Friday, June 7, 2013

Sultry Summer Episode One

Sultry Summer
By Cathy Brockman
Episode one
Hot Bleachers and Hotter Cowboys

Even though it is almost seven in the evening, it is still sticky hot outside. The large crowd crammed into the bleachers behind the high-school seems to make it even worse.
“Why do they always do these events outside? Graduation is supposed to be special. They should do it in the gymnasium where they can turn on the air.” Bonita swats a mosquito then fumbles in her handbag for a tissue to wipe away the blood and bug remains.
“The gymnasium is too small for this crowd, Nita, besides your only child only graduates once. Well from high-school anyways.” Summer, smiling sweetly, looks over at her friend.
The chatter of the crowd dies down as the ceremony finally begins. The women sit quietly wiping tears and sweat, along with the occasional squished mosquito, waiting to see their daughters receive their diplomas.
After the commencement they wait by the gates for the girls to bring their belongings before heading out to the after graduation party.
“I see Don made it. What does Allie think about him bringing his uh…, friend.” Summer eyes her friend cautiously.
Bonita and Don have only been separated a few months and Summer thought it in poor taste he would bring the other woman to the graduation ceremony, after all she hasn’t officially been introduced to Allie yet.
“Allie seems pretty disinterested. She has party on the brain right now.” Bonita forces a smile.
“We both have an empty house tonight, wanna go have a drink? Celebrate our newfound freedom.” Summer winces at the poor choice of words but Bonita doesn’t seem to mind.
“Sure, I would love to! Should we go home and change first?”
Summer nods as the girls come bustling out in a big pack of teenage excitement. They hug everyone, passing off their bags and assure their moms they will be good and not be out driving.
“Meet me at my house in half an hour. Bring an overnight bag and we will call a cab! We are overdue for a girls’ night out and tonight we don’t have to worry about the kids!” Summer grins as she tugs Bonita towards the parking lot, dodging the crowd.

Summer slips on a cute little denim jumper and a pair of two inch heels with lots of straps, since it’s way too hot for boots. She knows Bonita will be more comfortable at the Silver Saddle than Starlight and its closer. The doorbell rings as she is finishing up the final touch-ups to her makeup.
“Wow! Nita! You look hot!!!” Summer eyes her friend’s tight fitting Capris and low cut t-shirt that reveals lots of cleavage.
“Not near as hot as you! I should have known you would dress up, even going to the Saddle!”
“I’m not dressed up!” Summer winks at her friend as she grabs her cell-phone to call the cab. “Wanna glass of wine while we wait?”
The women walk into the bar eyeing the crowd.
“Nice crowd tonight! Wanna table or sit at the bar?” Summer’s green eyes sparkle in delight as she grabs Bonita and leads her to a table positioned close to the dance-floor but out of the way enough so they don’t get trampled every time the music changes.
“Looks like our favorite table is empty! It’s already pretty crowded and early yet! I guess we aren’t the only parents out celebrating our empty nests!” Summer says as she looks around excitedly.
“Dang Summer you act like you haven’t been out before! When was the last time? Last weekend?”
“For your information, it’s been a few weeks! We have been tied up with graduation, parties, prom shopping, college tours, all that good stuff, remember?” Summer’s eyes widen and she licks her lips as a tall man in his early thirties sporting a very tight pair of Levis and a black Stetson saunters by checking them both out. He smiles when he sees Summer’s reaction to him and faces them propping one leg on the bar rail as he leans back displaying his trim body like a trophy.
“What can I getcha gals?” The waitress asks, looking worn out or bored already.
“Coors light draft for me. Summer, I’ll get this round.”
“I’ll take a Jack and Diet Coke with a slice of lemon and the tall dark cowboy at the bar!”
“Yeah! You and every single woman in here; and a few men.” The waitress chuckles as she heads to the bar. She leans over saying something to the cowboy and he grins broadly looking back at Summer.
Shortly the waitress returns with their drinks. Bonita lays a twenty on the table.
“Tall, dark and sexy bought this round. Says ya both owe him a dance. He even tipped me extra! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” She winks as she flits off to the next table.
“Summer you’re a mess! I can’t believe you did that!”
“Moi? I didn't do anything. I really didn’t think the waitress was gonna tell him what I said! But hey, we got a free drink. Saves us a bit of cash, we can stay longer!” She takes a lick of lemon and a sip of the drink, running her tongue over the rim of the glass.
“I’ve never wished I was a glass before, but what I wouldn’t give to be that one.” The cowboy puts his hand lightly on Summer’s shoulder making her jump. Bonita chuckles.
“Hi, I’m Wayne Evans.” He tips his hat and extends his hand to each lady.
“I’m Bonita Martin, my friends call me Bonnie. The lemon licker over there is Summer Ramsey.” Bonita shakes Wayne's hand and nods towards Summer.
“Nice to meet ya ladies.” Wayne looks both women over in approval.
A fast song starts up and he grabs Bonnie's hand. “I believe you owe me dance. I’m claiming the lemon licker for the first slow one.” He winks seductively at Summer as he pulls Bonita to the floor.

After a couple dances, Wayne goes to order them all another round; the girls excuse themselves to the ladies room.
“So what ya think about Wayne?” Summer asks as she reapplies some lip-gloss.
“He’s hot, but I hope he has a friend to call while we are in here.” Bonita puts on a fresh coat of clear gloss after washing her hands.
“Oh well! If not we will just share him! Looks like there’s enough of him for us both!” Summer smiles mischievously as they head back out to their table.


  1. Well, ye-haw! Great beginning, Cat!

  2. Tall, dark cowboy? Yes, please! Looking forward to more...

  3. Tall, dark cowboy? Yes please! Looking forward to more!

    1. Thank you Shirlene! Though he isn't a main charcter we will be seeing him from time to time* wink* hmm maybe he deserves his own story later on... LOL I hope you enjoy the story.