Friday, February 8, 2013

Champagne and Chocolate

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Champagne & Chocolate
Cathy Brockman

Choking back tears and trying to look stoic, Sandy gently pushes back her plate.

“I’m really sorry Sandy. Can we still be friends?” That’s what they all say after pulling the rug out from under you isn’t it?"

“Sure David. That is if your wife doesn’t mind.” She didn’t bother to try to hide the venom in her voice.

“I’ve tried to tell you a few times, but I just didn’t want to lose you.” He takes another sip of his wine and motions to the waitress for his check.

OH! I just bet he did. More like didn’t want to lose a sure roll in the sack whenever he was staying in town.

“Besides we aren’t officially married. I would still like to see you sometimes when I’m in town.” He looked up and smiled hopefully.

Oh! My! Gosh! What a jerk! He just tells me he has been living with a woman he plans to marry and still wants me to agree to a romp at his whim? Does he think I am that desperate or that head over heels for him?  Sandy clenches her fists, trying to keep her composure. She is determined she won’t let him have the privilege of seeing how much he has hurt her. “That’s never gonna happen David! Take back your valentine gift and just get out of my life.” She draws in a deep breath and grits her teeth.

“Ah babe! We have history, fantastic sex, you’re special to me.” He puts some bills into the leather case the waitress has left and stands.

“If you touch me I promise I will knock your lying teeth out.” So much for keeping her cool.

David turns to leave telling the waitress to keep the change.

Sandy notices he took the bracelet box but left the big box of expensive chocolates. She smiles. At least I have something to indulge myself with.  This is better than a whole gallon of chocolate peanut butter ice-cream.

She picks up the box, pulls on her coat, takes a deep breath to center herself and bravely walks out of the restaurant. The chill of the February air cuts through her like ice. She heads towards her car thanking heavens she drove to meet him here.

The urge to cry was so stifling she decided to sit on one of the park benches nearby, overlooking the river and wallow in her sorrow before going home to face her roommate with the news. They were so sure they would both be getting engagement rings today.

*                       *                         *                     *                        *                           *                          *

Jason Scott couldn’t believe his luck. His girlfriend Renee had called and cancelled out on him for Valentine’s Day. They hadn’t been dating long and she said she wasn’t ready for a ‘real’ relationship. He decided since he had the reservations and was hungry why not indulge himself with a good dinner.

The evening seemed to be full of surprises. He about fell out of his chair, when he saw Sandy walk in the door. Damn! She looks extra hot, in that form fitting, low cut, red dress and killer black heels.
He couldn’t help but wonder why the heck he ever let her go so many years ago. He always knew she was the one for him, but he was young and impetuous and wanted to be free in college to sow his wild oats.

Of course no one could hold a candle to Sandy.  When he moved back he was surprised to find she wasn’t married but dating that jerk David.

He wasn’t sitting close enough to hear everything going on but he could see that she didn’t look too happy. He felt bad that his heart was pounding with joy when she raised her voice loud enough that he could tell it was over.

He orders a bottle of champagne and sweet talks the Bartender into selling him two champagne glasses. He gave her time to get of the door hoping to be able to follow her home. As he steps out the door he sees her head to the park bench by the river.

“Mind if I join you?”

Looking up to see Jason standing there looking beyond handsome, dressed to the nines, Sandy tries to regain her composure. “What are you doing here Jace? Shouldn’t you be out on that hot date you were bragging about at the office?” She swallows hard and shudders when he reaches over and tenderly brushes away a tear with one thumb.

“It seems we are either having the same streak of bad luck or perhaps destiny just raised her pretty head at us.” He sat close beside her before pulling her into a tight embrace.

His voice was soft and comforting, the smell of his aftershave enticing, his sensuous lips tempting.
“Looks like you have some fine chocolate; I have a bottle of champagne. What do you say we toast?

“To what? The ones that got away”

“No. To second chances.”


  1. Great story and with a heartwarming ending. Thanks for the freebie!

    1. Thank you Madison this was my first Happy ever after. I think I like doing them now !