Thursday, August 30, 2012


Siam and Laura are getting on, and their relationship is blossoming.  Siam obviously feels comfortable with her boss to progress to a more intimate relationship, confiding in her of her past bad experiences.  Where do you think  things will go from here?  Let's join in and find out!

Ben Hannigan

Dear Diary,

This morning we headed into work, Laura had to meet with suppliers and handle invoices and cash checks,  so I would be left to face the tender mercies of the rest of the team. We stopped in at the local glazed goods pusher and picked up a box of twenty four and a round of coffees in apology for them having to pick up our slack yesterday. When we got to the office, Laura entered first while I locked my truck.

The team could tell that something had happened even before we said anything because I walked into the office in fitted tiger stripe combats with a tan vest, a borrowed Sig Sauer SP2022 on my hip. Not only that, but it was obvious from the way that I dropped the mag, racked the slide and presented the weapon at the clearing, barrel showing clear that I knew how to handle the gun.  When I finished the drill and placed the weapon in the box on my assigned desk that up until now had remained empty, the room was silent.  I tied my hair back casually stretching, moving my arms straight in the air linking my fingers together.  This movement lifting me onto my tiptoes and causing my shirt to rise and showing  bare tummy and the piercing I had got as my first act of rebellion after moving to this southern town;  a small delicate representation of a rose in aluminum on my belly button.

As I did this, Laura left her office with her Bluetooth headset in and walked over to me, whispering  loud enough for the whole office to hear, “Evil girl, I will be thinking of that bare tummy all day now and I have to go speak to the city council. ” She leaned over, kissing me soundly, leaving me blinking, slightly dazed for the two minutes it took me to process that she had left.

As I came down to earth, I realized that the office had exploded with questions.  The how’s ,the why’s, the when’s;  all the questions that the gossips would want. We worked through the day and I was bombarded with questions between phone calls.  After about an hour of constant pestering I agreed to tell them at lunch. We finally got to lunch after a really hectic day that for me was mainly fielding phone calls, preparing for the big trade show in Nevada. We arranged to go to the little Mexican place around the corner. Since it was a nice day we decided to walk. The moment after we all logged out of our computers and turned the phones onto our out-to -lunch auto-message systems was one of the moments that reminded me I work in the weapons industry. The sound of slides being racked as magazines are slammed home and the click of the safety. They all watched me, amazed that after a single day of range time I was confident enough with a weapon to carry it openly  and was careful enough to once racking the slide and chambering a round, to top up the magazine to give me that one extra round just in case.

We walked to the restaurant and ordered drinks.  We passed the bar, sitting together at a single large table. I was placed in the center, so the interrogation could begin in earnest. They asked about the shooting and who pursued who and how it happened. I told them about the touches, Laura’s adjustments of my techniques and the way she gently held me. I talked about the confusion that I felt and the desire, the lust, my eyes glazed over as they saw the “me”  I had been so scared of for so long come out. The “me” who masturbated in the shower over my boss.  I described the act of touching myself, losing myself in the moment.  The girls nodded knowingly as I replayed the image of slowly rolling my nail over my dripping lips.  The guys watched hungrily as I sucked the lip of the coke bottle, licking my lips. My cunt ached with desire as I lost myself in the memories.

I told the story of being turned down gently as I offered myself  to my new partner.  I teared up and again the guys and girls had two completely different reactions.  The girls thought it was sweet and amazing that Laura had that level of self-control and the guys  understood, but reacted with anger at the boy who believed that he had the right to dominate me.

Right from the start, working at HDI I was protected by this family environment. I was the youngest and was very much supported by what seemed to be a whole army of new brothers and sisters.  My first week they basically showed me the entire town, stocked my larder and fridge, and just generally pulled me close to them.  I had standing offers for dinner with all of them and was introduced to their children. I was “Aunty Siam” to a small horde of children and the family weekend events with the company were living proof of the party as hard as you work ethos.

The girls were having to break up plots by the guys to fly to Chicago to beat this boy and my father, to the point where they were confiscating phones to prevent flights being arranged. I knew they were protective, but this show of support reduced me to tears for the second time in as many days.  They paid the bill before I could blink and walked me to the office.  We sat in the break room together and I basically asked my “brothers” and “sisters” for advice, I didn’t know what I was feeling didn’t understand this lust and desire. They talked to me, explained a lot of the sexual stuff that most of them had learned through open and honest conversations with parents and beyond that just supported me and let me ask at my own pace.

They were wonderful and throughout the afternoon of support, they managed to make me giggle and help me plan something.  More than that they convinced me to do something I was kinda wanting to for a long time.  By three PM I found myself lying in a tattooists chair in my t shirt and knickers as he inked a snow leopard on my left  thigh just under my bottom, it wasn’t pouncing or lunging or snarling it was what the rest of my work colleagues described as Me, curled up with a sketch pad, a sketch of a sketching snow leopard.

So diary, in three day’s I had learned to shoot, learned I am at the very least bisexual and have gotten a tattoo.  I was loved and welcomed into the family at work and I had never been happier. At four thirty the boss turned up and walked into her office, I waited five minutes and stood to go see her, as I walked over most of the team gave me high fives or whispered good luck messages.

Lucy and Sophie who as well as picking me up and driving me down for this job ended up working there, hugged me and whispered. “When you are confident with Laura come talk to us together” as they sandwiched me between them.

I was confused but rolled with it and after being given permission to enter I took a deep breath and pushed open the door. Laura was sitting, lounging in the beanbag chair rather than being at her desk which was perfect for what I was planning. I nudged the door with my foot, the bang causing her to look up from the email she was writing. I walked over to what she called the chill out zone of her office, where she was based . I dropped to crawling and slowly moved towards her. When I reached her beanbag I slithered up her body catching her lips in mine, pressing her body against mine as I launched a passionate demanding kiss, grinding my sex on her thigh her leg between mine as my tongue pushed into her mouth deep and fast.

This was the new, confident me in control and it felt fucking fantastic Diary. I kissed my way down her body, sucking her throat enjoying her moans and gasped words. I unbuttoned her blouse hurriedly still grinding into her knee. My eyes were wide and my breathing heavy as I tried to focus on those buttons and kiss and lick my way down this breathtaking freshly bared line of skin. Her bra undone with my left hand as I slid the straps down her arms with my teeth, I stroked her nipples with my lips and tongue grinning widely at the mumbled moans for more that each movement elicited from my love.

I undid her jeans, pushing  them down her legs thankful that she habitually walked around the office barefoot.  I ducked under her legs and found myself staring lustfully at the small patch of neatly trimmed hair surrounding her slit. I didn’t know that she didn’t wear underwear under her jeans but I was very glad of that. I dove into her, passionately remembering the suggestions from my adopted family. I started with slow, soft, gentle, caressing licks, flicking my tongue across her lips and gently brushing her mound with kisses, I moved slowly from there, searching for her clit with the tip of my tongue and rolled it in my mouth, stroking and suckling on it gently. My hands undoing my combats and sliding them off my body leaving me grinding against her wearing white panties so soaked with arousal they were appearing clear. My tongue boldly now flicking into her sex, parting her lips and thrusting, rolling around the walls of her inner sanctum, matching my thrusts with the grinding movement of my hips. I got faster, deeper and more confident as I felt my own orgasm building. She was going with it now, not worrying about what inspired this act.  Her hands fisted in my hair as she pressed me deeper into her cunt. Rubbing my nose into her slit, fucking her with my nose as I licked her eagerly, she was so wet and tasted so, so good.  I pushed a finger into her as I slid up her body, my panties sliding down my legs as I moved because they were stuck to her knee. I kissed her hard and fast again, she could taste her own juices on me.  I fingered her fast my thumb on her clit as I offered my throat to her, she bit my neck and I writhed, her hands cupping my arse and I wriggled causing her to penetrate me deeply with two fingers, I yowled as I felt it.

“So fucking good, please gods more!” I rocked into her fingers as I fingered her, she was coming fast and hard and I was very close.

“Fuck me Laura, make me your fucking whore.” I screamed as she hit my clit and my g-spot at the same time.  I was seeing stars it was so intense. Before I registered what had happened ,I was on my back on the bean-bag with my girlfriend, half naked, stripping quickly and ripping my vest in the rush to get me naked.  Well, I say naked but she left me in my socks with my knickers round one ankle.  My white anklet socks with pink bows and the knickers that my mother used to buy for me; white with lace trim and a pink bow above my slit. I with my hair in plaits must have looked like a slutty schoolgirl as I begged for her to carry on touching my wet cunt. She was as rough and fast as I had been to her. She had me begging, mewling in minutes as I spasmed and shook, coming so hard I squirted.  She licked me clean after each orgasm, fast and insistent, driving me to the next.  She even with me on my back, legs over her shoulders tongue-fucked my arse as I whimpered from the intensity. I was hers.  Putty in her hands and melting.  She kissed me hard, fast, biting my neck, fingering my cunt and my arse at the same time. Then she laid down with me, entwining her legs with mine, pressed her cunt against mine and kissed my  boobs, reaching into a bag hidden behind the bean-bag.

 She withdrew a sex toy, a double tipped dildo and murmured, “Bought this a few years ago but got dumped for a younger, prettier model and never got a chance to use it, so it stayed in this bag behind the chair ever since, can I Siam? Can I fuck your virgin cunt, can I have you?”

I mewled gasping, writhing trying to answer by grinding against her. “Yes, yes, god please baby pleaaase.” I whimpered. I almost tore it out of her hand in my desire to get it and her into me.

She giggled, “Patience sweetie, patience.”

I was forced to watch as she slid the toy into herself sighing gently in pleasure as it entered her cunt.  She then slipped on what looked like a shoulder rig strap set but was fastened around the dildo and her pelvis holding the purple toy inside her.  It looked perfect on her; this amazon of a woman with eight inches in her and another eight ready to ravish me.

I knelt and told her I wanted to do something that I had only ever heard of, something dirty that I had been told I would have to do for my husband. I am not being forced, I told her I want this. I took the glans of my lover into my mouth and sucked her penis eagerly, fast and long, bobbing up and down her cock. I amazed myself and amazed her by taking all of her down my throat easily.  She moaned with pleasure looking down, her hands in my hair as I sucked her. I was moaning onto her cock begging for more as she began to fuck my throat and I came hard. She lay me down on the bag and told me she wanted me. I spread my legs wantonly begging as she stood over me ready to pound me.

I loved every second of being fucked diary.  My ma would call me a scarlet woman as I begged for it. I wanted it so much.  Wanted her so much!  I won’t  ever stop lusting for her.  The way that she pounds me, makes me come so fucking hard, wow!  I was pounded in the office; screaming not caring that they all heard me lose my virginity as they worked. I loved it!  Clenching against her cock feeling her thrusting faster and faster, her angling towards my g spot me screaming, “Fuck I want you Laura, I want you to come in me.” I moaned.

She giggled at that “I can try to make it feel like it baby.”

I shook as she pounded me faster as I begged for it “Fuck Laura, your cock is so good so big it’s perfect.  I want you in me.  I need you to fill me, make me yours!  I want you to come in my pussy Laura. Make me your spoiled used woman, make me yours.”

I didn’t know diary, but it appears I get off on being submissive and talking dirty, being told I am a slut, a whore, being told I am everything my parent’s raised me to believe was evil. I moaned and I looked up to see Laura gripping a small pump bulb that led to a tube that ran all the way into the dildo. “You thought the japsai in the dildo was just for effect didn’t you Siam?”

 All I could do was nod weakly as she grinned and squeezed it, I felt my lover come hard and fast into me, squirting lube into me to feel like she had released her seed into me. It was so wonderful this high pressure warm load of lube coating my insides, my tummy feeling bloated and full, like she really was my boy as well as my girl.

I purred with delight, my tummy full and the feeling of a slight soreness as she had torn my hymen and taken me for the first time.  Her pussy splattered with a mix of both her and my juices, her “come” and the blood from the barrier. She was amazing, curled up with me stroking my tummy as I snuggled into her. 

I must have drifted off because I woke later yawning, having lost an hour and had been washed of the mess and dressed in a set of light cotton pj’s that I recognized as Laura’s spare set from her cot in the break room that she used when she was working late enough that she couldn’t be bothered to go home, the same cot that I had been resting on.

 I walked into the office and it was seven thirty yet the office was still full of people.  As I walked in there was a round of applause, cheers and a large amount of good natured ribbing about the sounds I was making and how loud the stereo had to be turned up to drown the screams. The team teasing both me and Laura until my calm collected unflappable boss blushed as brightly red as I did.  They were all lovely diary, and in my next letter to you I will talk more about the evening and the first night at my place. But for now I need a break to collect my thoughts and deal with a small “problem” that has “come” up.



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