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Manic Monday-Love Bites Episode 5

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Come on I'll show you:

Love Bites- Episode Five
            I get tired of sitting in the little cubicle in the emergency room, wishing they would turn out the freaking lights. I find myself pacing around looking for the light switch, and then I realize there is only a small fluorescent light on and it’s in the next cubicle. I guess Nicolai even planted turning my lights out into the medic’s head. Maybe he really wants to help me, but I need time to grasp this. It looks like I’ll have nothing but time, so why hurry?
            Perhaps I have made a grave mistake not taking him up on his offer to stay with him and learn the new ways of this life that I have been forced into. I have no clue where to go or what to do. He made it clear I couldn’t live with Reggie and Aaron until I learned self-control, or the first time I get hungry I would be feasting on gay roommates instead of murderous vagrants. But no, I have to be stubborn or stupid, and insist on finding my own way.
          Now here I am in a hospital, waiting to be released, without a clue as to where to go or what to do next. At least Nicolai claims I shouldn’t need to feed until tomorrow night. Wow, I have a whole twenty two hours to find another way to feed before I go hunting vagrants. Awesome!  At least I don’t have to try to find a coffin to sleep in and I won’t burn in the sunlight when the sun rises. If I can trust what Nicolai tells me.
         I assume Nicolai either forgot to tell the medics to hurry and get me out, or he thinks he is being funny making me sit and think about my decision.
        I sure shocked the crap out of him when I told him I’d take door number two. The surprise that replaced his look of confidence was priceless. Yeah, yeah, the decision to not go home with Mr. Perfect to his fancy penthouse, not to let him brainwash people to allow me suck their blood painlessly, and having the sexiest man in Manhattan offering to cater to all my needs was really smart. Way to go girl!
         I suppose in that moment; the dark dank streets and ripping out strangers throats, nasty ,stinky, serial killers at that, draining them of all their blood, appealed to me more than  life with the super-rich super-sexy man that made me a monster. I am famous for making hasty and usually the wrong decisions.
        As I pace around the small room like a caged animal, I can feel him close by. I can tell he isn’t in the building, yet. I can sense him lurking in the shadows. Odd I can’t feel anyone else but him.  I had started to ask him if feeling him was normal, but remembered him complaining about not being able to get into my head. He didn’t know that I had left the penthouse. Yet he found me swiftly. How? Has he been lying to me all along?  
        No. I could see he was confused when he tried to use his mind to calm me down, but it didn’t seem to work. If he isn’t aware of my ability to feel him, I may be able to use this to my advantage. I will keep this tidbit to myself for now.
       I could see it in his eyes that he was glad he couldn’t get into my thoughts.. Maybe he wants me to be his equal, his partner and not his slave. After all, he did say he missed having a companion. Don’t kid yourself girl, that’s what you want to believe. He barely knows you. Why would he choose you for a mate? No. He said companion. What makes me so special?
          I jump and throw my hands over my eyes, startled, when a handsome young man came in flipping the light switch on. He isn't very tall, maybe five eight or nine. His hair is short almost a modern military cut. He has the most amazing brown eyes.
        “Hi I am Glenn. From the lab.  I am just here to get some blood for a few tests.” He extends his hand in a friendly gesture, as he looks at me shaking his head. “Wow, you look really bad.  I can’t believe they aren’t keeping you for observation. You look like the living dead." If only he knew.  "Would you like me to bring the Doctor back in?”
       “NO!” I said in panic. Crap, Nicolai said there would be no questions and no blood tests. Was this man not here when Nicolai brainwashed everyone?
       ”Glenn, did you just come on shift?” I tried to sound flirty, but sounded nosier than anything. He watches me warily as I continue my pacing nervously around the room. 
       “Nope. Been here since three this afternoon, actually.  I finally get to go home in an hour or so.” He smiles sweetly taking my arm. He looks shocked, as he notices the dried blood all over my clothes. I jerk my arm back and hisses. He backs away slowly, setting the tray for the blood samples on the small table.
        All of a sudden I could sense his fear. His breathing sped up as did his heart-rate. I could feel, no, smell, his blood coursing through his veins. Low growls escapes my throat, my nostrils seems to flare and my teeth, fangs, begin to burn again, like they had earlier. Did Nicolai have fangs when we met for lunch the afternoon I followed him. Am I able to conceal them? Oddly he didn’t run out the door.  
       Glenn walks over to the light switch, flips it off and shuts the door. He turns back to me but stays close to the door. I could still feel the panic in him as he tries hard to hide it, like you would faced with a dangerous animal. “How long have you been….” his voice trails as he tries to search for the word. “Dead.” he said after a few seconds of careful thought.
       “I may look like I have been through Hell and back, since I was kidnapped by a serial killer," And killed by a drunken bum and turned to a vampire by a crazed….. Vampire.  If he’d been through what I have last four days he wouldn’t look so darn hot either. "But I assure you I am not dead." I tried to sound convincing, but the look of sheer terror on his face tells me I am not a very good actress.
       “You watch too much TV.  I am the same me I have always been, except for a little exhausted.” I smile as I sit back on the edge of the bed.
       He walks around me to the window, looks out gazing into the darkness, and then closes the blinds turning back to me.
       “Are you alone?” He looks hard at the door like maybe he should just leave.
         I nod
      “From the looks of you, I would venture to guess you’re a newling. My question is; where is your maker?  Makers never let newlings out of their sight for years. Sometimes takes 10 to 20 years for a newling to adjust. A vampire usually doesn’t turn a human and let them go.” He glances furtively back at the window as if any minute someone or something was going to jump in and eat him.
       “Okay. So what makes you such an expert?  Are you some sort of paranormal creature, or do you just read too much science fiction?”
         If Vampires are real, then I am sure other things such as werewolves and witches probably are too. And if supernatural creatures do exist, then Hunters probably do, too. It looks like I have a lot to learn If I plan on surviving.
         I sure don’t want to have to crawl back to Nicolai on my knees, but it’s beginning to look as if I have no choice. I need to learn how to feed. I need to know if it’s possible to drink blood without killing, and how to make it less painful for the victim. I have no clue how often I have to feed or what will happen f I don’t.
        “No. I am human. I had a relative who was a vampire. I know this sounds crazy but I may be able to help you some. But first I need to know more about you. I have to be able to trust you. Believe me, I know from experience trusting a vampire is not an easy feat.” He said the last part with a hint of remorse. He said 'had'. Vampires don’t die of old age. Did he have to dispose of the so called relative?          
         “And I’m supposed to trust you, why?  Just because you said you had a relative that was a vampire? How do I know you aren’t a hunter and planning on staking me?” I try to look menacing, rising from the bed walking slowly toward him.
         He gasps as he backs into the wall looking like a cornered animal. I stop leaving very little personal space.
       “First of all, staking would only stop you for a while. You would more than likely recover. Then you would be all pissed off.” He sidesteps and reaches for the door handle.  “I’m smart enough to know not to piss off a vampire. That would be like sticking a bloody hand in a shark tank. So if you know hunters exist you have must also know who turned you. How else would you know about the hunters?”
          “No. I do not know who turned me. I am just guessing about the hunter thing. I think it is suffice to say if vampires and other creatures exist so would hunters.” I lied. It just didn’t seem  smart to rat Nicolai out. Not yet anyway. I may be needing some answers from him still.
         “Were you a Vampire before you came up missing?” He looks thoughtful.
         “No.” I say as I start pacing the room. I really just want to get out of this small room. I am exhausted. In the movies Vampires never got tired, or ate food I thought as my stomach growled.
         “So, it had to happen the night you came up missing.” He tapped his forefinger on his lip.
         He sure has some really kissable lips.
         “Oh. Yes, or sometime after that.”  I responded  as I snapped out of my reverie. Why am I thinking about kissing a stranger when I have much more important things to deal with? Like not eating my friends.
        “So that puts you about three to four days old. Right?” He snaps his fingers. “Focus, I need answers if you want me to help you, and time is running short.”
        “Yeah, I suppose so.” I am getting tired. I lay back down on the bed staring at the ceiling. If I don’t look at him I won’t think inappropriate thoughts. Like how nice it would be if he was in this small bed with me. Nope that didn’t work.
        “Well you can’t go back to where ever you were staying. Do you want to stay with me?  Until you get a grip on things, that is.”  He smiled shyly.
         “I don’t want to put you out, but yeah I do need a place to go and to find out everything I will need to know to survive. I will help with the rent and utilities.” I answer in defeat.
         “I can’t figure out why your maker just left you. Makers generally turn people for a reason and only rogues would turn someone and leave them. The only other option was that the vampire ran into foul play.” Then his face lit up like he had won bingo. “Unless you were somewhere else when you were turned and somehow managed to evade your captor. That would explain it, but also would mean you and whoever helps you are in grave danger.”
         “I don’t want to put you in any danger. Maybe I should just go now.” I never thought about  it but he is right. If Nicolai finds out this man knows my secret he will kill him.
         “Where would you go?” He asked.
         “I have a home. I have a roommate that is probably worried sick about me.”
         “I know what you are and how to help you adjust. Your roommate would be in grave danger from both you and your maker when it finds you."         
        “You mean if it finds me.” I sat back up.
         “No, when. It’s only a matter of time. You carry its blood, it can track you. It won’t leave you alive. That would be too much danger to it.” He walked over to the table and started fiddling with the glass tubes he had brought in for the blood tests.
         “Okay. I’ll go home with you. But I insist on paying my share. Will I be able to keep my job?” I asked, trying to figure if I had any other options.
          “Yes. You will need to take a little time off until we see how you adjust to feeding. You seem to have a good sense of control. You’re not trying to eat me, but that could be because you just fed.” He smiled a smile that would melt a glacier.
          “Is there any way I can get a phone? I need to call my roommate and my boss. I am sure I can get at least a week off. That is if they haven’t fired me already.” I added, realizing I had only been there a year and the no show policy is three days. I am going on about five.
           “I get off work in about an hour. You can borrow my cell and call your roommate. Have them pack you some clothes and bring them by here. It will look like your leaving with her. You don’t want to act like anything is different. Keeping your job will be a plus. Your resources and computer files will come in very handy. ”
         “Him. My roommate is a him.”
          Glen’s eyes get big. “Well that will be a hard one to explain. How do you plan on telling your boyfriend you’re moving out and in with a stranger?”
         “Oh. No. Reggie isn’t my boyfriend. You’re more his type than I am.” I chuckled. “ But don’t worry. He has a boyfriend. Actually, Aaron lives with us, too. ” Hmmm how will I convince Reggie I am moving in with a stranger. He knows me too well and knows  that isn’t something I would normally do. Damn. I am going to have to call Nicolai after all. He can fix Reggie to not question me.      
        “I will think of something. Let’s deal with one thing at a time. Now we get you to my place and hide you. Then I will make a few calls to round you up food.” He hands me his phone, takes the tray of tubes he brought in for the tests, and leaves.
         “Hey Reg.” I have to hold the phone away from my ear as Reggie screams.
         “Merah! Girlfriend! I have been worried out of my mind. I just saw on the news that you were rescued. Oh my goodness, you must be scared! Where are you?” I could tell by his voice he had been crying.
          “I am at the hospital.  No, I am being released. Can you pack me a suitcase?  I am going to stay with a friend for a few days at least. I’ll explain more later. Please don’t ask any questions and I promise to explain it all in a day or so.” Hopefully I can convince Nicolai to brainwash Reggie. Aaron won’t be an issue he hates me anyway.
          Reggie had not shown up when Glen came in to see if I was released. I hadn’t been, so he went and got a nurse. She looked surprised I was even there, and got my paperwork. Glen waited outside the hospital doors. Darn. I need to call Nicolai but I have no number except his office. That won’t be open this hour of the night. I guess I’ll have to do my best with Reggie and Aaron and then hopefully Nicolai will brainwash them tomorrow. I see Reggie and Aaron approaching the entrance.
          Reggie grabs me and gives me a big hug. “Girl, I am so glad you’re not dead, but Hon, you sure look close to it”. Close? Yes I’d say very close.
         Aaron glares at me. He doesn’t look too happy that I’m not. I guess some things never change. After a few minutes, a Navy blue pickup truck pulls up to the curb. Glenn gets out and extends his hand.
        “Reggie, Aaron this is Glenn. I am going to stay with him a few days at least. Please don’t ask questions until I get all my statements made. Okay?”
          Reggie grinned from ear to ear, his approval of Glen was apparent. Aaron, on the other hand, was none too happy. He pulled Reggie close to him.  I guess Aaron would be jealous of a dog.
        Then I could feel him. Nicolai. Standing in the shadows, watching, listening. It was all I could do not to turn my head and look into the shadows to the left of the hospital. I couldn’t see him, but I knew he was there. I could also tell he was not happy at all.  At least I won’t have to call his office tomorrow. I have the feeling I will be talking to him very soon.

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Wow, will Merah go back with Nicolai or will Nicolai just let her go? Would you like to see Merah  with Nicolai or maybe Glenn? Leave a comment and let me know.What would you like to see happen next?
Join us tomorrow and see How Fiona deals wiht Nayasha's rejection. I cant wait to see!

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