Monday, February 18, 2013

All I want.. Part 4

 Are ya ready to see what happens next? 


Jimmy text several times during the day yesterday. I was giddy with excitement every time my pocket vibrated.
It was hard to concentrate on baking and decorating though and I took too many breaks to see what he had to say. It’s a good thing I am co-owner and my daughter is the other partner. She even commented on how happy I looked thinking her dad wined and dined me last night. Yeah right she should know her dad better than that, but for now I’m glad that’s what she thinks. I blamed the constant notifications on my virtual farm.
I got my shower and went to my room early waiting for Jimmy to get off work. He promised he would text me.
We chatted for an hour or so then both went to bed so we could get ready for our big date. Date? I am too old to be dating… Oh, and married.
I bet I changed my clothes six times before I decided on a simple pair of jeans and a soft button down top. I didn't want to look too obvious or get Jerry’s curiosity up as to why I may be dressed up to go shopping. As if he would even notice, but I didn't want to take any chances. Of course I was right and he probably wouldn't have noticed if I left naked. He was actually glad I was going to be gone all-day. He said he could watch his games without the vacuum or dishwasher running all day. The only other thing he said was to bring him home another case of beer and some chips so he didn't have to go out. I wonder if he would have even noticed if I had told him I was going on a date with a hot man younger than our daughter.

 We met at the casino parking lot and took my car. There is a small town across the river with a mall and a theater and stuff.  We decided with it being a Saturday there may be some people I know shopping there, so we went a little further to more secluded town about an hour away.
We had a fabulous time. We walked the mall; checking out the book store and music shops. I had no idea a mall would be such an easy way to learn about someone, but by the time the day was over I felt like I’d known him forever. He even bought me some cute cookie cutters in the cooking store and we caught a movie after lunch. Both of us hated going back home.
He was a perfect gentleman. I figured a man his age was only after sex with a woman my age but he never made a move, though I could tell a few times that he was aroused. His jeans were tight, but not so tight it hid his excitement. I was glad that he wasn’t able to see how aroused I was. I stayed wet all day long. Next time I will carry a couple changes of underwear in my purse. He didn’t even kiss me, though when we got home he text me and told me how badly he wanted to. He isn’t as shy on the phone as he seems in person.

We agreed to meet for coffee Monday at eleven. That led into a date the following Sunday afternoon, meeting at the coffee shop pretty regularly and a date at least once a week for the next several weeks.

About a month or so later we went to our now favorite town. We had finally kissed a time or two and a little heavy petting in the theater. I felt like a young girl again. Alive. Sexy. Wanted.
I could tell something was off about Jimmy on the trip over. He was quiet and fidgety. Well this is it. It lasted longer than I figured, but I was wondering why he would actually go through with a date to break up with me and not do it over the phone. I was shocked when about ten minutes before our destination he broke the silence.
“Babe, I need to tell you something. I hope you don’t get too upset with me.” His hands were gripping the steering wheel so tightly I thought he might snap it off.
“Ok but why wait till we almost get there? Why even bring me here to end this? You should have just told me on the phone.” I felt like a caged animal.
He looked at me, panic on his face
“End this? Us? Uh…Shit! I don't want to end anything. I actually planned something very different for the day. I wanted to surprise you.” His face was white and he looked like he may be sick any moment.
He pulled up at a motel parking lot and turned to face me.
“Do you want to break up?”
Break up? Are we an item? I shake my head, regretting opening my mouth so quickly.
His face lit up like a Christmas tree.
“Good! I hope you don’t mind I planned our day ahead.” He opened the door got out and came and opened my door. I still hadn’t put two and two together until he popped the trunk and took out a small overnight bag and a cooler.
My mouth popped open in shock.
“Are you mad? I just thought we would take this stuff inside then we would go to the mall and get some lunch and talk about it? If you don’t want to do this I understand.” He was talking as fast as he was walking.
 I could still see the tension in his back as he got ahead of me, not even looking back to see if I was following. I was like an excited little puppy. We went straight to a room. He must have come over earlier and checked in or even last night. There was a long stem rose on the pillow of the bed. Candles and a vase of roses on the table and a small white clothing box. He watched me closely as I walked in the door he held for me.
The room was very nice. A whirlpool tub sat under a window with rose-petals and candles on it also. Man he really thought this out.
“I’ve been reading that magazine you buy. Cosmo.” I could hear a slight nervous twitch in his voice, or was it excitement? “I hope I am not being too brash, but we had sort of talked about moving forward?”
All I could do was nod. Still in shock even though I should have guessed by the way he was talking last night that he was ready for more. But am I?
I look over at him taking a bottle of wine out of the cooler and placing it with some fruit and cheese on the table. His jeans were tight on his firm round backside, his shirt pulling snug across his shoulder. I know I will hate myself tomorrow but, Yeah! I want this way too much.
“Say something. You’re scaring me. Do you want to just go to the mall like usual?”
I close the distance and instead of telling him what I think about it, I show him instead.
As my mouth closes on his, his body tenses in surprise. He lets out a little gasp followed by a deep course moan. He catches his bearings quickly and walks me backwards without breaking the kiss. Both our hands were busy pulling the others shirts out of our pants by when the back of my knees hit the bed toppling us both back onto it. We still managed to stay lip-locked. Eventually we had to come up for air.
“I take that as an ok?” He panted. His eyes an even darker brown than usual, and his lips swollen and red from the rough kiss.
He reluctantly stood. Lost in the moment I grabbed his hands and pulled him back down onto the bed. Our lips meet again, less abruptly this time. Deep. Hot. Passionate. I start unbuttoning his shirt. He pulls back. His voice thick and dreamy. Damn he is so cute and sexy.
“I have something for you.” He glances over at the box on the table.
I sit up and pull him close kissing his neck, my hands running over his firm chest. I tweak a hard nipple and he gasps.
“Want me to stop and open it?” he shakes his head, hands fumbling nervously with the buttons on my shirt. He slowly pushes it back and slips it over my arms. His eyes wide. He smiles in appreciation as his fingers trace over my breasts spilling out over the top of my skimpy black lace push-up bra.
“No need! You can model it for me later” He slowly kissed me. Long and hot. His hands working my belt, then my zipper. He slowly slides my pants over my hips kissing a trail down my stomach.
“Holy shit, you’re so hot! So sexy!” He gazes at me longingly, making me feel like the hottest woman in the world at that moment.
“Damn! You’re so wet! I want you so bad.” He kisses my thighs down to my knees as he slips my jeans to the floor. He sits on the bed to remove his boots and to take his jeans off. I watch him for a moment, but before he gets his pants off I lean behind him kissing his neck and shoulders. He sucks in a breath and stiffens. I wrap my arms around him kissing his neck as my hand trails down his lean stomach, over his briefs caressing his erection. I push him back on the bed gently.
“Jimmy, is this your first time?” He averts his eyes shyly
“It’s ok if it is.” I spread his legs apart and kneel between them.
“I fooled around with a girl once before, in the back seat of a car.”
I hook my thumbs in his waist-band and slip them down, releasing his hard cock. He isn’t quite as large as Jerry, but he is bigger than I had thought he would be. I bend over and take him in my mouth. I lick and tease while he begs and curses. I feel like a sex goddess.
“OH shit! Stop! I’m about to come.” He sounds a bit panicked
“That’s the plan.” I smile wickedly.
“I want us to do more. I want to please you.” He tries to push me away but I am relentless.
“Relax, baby. Come. I promise you will get your chance. This way it will last longer.”
“Oh! He gasps as I take him back in my mouth and gently message his balls as I suck in long hard strokes.
His back arches off the bed as he climax's screaming my name, his hands entwined tightly in my hair. Dam he taste so good. His excitement just fuels my fire. When I have all I can get from him I slide up his body testing to see if he will kiss me. Jerry never would after I had just sucked him off. Jimmy is more than eager. He rolls me over and kisses down my neck.
“My turn.” He smiles at me mischievously.
He reaches behind me and unhooks my bra. He sucks each breast eagerly, sucking and biting gently. The more I moan the more he nibbles. He works his way painfully slow down my stomach. He slips my panties off and positions himself between my legs, his tongue tortures me as if he has done this a million times. Damn! He is good. Jerry has never been this explorative, this attentive. He slips in a finger as he continues to tease me with his tongue. The more I beg the more he plays. I can finally take no more.
“Take me! I’m about to come!” I pull at his head to get him to come up to no avail.
He rises up for a second and takes a breath.
“That’s the plan.” He goes back down on me and brings me over and over. I feel boneless when he finally stops. He kneels above me hard and ready.
“You Ok?”
“Mmm never been better “I sigh.
He smiles so sweetly. So sexy.
“Do you still want me?”
“Oh Yeah! But I don’t have any condoms.”
“I do. But can you still get pregnant?”
I shake my head.
“But it’s still best.”
“I know. I haven’t been with anyone since I was eighteen. I trust you. Can we just this once? I want to feel you.”
Against my better judgment I nod. I just can’t seem to think straight when I am with him.
He slips his hand back over me sliding in a finger.
“Mm you’re still so wet.” He leans forward and kisses me. I feel him pressing against me and gasp as he enters me.
“Did I hurt you?” He stops moving.
“No. Good” I can’t even make coherent sentences.
He starts moving again as he kisses me, slow long strokes like a pro. He makes love to me nice and steady. I come quickly. He rises up and moves a bit faster. I come again. He smiles hungrily then hooks my legs, pulling them up over his is shoulder as he fucks my brains out. Excuse the French. There  was just no other way to put it.
We make good use of the whirlpool. Then the shower. Then we lay down to rest a little before we leave. Neither of us gets much rest. I have never felt so well fucked or loved in all my life. I’m screwed. Literally.
 What do I do now? What about Jerry? Will Jimmy still want to see me after this or is this what he wanted? My mind races all the way home. Part of me wanting to forget it all happened and the other ready for it to happen again.

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