in the sight of Jamie’s shiny eyes and gentle warming smile.
He’s so adorable! I swear I could just stare at him like this all day.
Darren tenderly brushed away the few strands of hair sweeping down near Jamie’s eye, before ever so lightly pecking him on the lips.
”You have no idea how beautiful you are.” He whispered.

A big smile spread across Jamie’s face. “You’re not so bad yourself!”

”How about, instead of rushing into getting intimate, we just, well, talk? Go out for a drink and talk?  Get to know each other?” Darren coaxed.

Jamie’s heart jumped, nerves making tingles radiate through his body. Am I ready to…date a guy?
I like him…surely there’s no harm in just going for a drink with him?

”Ok.” Jamie whispered.

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