Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Oral Dilemma: Match

Luke and Roxy have been training pretty intensely over the previous ten weeks.  It's towards the end of the semester, nearly time for them to go home for the summer, or find a summer job.  Roxy has a standing offer to  work at her dad's company, but if she can win this  match, she'll win more than she could make at the plant working the entire summer. Let's see how things develop. 

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Ellie Mack
As the trainer wrapped my hands, I cracked my neck. I was as ready for this as I would ever be. I was more in shape than I had been for the previous match:faster, leaner,stronger. My competition was a chick from Baton Rouge. She was 3 inches taller which meant she had a longer reach, her legs were thin with little muscle definition. Still, I wasn’t going to assume anything.
On the other side of the arena building Luke prepared for his first fight ever. He’d trained hard, given his all. He was far more serious than I had given him credit for. Luke was in the zone, but I couldn’t watch his match.
We had fallen into a routine. Workout, showers, back to his apartment, a healthy meal, great sex, then studies till midnight. In the mornings I’d go back to my room, do our laundry, study, go to class and do it all over again. It had been a full week since I stayed over. Midterms had me running like crazy, and we decided that we should both concentrate on our school work. Tonight, win or lose our matches, we would be together.
I wanted to watch his match , but I couldn’t. I had to focus, had to get my head in my own zone, free from other distractions. My friend Kayla was taping both our matches so we could view later and review what we need to improve. The trainer tapped my partial gloves “You can take Aleysia, she’s thin she has been sick. She’s not looking good and you’re in the best shape of your life. Make quick work of her Roxy.”
It was time. My stomach churned as I took a swig of Gatorade. There it was - my cue. “Roxanne Winters” As I jogged to the ring, the roar of the crowd seemed to fade in the distance. I was there for one reason, to win. I bound into the ring, spinning myself on the top rope, landing squarely on my feet as if I’d done it a million times but it was just the adrenaline rush. Bouncing form toe to toe waiting for the command of the ref. Aleysia flashed me a disconcerted half smile. I wasn’t sure if it was a cocky “I’ve got this”, or if I’d rocked her off her game. We were about to find out.
I took a hard blow to my cheek at one point, and a foot to the ribs. My game was on my feet, I tried my best to stay off the mat. We danced around the ring, exchanging blows, testing each other. I could tell I w as stronger than her just by the lack of impact of her blows. A flying roundhouse kick followed by a back kick to the back of Aleysia’s thigh and she was down. As I suspected, her legs were conditioned with cardio, lean with endurance, where I’d been interval training, weight training, and plyometrics. It didn’t take much for me to get her in a headlock when she was disoriented. Then I heard my name announced, what a rush!
I had to wait, had to go back to the locker room. I didn’t want to throw Luke off his game. It seemed surreal, my match was already over. I could have gone longer. I had so much energy I was literally bouncing. I stood ringside watching the other women. Inevitably I would be fighting these women at some point. I watched their moves, studied their techniques, noted their nails even to get my mind off worrying about Luke’s match.
After what seemed like hours, the winners were announced. I accepted my prize, but was more interested in the check that came with it. Also I’d gotten endorsements for local gyms, free membership, and more supplements than I would ever use. Then I waited. Waited with baited breath to hear Luke’s name. My eyes down, waiting, listening then Winner of round 3 men’s middleweight - Luke Reed. My eyes shot up and I saw him for the first time that night. His eyes were locked on me. He mouthed “ I won!”
My eyes welled with tears, as I watched him collect his belt, and other prizes. Once he was off the platform I ran into his arms, nothing was going to keep me from him now. I lept into his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist, our kisses frantic!
He called in the biggest greasiest deluxe pizza and a 2 liter of soda for us, picking it up on the way back. We ate the entire thing then he got out the bottle of champagne he’d bought to celebrate.
“ I had this chilling since I left for the match Roxy. I knew you’d win baby. You are amazing, and you’re in the best shape of your life. You look amazing, but that doesn’t compare to the woman inside. The woman inside, the one I fell in love with.” He gave me the glass of champagne and set his on the coffee table. He knelt down on his right knee, taking out a small velvet box.”Will you marry me Roxanne Winters? Spend the rest of our lives together?”
I did not see that one coming at all. My chin nearly hit the floor, I was stunned. I sat there gawking at the ring for a while when he asked. “ Well, um babe are you going to answer me? I need to get off my knee here - its’ bruised form Leon’s kicks.”
“Of course I will Luke. Yes!” I pulled him up to me, the champagne forgotten in our kiss and embrace. Instantly I was on fire at his touch. My lips parted slightly as he persuaded me wit his tongue. His hand roughly cupping my breast, massaging and kneading, teasing until tight little buds rose to the occasion. I tugged his shirt off over his head and tossed it.
Luke grinned slyly and did likewise to my shirt. He dipped his head to mine, then moved lower taking one of the traitorous buds into his mouth, my back arching as the sensation rippled through me.
My fingertips trailed down his spine, into the waist of his jeans. I worked, fumbling to unfasten his jeans. My mind hazed with desire. Pushing the jeans down his legs into the floor. I don’t even remember him removing my own jeans, but suddenly he was there on top of me. I could feel his hardness pressed against me. His lips glided over mine roughly. “Roxy, sweetheart. I love you.”
There was no more talking after that. He plunged his tongue into my mouth at the same time he plunged into me lower. OH gods it was divine! Instant flood of fire throughout my entire being. I wanted, needed this.
Our rhythm went from slow gentle lovemaking to wild tantric movements. Fueled by the adrenaline of the days events, we pushed ourselves beyond anything we’d done before. My fingers trailed down his lean torso, outlining the hard muscles, while he put one leg over his shoulder, slamming deep inside me, causing me to scream in my release.
Luke didn’t stop, he kept going, pushing me on further. Another wave rolled over me as I lifted my hips, tightening on him, feeling myself contract again and again. We stopped long enough to each take a drink before he flipped me over, my ass in the air. His tongue flicking over my slit, over my puckered backdoor, and sucking my nub. I was moaning, begging when he entered me. It didn’t take much at that point for me to come again. For the very first time Luke wanted to take me anally. We started slow, but I was already so turned on it didn’t take much for me to speed up quickly once he used a little bit of lube. He kept scrunching his eyes, saying “ good, so good baby”. He’d go fast and deep then slow down, wanting to make it last even longer. Then he couldn’t wait any longer. Another squirt of lube and Luke pounded into me. I loved it. I came two more times before he began that jerky broken rhythm right before exploding.
At 3:14 a.m. We collapsed on the bed together, spent.
The rest of the weekend was spent in each other’s arms, the outside world forgotten.