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Valentine's Day Surprise

Our Valentine's Trysts continue for the rest of the month.  Who can confine romance to just one day a year anyways?   
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Sends a romantic shiver down my spine.  *giggles*   Enjoy!

Valentine's Day Surprise
Shelia Lytle

            The candles were lit and the dinner was on the table. Alyson stepped away and eyed the scene critically. It was Valentine’s Day and though she knew Drake didn’t really care for the holiday she was determined to have their first one at least be memorable. She glanced down at her outfit that was carefully hidden underneath her robe and a small smirk crossed her face. There was no need to prepare a dessert; she was going to be the dessert.

            She heard the front door open and close and took a deep breath before slowly releasing it. She walked out of the dining room and towards the living room, where Drake was setting his briefcase down as he loosened his tie. His exhaustion could clearly be seen and she hoped that tonight would help him relax and actually get a good night’s sleep. She knew that he frequently slipped from bed long after she was asleep to tend to the work he brought home. Well, he wasn’t going to be doing that tonight!

            “Hello lover,” she purred as she moved to rub up against him from behind. She felt him stiffen briefly before relaxing, a low chuckle escaping him.

“Good evening Alyson,” he replied as he turned and pulled her into his arms. He claimed her lips in a brief passionate and possessive kiss before pulling away to look her over. Alyson smiled up at him.

“I see that you have something planned,” he said as he arched an inquisitive eyebrow. Alyson’s smile widened as she trailed a hand down his chest briefly.

“I do actually. Why don’t you go get changed and meet me in the dining room?” she suggested. Drake nodded, pausing as the scent of the freshly prepared food reached his nose. He turned back to Alyson, who merely winked and made a shooing motion with her hands. He laughed and shook his head even as he obediently went to do as she asked. Alyson waited until she heard him walking up the stairs before moving back into the dining room. She poured each of them a glass of the wine that she had selected to accompany the meal and placed it carefully beside their plates. A few minutes later Drake returned, clad in a pair of black lounge pants and nothing else. He stopped short at the sight before him, studying it briefly before looking at Alyson with a mixture of curiosity and amusement.

“Everything looks wonderful. Is there some special reason for this?” he asked even as he sat down. He knew perfectly well what it was; she was attempting to make their first Valentine’s Day special. He hadn’t forgotten; her present was tucked safely inside his briefcase and he had planned to give it to her shortly upon getting home. Now he thought he would wait until after whatever Alyson had planned. It would make it much more special and meaningful.

Alyson’s smile faltered. Surely he didn’t mean…he had to know what the day was! Didn’t he? She shook off the hurt that the question caused and her smile firmed again, though Drake took note of the fact that it failed to reach her eyes.

“No reason, I just thought you might enjoy coming home to a nice meal and a relaxed atmosphere,” she replied as she took her own seat. She watched as he took a sip of the wine, nodding in approval at her choice.

“I appreciate it. How did your day go?” he asked as he began to cut into his steak. It was rare, just as he liked it, with a minimum of vegetables to go with it. Alyson sighed inaudibly as she cut into her own before speaking.

“It went ok. The question is how did yours go? Did you manage to settle things between Sean and Jack?” she asked hesitantly. She hated to bring it up. She knew that that was one of the things that he had been working on the hardest. Settling a feud between rival packs in the territory was never easy and the feud between these two was one of the hardest Drake had had to deal with in quite some time. To her relief Drake smiled.

“I finally got them to settle on a compromise,” he said as he sipped at his wine. Alyson smiled in return, pleased. Perhaps now he would be able to relax and get some decent rest.

“That’s wonderful! How is your steak?” she asked, a note of anxiety in her voice. She watched as Drake finished it off before leaning back, the glass of wine in his hand.

“It was wonderful my love. Tell me, is there desert?” he asked as a small smirk appeared upon his lips. Alyson shot him what could only be classified as a sultry look as she stood and toyed with the belt on her robe.

“Actually there is…but you’ll have to come with me to see it,” she purred. Drake let a soft growl escape as he stood and offered her a hand. She willingly took it and the pair retreated upstairs to their bedroom. Once there he allowed her to guide him to the bed and push him onto it. He settled back, tucking his hands behind his head as he watched her with a heated gaze.

Alyson glided across the room to switch on the stereo. Immediately a soft sultry song began to play and Alyson came to stand before the bed again. She began to sway in time to the music, her hands running over her body. Drake inhaled sharply, his eyes darkening as he watched the show.

Closing her eyes, she lost herself in the music as she danced for her mate. Her hands traced over her own curves, mimicking the way Drake’s always did. She turned and bent over, the bathrobe riding up high enough to give Drake a quick glimpse of what she wore underneath before she straightened and spun back around. Her hands drifted down to the ties of the robe and she slowly began to release them.

Drake couldn’t help the low rumble of desire that escaped him as the robe dropped to the floor, leaving his mate standing before him in a rather revealing and sexy piece of lingerie that he was quite sure he had never seen before. He watched, his eyes blazing with desire, as she crawled onto the edge of the bed and began to make her way up his body. Drake’s fingers twitched with the urge to simply reach down and haul her up but he remained still. This was her moment and he wasn’t going to do anything to ruin it.

By the time she had made her way up so that she was lying completely on top of him both were breathing heavily and Drake was faintly trembling as he restrained himself. Alyson smiled and lowered her head, running her tongue along his lips before kissing him. He immediately took control of the kiss, his self-restraint hanging on by a thin thread. His hands came up to caress her curves, drawing a soft sound and a shiver from her.

The kiss grew more passionate as Drake began to grow bolder. A soft growl from Alyson stilled his movements and he let a rumble of displeasure sound. Alyson broke the kiss and laughed as she gazed into his desire-filled eyes.

“Easy lover,” she purred. Drake settled, though his impatience clearly showed. She sat up, straddling his waist, and slowly stretched. Drake’s eyes were immediately drawn to her breasts, barely covered by the lingerie and in danger of spilling free. She smirked as she felt his body tense and knew that his patience was hanging on by a thin tether. She decided that she had teased him enough and leaned back down to him.

“Take me,” she whispered as she nipped at his ear. That was all the encouragement that Drake needed. She quickly found herself rolled onto her back and being kissed senseless as Drake’s hands wandered over her body. When he finally broke the kiss he immediately trailed his lips down her neck, nipping and sucking at the smooth skin as Alyson made a soft needy sound.

“Patience love,” he chuckled as she dug her nails into his shoulders. She had teased and tempted him. Now it was his turn. He ignored Alyson’s low sound of disappointment and pout as he continued to work his way down her body. He paused to peel the top of her lingerie down slowly, exposing her breasts. He cupped one in his hand, teasing and toying with the nipple even as his lips found the other and began to nip and suck. Alyson arched her back, tangling her fingers in his dark hair.

“You’re wearing my favorite lotion,” he growled, the sound vibrating against her skin and sending shivers down her spine. She could only nod and Drake smirked as he raised his head.

“How long have you been planning this?” he purred as he ran a hand up and down the smooth silky skin of her thighs. It took Alyson a moment to register his question as heat bloomed through her from his touch and she let out a faint giggle.

“Long enough,” was her coquettish reply and Drake gave a playful growl. He lifted himself up slightly and grasped the lingerie and quickly pulled it the rest of the way off her body. For a moment he simply sat there, content to allow his eyes to rove over her now bare body.  

            “Hmm what should I do with you?” he purred as he continued to stroke her thighs, moving ever so closely to the area that longed for his touch. Alyson arched against him, a soft moan escaping her as she deliberately rubbed herself against his body. Drake shuddered, his self-control slipping. He settled himself on her, his hard cock gliding against her in a teasing manner. She was already wet, indicating just how worked up she was already, and that was enough to shatter the little remains of control that Drake had.

            Letting out a low primal growl Drake slid into Alyson, stilling a moment to allow her time to adjust. The feeling of her legs wrapping around his waist and the way Alyson arched slightly let him know that she was ready and he began to move. Slowly, he thrust deeply into her even as he claimed her lips in a heated kiss. Just because he didn’t have the patience to draw out their lovemaking as he usually did it didn’t mean that he couldn’t make it as good as he usually did.

            The sound of her soft moans filled the room as Drake held her tenderly as he moved within her. His lips traced soft sensuous kisses along her delicate neck and he growled as he felt her nails dig into his back. He could sense the tension gathering in her body and began to move faster, thrusting deeper and harder into her body.

            “D-Drake!” her voice cried out sharply as she climaxed, her body clenching down tightly upon him as she writhed underneath him. That was his sign and he braced himself up on his arms, his eyes locking on hers as he stiffened. A loud possessive growl filled the room as his release followed hers. His body trembled from the force of it, oddly so much more powerful than it usually was and he couldn’t help but vaguely wonder why that was.

            He finally relaxed against her, taking great care not to crush her with his weight. He felt her hands glide smoothly up and down his back and he kissed her tenderly before moving off of her and lying beside her. He drew her willing body into his arms, letting out a soft sound of content as she placed her head on his chest.

            “I have a present for you love,” he murmured as he kissed the top of her hair. She lifted her head and gazed at him in surprise before something flashed in her eyes.

            “Well then I guess I should let you get it huh?” she laughed as she sat up. Drake chuckled and kissed her briefly before sliding from the bed. She eyed his body in appreciation as he strolled across the room to the dresser. She watched him open a drawer and reach inside, pulling something out before closing the drawer. He turned and made his way back to the bed, a sly grin on his face.

            “Happy Valentine’s Day love,” he growled as he pressed a small velvet box into her hand. Her eyes widened in surprise as she sat up and opened the box. Her eyes filled with tears at the sight of the ring nestled inside and slowly raised her eyes to meet Drake’s. He smiled as he withdrew it from the box and took her hand in his.

            “Alyson, I’ve been waiting for the right time to do this and now is the perfect time. Alyson, will you marry me?” he asked solemnly as he slid from the bed and moved around to her side, kneeling down and keeping his gaze locked on hers. The tears in Alyson’s eyes spilled down her cheeks and all she was capable of was nodding. Drake’s eyes lit up as he took her hand and slid the ring on her finger, kissing it gently as he did so. Alyson took a deep breath as she prepared to give him his present.

            “Drake…I have a present for you as well,” she said. Drake gave her a puzzled look and she took another deep breath.

            “I’m pregnant,” she whispered. Drake sucked in a deep breath and in an instant Alyson found herself in his arms. As the pair embraced they each shared a common thought. This was going to be a Valentine’s Day that they would never forget.

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