Monday, February 4, 2013

All I want is....

Chapter 2
Another day in Dulldrum

Somewhere in the night while reading yet another hot, erotic, romantic fantasy I finally gave up and dozed off.
Vague fragments of a hot dream of me with a tall dark stranger, silk sheets, passionate kisses, moans and groans become a faint memory as I get up and flick on the coffee maker.
Grabbing my pen and pad to make my daily to-do list, I flip open the laptop and fire it up.

First on the list
… emails, limit myself to thirty minutes and stay off Facebook.  There are notifications in the emails; it is part of clearing emails. Yeah right.
Number two on list.  Daily chores *priority*.

I chuckle and take a sip of my coffee, mmm Gevalia chocolate, with sugar- free raspberry syrup and French vanilla liquid creamer.  I pull up my Pandora Radio channel, select my Pain channel, turn up the volume and continue clicking off the emails that I definitely won’t read. I sort the rest into lists; recipes, blogs, Facebook, contests for publishers sights, etc. Sort of a to-do list inside the to-do list. 

My timer beeps. That was a fast half hour. I swig down the now cooled coffee and fix me another cup.

Number three on the list. Drink my eight cups of water and do my thirty minutes on the treadmill.
I smile thinking of another half hour engrossed in a hot romance. But that will have to come after the housework and -
Number four… make a list of the Valentine candy, cookies and stuff I have orders for and make a shopping list.
Number five… go to the store and get the ingredients, make out the monthly bills, and get a couple gifts for the two grand-kids with birthdays this month.

I tear off this sheet and start tomorrow’s list; after daily chores, wrap gifts, call the daughter and arrange for the kids to come tomorrow and make valentine cookies.

Number Six. 
Write up tomorrow’s to-do list and add the cookie decorating party to Saturday’s.

I highlight number six off and do number one, mark it off, then start a chicken veggie soup in crock-pot for dinner and start a loaf of whole grain Parmesan herb bread in the bread maker. 
Putting my hands together I say thank you for the convenience of great time-saving appliance and the ability to multi-task.

I change into a pair of jeans that are now are a bit loose, but skim my curvy thighs and hips. Yeah! No more muffin top! I appraise myself as I add a firm-fitting, low-cut soft leopard-print sweater, that shows quite a bit of cleavage and if I move just right, a peek of black lace from my sexy black push-up bra. I add a pretty pink lip stain and gloss to my makeup and smile. Not so bad for a woman pushing fifty.
 I grab my shopping lists, a bottle of water, and head to the store.
The shops weren't too busy even for a Friday, so I managed to complete my lists quickly.  Even the checkout lanes at the supermarket were slow.
A very good looking young man slipped up beside me and started meticulously bagging my groceries, separating the bagged stuff from the boxes as if he had sacked my groceries many times.
“Hi Ms. Meredith.” He grins shyly, his eyes lingering on my cleavage.
 I lean slightly forward and smile mischievously; glancing at his name-tag while picking up the current issue of Cosmo.
He raises his eyebrows and looks over at me, his big brown eyes warming with desire.
“Looks like you’re making cookies.” He gazes a bit at the cover of the Cosmo and licks his lower lip, as he quickly slips it into the bag with the chocolate chips, sprinkles and assorted colored frosting.
“Yeah, I love making cookies and cupcakes at the holidays.”  I try not to be obvious as I give him a quick once over.
He isn't but a few inches taller than my five four. A little slimmer than I prefer my men, but his strong masculine face with his well-groomed beard shadowing his handsome features, I’d rate him a high eight, even if he looks to be in his mid-twenties.
“Mom used to make them every holiday too.  I think that’s one thing I miss the most about the holidays.” His soft low voice sounding so wistful.
“Used to?” My eyes seem to stay glued to his firm backside, packed nice and tightly into a pair of well-fitting Levis as we walk to my car. Get a grip girlfriend! He’s just a kid!
“She died two years ago with cancer.”
“I’m so sorry. Would you like a batch?”
“I’d really love some, but I don’t want to put you out.”
“Trust me I make plenty extras. Do you work Thursday?  I can bring you some then.”
“No, but how about I meet you someplace? Maybe Starbucks?” He smiles shyly again.
Damn! Did he just ask me out?
“Sure, that would be fine. How about ten o clock?”
“That’s great! I’ll buy ya a cup of coffee and maybe a muffin or something in return. I hope you don’t get upset if I tell you this, but you sure look hot today.” He dips his head shyly as he finishes unloading my buggy.
“No, why would I get upset over such a sweet compliment, Jimmy.” I blush and pull out a couple dollars for a tip.
 He thanks me for the tip and winks as he turns to go back to work.
My mind races as I drive home. Did I just accept a date with a man half my age?

If you missed the first chapter you can find it here.
 Have you ever felt like you were just existing   Has someone all of a sudden given you hope or made you feel like you mattered?  we love to hear  what you think!

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