Monday, June 17, 2013

Seductive Illusion

I’m back with Storytime, and eager to spin you another tale. This is a flash fiction to introduce you to Chase Flander. A character that has been playing in my mind often as of late. 
So sit back and enjoy. ~Misty Harvey © 2013


Seductive Illusion


Misty Harvey

Chase stood in the shadows of the large trees. The deep shade it provided easily twenty degrees cooler than the sunlit meadow before him. Tall grass sat decorated with an array of colors from the wild flowers that grew there. Over the summer, this meadow had become a secret garden of sorts. A place to hide away from the judgments of the outside world.

There would be plenty to judge also if word ever snuck out about this. It would cause a firestorm within the small community of Waterford. One that could bring down the entire Flander family. Especially being taught from a young age that what you do is reflected on the family. 

Chase stood there toying with a blade of grass he’d grabbed on his way into the meeting area. The black tank top, and stonewashed jean shorts provided little warmth in the shade. Soon he’d make his arrival known, but for now his eyes were focused on the delicate creature picking flowers.

The gentle words reached his ears as she sang their song. It reminded him of her every time he heard it. To hear her singing it sent pangs of regret through his heart. This would be their last meeting. Summer was coming to an end, and with it new chapters to their lives would begin.

This enchanting creature he’d come to love would no longer be a part of his life. Her path would lead her far from home as she reached for her journalism degree. While he was destined to be a firefighter like all of the men in his family before him. They had different directions to follow, and neither would sacrifice theirs, nor stop the other from reaching their goals.

A wind stirred through the meadow, billowing the sundress April wore. Her wild red curls looked like flames licking at the wind. He knew her nose and cheeks would be speckled with freckles, though from this distance he couldn’t see them.

The race of his heart, thrumming in his ears. The heat of his skin, boiling his blood. No longer could he stand in the shadows to watch. He had to touch her, to kiss her, and to hold her. Even if it would be just one last time.

Chase stepped from the shadows. The scent of her perfume drew him closer. His hands slid down the bare skin of her arms, and in that one touch their hearts beat as one.

Gentle kisses ran down the length of her neck dragging a whimper from her lips. The soft cry egging him on farther, as he slipped his arms around her small frame. His nose pressed in against the tender spot behind her ear, giving his teeth the ability to nibble at her earlobe.

She succumbed to his silent request, melting against his harder body. Her arm encircled his neck, holding his head against her neck. Quiet cries of delight filled the air of the meadow.

Chase bunched the skirt of her sundress in his hand, leaving her silken skin free to explore with his other. He traced along her inner thighs, hearing her suck in air as his fingertips brushed the lips of her sex. She was ready for him. He could feel it in the very fiber of his being. A seductive call to his soul.

Their lips met in a tantalizing kiss with the turn of her head. He knew by the heat of the kiss she wanted him as bad as he did her. His fingertips glided over her womanhood. The freshly shaved skin ripping a groan from his throat.

She’d chosen to come to the meeting bare of underthings, groomed for his pleasure, and he planned on taking advantage of it. He drove his fingers between the lips of her sex, finding her already wet with need. The sweet scent of her womanly juices filled his lungs.

It would only be a matter of time before he drove his hard length deep inside of her. A chance to bring them both the glorious pleasure of a joint release. Right now though, in this very moment it was about making this beautiful creature squirm in his arms.

He watched the color creep over her skin as if a light shone from under the surface. Her nails bit into the back of his neck, leaving half-moon prints behind. Her heated breath rapidly moving along his skin.

She squirmed, clawed, and cried out with each wave of ecstasy. Her body soaring to new heights as it convulsed. The flutter back down to earth left her body languid in Chase’s arms.

Everything inside of Chase screamed that now was the time. He needed this tiny woman in his arms, and it would no longer be placated with bringing her pleasure. His hands slid the sundress from her body, gently spreading her before him in the wildflowers.

Chase’s eyes feasted on her exposed frame, causing his blood to race faster. His erection gave a kick of excitement while his hands fought to free his own body of clothes. Each article scattered throughout the meadow as he flung them in every direction.

The plushness of her lips. The soft green eyes. The way she looked surrounded by the vibrant colors of the wild flowers. It all called to him, begged him to not make her wait.

Chase tore the last article of clothing from his body. He collapsed to the ground between her legs. In that moment when he slid his hardened length deep within hers, he knew he’d never be the same. That this was the feeling of coming home. A sense of belonging that he’d longed for his whole life. In that moment, he was in love.

Chase shook the memory from his head. There had been no turning back. They’d chosen their lives, and neither had included the other one. It had all turned into nothing more than a distant past, and a forgotten love. Still he knew, even in memory April would always be his seductive illusion, one that would haunt him forever.


  1. Well done, Misty! I hope we see more of Chase soon.

  2. He will be back in Sept-Oct run :D. Thank you, Vicki.

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    1. Thank you, Cathy. It's so great to be back with all of you fabulous writers here on Storytime.