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Sultry Summer Chapter 3 by Cathy Brockman

Sultry Summer
By Cathy Brockman
Chapter 3
What are friends for

Friday night Summer picked up Bonita for their girls’ night out. Bonita felt a little awkward after their kiss in the fitting room on Monday, but they talked every night since and Summer never brought up that moment, so neither did Bonita. Bonita couldn’t help but wonder exactly what Summer meant when she asked her to move in. Was it as friends and roommates only or was there more? She decided tonight she would find out exactly what Summer had on her mind, though she was pretty sure of her decision already. Even if Summer only wanted a platonic friendship as they had had since moving into the same neighborhood over 15 years ago, that was fine with her.

Summer rang the doorbell with butterflies in her stomach. She wondered what Bonita was thinking about tonight. All week long Summer had thought about that kiss in the fitting room but hadn’t said anything to Bonita. Was tonight a girls’ night out as usual or was it their first date? Did she really want it to be a date? As Bonita opened the door and Summer saw her friend all dressed up in the new denim dress she had bought for her, heat spread through Summer down to her core, causing her panties to dampen.
“You look so damn good in that dress, so many men will be hitting on you that you won’t have time for me tonight,” Summer said with a hint of wistfulness in her voice.
“I don’t know about that, they will all be on you like flies on honey, as usual.” Bonita smiled as she picked up her phone and called a cab. They started doing this when they first began going to the bars after Bonita’s husbands friends got killed driving home drunk. Bonita had made Summer promise to never drive or ride home with a man after they had been drinking. Now calling the cab was as routine as brushing their teeth.
As they approached their favorite table, Summer grabbed the chair Bonita usually sat in and slid it next to the one she sat in. Bonita looked at her in question.
“So we can both see the dance-floor better,” Summer answered the unasked question as if she could read her friends mind.
The heat of Summer’s legs barely brushing against hers and the soft flowery scent of Summer’s cologne stirred up feelings inside Bonita that confused her. She couldn’t help but wonder why after all these years she was feeling desire for her best friend. This had never happened between them before.
“Have you thought anymore about moving in with me?” Summer asked, nervously toying with her napkin.
“Actually it is all I have thought about all week. I just don’t know how it will work though. You have your life and date quite a bit. I’m not even divorced yet and a basket case. I don’t want to be a burden to you.”
“Nita, honey, you could never be a burden. My house is plenty big enough for us both. I was thinking I could swap Misty’s room upstairs to the guest room downstairs and give you more privacy. There is an adjoining room to that one you could use also like a little living room of your own too.”
“You don’t have to go to all that trouble and I don’t want to put Misty out.”
“It’s no trouble and Misty has practically converted her playhouse out back into a mini apartment. I was thinking about having it finished out for her, so when she comes home for visits from college she will have her own place. You know, more privacy for when she starts wanting to bring home guys. I try to be open and let her live her life and it brings us closer, but I really don’t want to hear; well you know what I mean.”
Bonita almost choked on her drink at Summer’s remark.
“Damn Summer, you know how to freak a girl out don’t you. I have enough on my plate and now you have to throw up that our girls are growing up. I haven’t even given that thought. And that brings up another good point. What about Allie? I know she will be living on campus and spending time with her Dad part-time, but my not getting to keep the house puts her without a home too.”
Summer dropped her hand to Bonita’s knee rubbing softly, soothing her.
“Nita, Allie will have a home at my place too. It will be OUR home. Her and Misty can share the guest room downstairs until I get the playhouse converted, then she can have that room as hers, or the extra room next to yours has a sofa bed in it, she can use that. But knowing the girls, she will stay with Misty out in the new apartment more than likely. There are plenty of options.”
“Ok, that does sound doable, but that still leaves your personal life. I don’t want to cramp your style or make you feel uncomfortable about bringing men home.” Bonita stifled a moan as Summer’s hand softly kneaded her thigh.
“You know I could only bring men home when Misty was with her dad, silly. Besides, I am tired of just being a sex toy or fling for some man unfulfilled by his current lifestyle. I am ready to find something more meaningful,” She stopped and looked into Bonita’s eyes before continuing, “Misty is grown, and will be starting her own life. It’s time for me to have a life of my own again. I have to say I am looking forward to it too.” Summer removed her hand and picked up her glass slowly taking a drink.
Bonita watched her wistfully as Summer drank and toyed with her straw, remembering the feel of her soft lips, the sweet minty, chocolaty taste of her tongue and the feel of her supple body in her arms. She hesitated for a moment before whispering yes, wondering why she was feeling like this and why the thought of Wayne in Summer’s bed made her green with jealousy. Should she move in? Would they give in to this temptation between them? Would it wreck their friendship?
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  1. So many unanswered questions. Well done, Cat. I`m looking forward to seeing what happens next!