Friday, June 28, 2013

Sultry Summer Finale By Cathy Brockman

Sultry Summer Finale
By Cathy Brockman

As the night wore on, the ladies got drunk and excited dancing with men and with each other. Bonita found herself more and more turned on and more and more confused that Summer kept creeping into her fantasies. Deciding she needed to put some distance between the two of them she motioned Summer to the table.
“Hey, I think I’m gonna call a cab and head home, it’s getting late and I think the hottie in the cowboy hat you have been dancing the last several dances with, has ideas of his own. I don’t want to put a damper on things for you.” Bonita hoped Summer didn’t pick up on the hint of jealousy in her voice.
“Ahh, Sam? He’s just a friend. I’m afraid to take him to bed. I don’t want to jeopardize the relationship we have; though he is pretty tempting. I like Wayne though and want to see where that might go, so I’d better just go home too.” Summer took a long drink, eyes cast down at the table as if in deep thought.
“Why don’t you stay over tonight”, she said, a hint of hopefulness in her voice and desire in her eyes.
Bonita sat quietly for a moment thinking whether or not this would be a good idea. Summer squeezed her thigh lightly and Bonita nodded in agreement. Bonita paid the bill and they called a cab.
The cab ride home was filled with tension, both women trying to decide what their next move would be. Both thinking of that kiss in the fitting room and wondering if there was more to the relationship or was it too risky for their friendship.
Arriving at Summer’s house, Bonita gazed over Summer’s trim, but curvy body as she unlocked the door. The combination of the muggy temperature and the need to touch her bloomed throughout her body.

“Wanna drink? I have wine and some diet cokes and a bottle of Jack.” Summer tossed the keys and her purse on the table by the door.
“Sure, whichever you’re having is fine with me I like all three.” Bonita put her clutch on the table by Summer’s.
“I guess I should have gone to the house and got me an overnight bag”, Bonita said, following Summer into the kitchen.
“It’s okay, I have an extra sleep-shirt you can wear, if you decide to sleep in anything at all!” Summer winked suggestively as she poured them both a glass of wine, and took some strawberries, a bottle of chocolate sauce and a can of whipped topping from the fridge, sitting them on a tray.
Bonita swallowed hard as she picked up the two wine glasses and followed Summer into the living room to the couch. Summer sat the tray on the coffee table and took one of the glasses of wine, patting the couch next to her.
Reluctantly Bonita sat, the heat of Summer’s bare legs touching hers, causing her to lick her drying lips.
“Let’s toast, to new roommates and a new start on life.” Summer clinked her glass to Bonita’s and their eyes met.
Summer’s free hand slid slowly up Bonita’s thigh as she sat her glass on the table reaching for Bonita’s.
“I’ve thought of nothing but that kiss since that night. Nita, tell me it wasn’t just because you were drunk.” Her warm hand slid further up Bonita’s thigh, stopping just as her fingertips reached the edge of her high-cut panties.
“Want me to stop here?” Her finger softly traced the elastic brushing lightly against the moist heat.
Bonita shook her head as she leaned in closer to Summer’s face, her hand now sliding up Summers thigh, rubbing her hot damp core. Summer gasped as their mouths clashed hungrily; both women’s tongues tasting, teasing, and battling for dominance. As Summer’s fingers slid beneath the thin layer of silk, Bonita gave into her best friend, letting Summer take the lead. Summer stood, pulling Bonita up from the couch, offering an unspoken invitation of following her to the bedroom. Summer placed the wine glasses on the tray and Bonita followed her.
 In the bedroom, Summer put the tray on the night stand, pulling back the bedding, motioning Bonita to sit. Summer put on a CD of Evanescence turning it down to a soft murmur; she lit a couple of candles and turned off the light.
Summer started swaying to the music in a seductive strip tease until she was in nothing but a lacy red bra and a matching thong.
“No. I want to do that. It’s all I have thought about for days,” Summer whispered as she took the hem of Bonita’s shirt from her. Straddling Bonita’s knees, Summer slowly raised the shirt over Bonita’s head, dipping for a hungry kiss as she tossed the shirt to the floor. Coming up for a breath, she gently pushed Bonita down on the bed, dropping to her knees, lifting Bonita’s hips as she pushed her skirt up higher. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband and started sliding the silky wet panties down; burning a trial of hot kisses down the exposed flesh of Bonita’s legs. When she reached her feet she slipped off her shoes, kissing her foot and eliciting a moan from Bonita as she gently sucked one toe into her mouth, working her way up the opposite leg, kissing and licking. When she reached the now bare treasure she had dreamed about all week she began a slow seductive torture of licking and exploring with her tongue and fingers.
“Oh shit, Summer! I’m coming. Stop. No don’t stop. Please more. Oh shit! Yes! Yes! So good!” Bonita moaned and pleaded as Summer continued her assault through at least two explosive orgasms.
Summer stood gazing heatedly at her sexy friend, now lover, trembling in aftershocks. She took Bonita’s legs and slid them up onto the bed, removing her skirt and climbed up next to her. Both ladies now in just their bras and panties. Summer removed her bra and straddled Bonita, leaning down for a long, sensuous kiss.
Tasting her essence mingled with mint, wine and Summer’s unique taste, Bonita slid her fingers up Summers thighs, pushing the thong aside and started her own tease, strumming Summer until her friend began bucking and moaning. Summer reached to the nightstand for the chocolate sauce, rubbing some liberally over her bare breasts. With her free hand she reached behind Bonita, unhooking her bra, and then smeared the chocolate over her full large breasts. As she leaned forward, Bonita began licking the chocolate from her friend; licking and teasing each hard nipple with her teeth. Summer moaned as she rode Bonita’s fingers, screaming in ecstasy as she went over the edge. Summer collapsed beside her lover, catching her breath. After a moment or two to recuperate she grabbed the whipped cream and started licking the chocolate from Bonita’s full breast, also teasing and biting one nipple while pinching the other.  Summer shuddered and gasped as she sprayed some of the cold whipped topping onto her own mound, then onto Bonita’s.
“Now for the grand finale,” she said climbing back on top of Bonita, this time her firm round ass and mound coated with whipped cream over Bonita’s face as she dipped down and started licking the whipped cream before her.
 Both women climaxed repeatedly until they lay in an exhausted heap. Summer stroked Bonita’s face lovingly, “so what do ya say? Gonna move in?”
“Most definitely! How soon do you want me to start packing?”
“Tomorrow! Now let’s get you cleaned up.” Summer smiled seductively as she led her new roommate to the shower.

Not the end but a new beginning

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