Saturday, August 11, 2012

You Belong With Me - Part Two

Chapter Two:
I Knew, That She Knew, That I Knew, She Knew!

“Why’d you call me little itchy witch?” I was frozen in the doorway, but my training kicked in and I relaxed.
“No, I said my itchy little witch. Because you were being a witch to me.” She smiled, and I resisted the urge to sigh.
“Why are you here?” I gave her my best attempt at a bored look.
“Forgot my purse and jacket…” She smiled and pushed past me, I sighed and watched her retrieve her things from behind the chair.
“Fine….leave.” I held the door open for her, hoping she just left.
“Ok, Ok, I’m going. Keep being mean to me and I’ll make Andrew never speak to you again” She smiled and swung her bag onto her shoulder, I saw a piece of paper slip out and fall to the floor.
“He’d never do that!” My hand tightened on the doorknob. I was resisting the urge to tell her I knew everything, but that would be a very stupid move.
“If I told him…he would. He does whatever I say…” She smiled and walked over to the door I was holding open for her.
“Whatever…just leave.” I sighed and waited for her to leave.
“I’m going, I’m going.” She smiled and walked out, before she could get in the last word I shut the door in her face. I let out a huge breath I didn’t even know I was holding.
“Abrica, you can come out now it’s ok, she’s gone. We are safe…for now.” I sank to the floor in front of the door and picked Abrica up and hugged him.
“How do I stop her and save Andrew? Or do we just run and leave him to her? I can’t do that, we’ve been friends our whole lives.” I laid my head against the door.
“Meow…” Abrica pawed at my face, I looked at him and sighed again.
“Meow…meow…meow.” He patted my face and jumped down.
“You’re right, someone has to stand up to her. If I don’t no one will, and he’ll be stuck as her slave forever. But, we’ll stay packed. We may need to take him and run like hell.” I resisted the urge to sigh again and got up to go find the right spells to free Andrew from the evil witches spell.

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