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A little about our Trysters

June is finally here. Man did it come fast? The summer is generally a very busy time since school is out, summer vacations, and in my family lots and lots of birthdays.
Also for us here at Trysts, our Sizzling Summer Stories debut.  We have a few changes for this round of stories. As you all know we added Ellie Mack and Raymond Frazee.  I thank them for starting their stories a little early. We are also happy to welcome back Anjie Harrte with a new story and I will be doing something   totally different than paranormal this time.  We would also like to thank Sian Young for joining us with a little something fun and different. We hope you enjoyed her first offering yesterday.
Today I would like to share a little about each of us and our stories. Next week I am hoping to have something different for the weekend.  Perhaps something mystical and magical and hopefully our first Author spotlight too.
Have a great weekend!

Sea of Seduction by Cathy Brockman
Cheryl Gallager is about turn 49, recently divorced and feels her life is at a standstill. Her best friends decide they should all take a nice long cruise to celebrate her newfound freedom and her upcoming birthday.
What lays ahead for these three woman? Hot summer nights. Romantic Islands. Hot sexy men and women everywhere. Will Cheryl find her dream man or at least a dream lover?
Come on board and embark on a journey of lots of romantic rendezvous, sexy trysts and turns.
Come join me for one hot summer in the Sea of Seduction.
I am 50 married with 2 grown kids 3 stepdaughters, 2 grandchildren of my own and 9 step grandchildren(yeah I know they multiply like rabbits.) I have two cats and a dog (my fur babies.)
I live ina very small town in the mid-south.

I was a jewelry department manager at Wal-Mart.
I started writing last spring(about this time) after having to retire from my real world job of 19 years. I write all things romance. Everything from paranormal, suspense, sweet, funny, and erotic, also some M/M in all of the above.

I have one published book a children’s story called Luke’s Dragon published by Saga Books
I’ m working on a paranormal/urban fantasy called the New Breed Series. Book one will be published hopefully sometime this year by saga Books and I am working on a M/M romance called Longing for Love, hopefully to publish this year also. I am supposed to do 3 more Luke’s Dragon books by then too (not sure that I will)

Fatal Indiscretions by Anjie Harrte
–-After losing yet another child, Sherry Miles was plunged into a series of depression that resulted in her husband threatening to commit her. After she stumbled across an advertisement for summer art classes in the Botanical Gardens she convinces her husband that it is as good as therapy. At the art classes Sherry meets the debonair Paul Degannes, her instructor, who takes a special interest in her. What happens during and after these art classes leads to Sherry’s indiscretions that eventually turns out to be fatal. But who wants Sherry dead? Who stands to gain the most from her death? This tale is a murder mystery filled with hot moments between a teacher and his protégé as Sherry walks us through one of the most exciting summers of her life, as it becomes her last.
I have been writing since I can remember but only taken it seriously as of late. I self published a poem I wrote for my daughter with illustrations of her in a book on Amazon called "My Little Kitty Kat" was more an experiment with publishing on Amazon. I followed that with a novella I self published in January 2012 titled "Deadly Rush .  . . birth of a sociopath", it is an adult fiction with a little romance story, a little erotica and a view into the mind of a female sociopath.
 I am presently working on a children's story called Johnny Ray and the rainy day, it is also a poem with my own illustrations. Along with that, I am working on an untitled erotica and a novel called "A Fatal Indiscretion".
I write poems, children's story, Ya fiction, adult fiction, erotica and a bit of suspense thriller.

Love Notes by Ellie Mack
For the Summer Heat Wave I will be sharing my story Love Notes.  Stephanie has been recently divorced by her cheating husband.  She met Rob online, and has been chatting with him daily.  Their conversations have been quite steamy and explicit at times. Stephanie is ready to leave her vanilla life behind, and take a chance on love.  She's embarking on the adventure of her life, determined to try new things and keep an open mind.  I hope you enjoy Stephanie's sultry summer.

I’m 48 years old. GAH!  How did that happen?  I don’t feel that old and in fact many people think I’m younger.    I married my high school sweetheart at 21, and we’ve been married 26 years.  I have two teenage girls – talk about drama!  I live in a rural town south of St. Louis, Missouri.  I've worked for county government and the department of defense. I retired after Desert Storm to be a stay at home mom. I've worked as a substitute teacher, a secretary, receptionist, and am currently working as a mortgage loan officer, as well as pursuing my dreams for publication. 
You can check out some of my ramblings on my blog
I am honored that Cathy and the crew have invited me to share with y'all on Storytime Trysts.  Aren't the stories wonderful so far? I can't wait each day to get my fix! 

Diners at the Memory’s End by Raymond Frazee

Albert Dahl wanted something to do beside sit around or wander aimlessly. He decided to go back to college, and enrolls in a class at Magdalen College, part of the huge New Oxford complex. While there he meets Meredith Llywelyn, a fellow student, and they become study partners, and close friends.
But there is a strange twist to their friendship, and as the semester continues, both Albert and Meredith discover the other was hiding a secret—for one, a secret that has followed their culture for twenty-five generations; and the other, a secret known to a dozen people out of fifty billion . . .

Author Bio

A native of Northwest Indiana, Raymond Frazee has been writing from a very early age, but has only recently seen success. His first work, Kuntilanak, is a horror story self-published on Smashwords in September, 2011. His second story, Captivate and Control, is a story of mild erotica/BDSM, published through Naughty Night Press. He is currently putting the finishing touches on a novel he best describes as “Science fiction with a bit of paranormal magicpunk”.
Diners at the Memory’s End is the third story written from his unpublished TransportingTop of Form
Bottom of Form

Sian Young
Sian writes mostly Ya and children’s books.  She will be joining us on Freestyle Fridays with prompts and

  Other  fun stuff. So keep watching for her.
I hope you enjoyed my finale this past week and our new stories! We are looking forward to a fun summer.  Let us know what you thought. Do you have a song or a prompt or a photo you thing would make a good story? Send it to or just leave it in comments!!
*Cathy and the Trysters all wave*

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