Friday, June 14, 2013

Sultry Summer Episode Two

Sultry Summer
by Cathy Brockman

Chapter 2 

The night wore on and the girls had plenty of admirers to dance with and buy them drinks. Summer spent a lot of time with Wayne. Bonita hooked up with a geeky, but handsome, man named Bob. When the bar closed they all went to the local hotcake house and got coffee and breakfast.
Summer exchanged numbers with Wayne and Bonita exchanged with Bob. Both Summer and Bonita were very drunk and crashed soon after getting back to Summer’s place.
Monday afternoon Bonita called Summer from work, sounding like she is in tears.
“Can you meet me for lunch?” Summer asked, as she checks her appointment book to make sure what time she can leave.
“No, I don’t get off work till five, I am on my break now. I just had to call you. What do I do now?” Bonita's panicked voice worried Summer.
“How about I pick you up for dinner? Then we can go have some mall therapy, maybe even a drink if you need one. We will work this out, don’t you worry about it.”

After work, Summer picked up Bonita and they go to the Silver Saddle for a burger and drink.
“I can’t believe he had the gall to serve you papers at work. I thought he was going to be civil about this.” Summer shakes her head sending her long, blonde ponytail snapping like a whip.
“I know! We talked last week and had agreed to go together to see an attorney. Evidently Little Miss Fashion-doll-wannabe, he is seeing, didn’t like that idea.” Bonita taps the table nervously.
“How about we eat, talk about something else, have a drink, then go to the mall and shop for new outfits for next weekend? Then afterward we will stop at the ice cream shop and talk about it, if you want to.” Summer reaches over and lays her hand on top of Bonita’s.
One drink turns into a couple, and both girls are feeling pretty good by the time they head to the mall.
“Ooooh! Look at this snake-skin print dress. Isn’t it to die for?” Summer’s face lights up in excitement as she holds up her latest find.
“I have to say it is you. What do you think about this?” Bonita holds up a pair of jeans and a cute fitted T.
“No. That’s the old you! Time for a new you. Here try this.” Summer hands Bonita a short, but simple, denim dress.
Bonita eyes it over skeptically.
“Oh come on. Try it on! “Summer takes Bonita by the arm and leads her to the dressing rooms.
The store isn’t crowded on a Monday evening, and they have the entire dressing room area to themselves; Summer pulls Bonita into a larger one with her.
“This way we don’t have to keep parading out into the store to see how the other one looks” Summer says, as her friend looks at her with a puzzled look on her face.
“Good idea. I hate going in and out of the dressing rooms when I am trying stuff on.” Bonita says as she tosses her hand bag on the bench by Summer’s.
“Damn you’re so hot!” Bonita blushes as she realizes she said this out loud.
“Do you really think I am hot?” Summer looks up into Bonita’s appraising face.
“Summer how can you not possibly know everyone thinks you’re hot. Look at you! Blonde hair, blue eyes, curves in all the right places. I would kill to have your body.”
Summer stands there a few moments, in her silky white panties and matching lace bra that shoves the biggest part of her small, but firm, round breasts up and out to be admired by all.
“I don’t have near the body you have Nita,” she says eyeing her friend’s fuller breasts, heat filling her eyes.
“Come on Summer. You know I am way too much over-weight. Even my doctor calls me obese.”
“I think you’re beautiful, Nita.”
The words barely escape Summer’s mouth, when Bonita pushes her back into the wall, pressing her mouth softly over her best friend’s lips. Summer lets out a small gasp but quickly responds hungrily, deepening the kiss.
“Damn! Sorry Summer. I don’t know what came over me. I think it was the alcohol. I hope you’re not mad at me.” Bonita gazes at Summer.
“Why would I be mad? I kissed you back. But we better get these clothes tried on before we get into real trouble,” Summer said in a husky voice.
“Mm you look really good in that dress Nita, you should show off your legs more. Bob will not be able to keep his hands off you Friday. Do you two have plans?” Summer’s voice held a hint of jealousy.
“No, I did tell him that you and I may be at the Saddle this weekend if you didn’t have other plans. I’m not comfortable going on an actual date yet. After all, I am still married.” Bonita unzips the dress, slips it off and puts her jeans back on.
“Well, Don didn’t waste any time, but I do understand. Let’s plan on going out again this weekend. How does this look?” She says as she turns and poses in the snake-skin dress.
“Fabulous. It’s definitely you. Don’t you and Wayne have a date for this weekend? He is one sexy hunk of man.”
“Yeah he is pretty hot and nice too. We have talked quite a bit on the phone. We are not going out until Saturday. Friday you and I can go out and celebrate your divorce. Let’s go get some shoes and make up to go with our new dresses.” Summer picks up both dresses as they head out of the dressing room.
“I don’t think I can afford this dress and shoes. I’m not sure what this darn divorce will cost since I hadn’t planned on getting a lawyer.” Bonita starts to hang the dress back on the rack.
“This is on me, you looked smoking in it. I have a friend that’s a good divorce attorney; I bet I can get him to handle your case pro-bono.” Summer winked at her friend. 
“I don’t know Summer. I think it’s gonna be a fight. In the papers he served it says we should sell the house since Allie is going to college. He will pay for her dorm or apartment. I don’t even get child support. Can you believe that?”
“So the cheating ass isn’t going to pay child support?”
“No he says that Allie is 18 and not going to be living at home. That he will pay her tuition that isn’t covered in grants or scholarships and her dorm or apartment fees and give her a weekly allowance as long as she stays in school and maintains a passing grade; that we should sell the house and split it.” Bonnie wipes a tear that is trying to escape her eye.
“I hate to say this, but that doesn’t sound like a bad deal. We will let my friend look it over though before you make a decision.” Summer holds a pair of black shoes up to the dress.
“You have a pair almost like those. What about this pair.” Bonita holds up a pair of cream wedges with a thick belt-like strap around the ankles. “But where would I live? I don’t make enough to buy a house or anything like that. I only work part-time and am not sure I can get more hours or a better job at my age.”
“Perfect. I love this pair!” She turns to her friend putting both hands on Bonita’s face.
“Move in with me,” she whispers into her friend’s lips for another passionate kiss.

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  1. This is coming along nicely! Those two have some real feelings for each other and it`s starting to show.

  2. Thanks Vicki this gets very emotional