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Twin Desires - Part 2

Last week we were introduced to the twins Adrinna and Katrinna.  They are at the age that their father is tiring of their nonchalant attitude towards their suitors, and has made a decision for Adrinna as she is the eldest.  On the same night that she was announced as betrothed, Adrinna was kidnapped. Katrinna, being the rebellious one has set out in hot pursuit of her sister. 

Ever notice that the best intentions land you in the midst of some of the most hair raising situations?  Let's find out what Kat has gotten herself into. 

Twin Desires
Macie Snow

Chapter Two

            I jerk awake, righting myself in the saddle. I had to stop riding. I had been dozing asleep for a while, and had nearly fallen out of the saddle numerous times.
            I stop the horse and climb off. I stumble before collapsing to the ground. Being unused to long periods of riding, my legs could no longer support me. I try to stand up, but fall before even getting to my feet. I am not used to riding so hard, and my legs have become wobbly. I try again in vain to stand, but fall to the ground again.
            “No, I’ve got to- got to-” I try to focus, but am physically exhausted, which causes my mind to become befuddled. My body would not obey my commands. But, I have to get up. I have to run after Adrinna and save her from a horrible fate.
            I bang my fists on the ground in frustration. “Curse this pampered life!” I scream. “If I weren’t a princess I wouldn’t be so infuriatingly weak!”
            I waver, as my vision falters. I try to steady myself, but my vision skews and before I can do anything else, my head hits the hard ground,  and I pass into darkness.
            I slowly open my eyes and look around. I see Justin standing before me, bathed in the warm sunlight of the grove. My eyes begin to droop closed, tired as I am, but I force them to remain open. Justin smiles down at me and I realize he is shirtless. My breathing quickens, and I try to sit up, but am unable to make even the slightest of movements.
            Justin walks forward until he is standing above me.
            I watch the sunlight dance across his sculpted chest as he crouches down in front of me. He looms over me, his 6 foot frame easily making me feel small.
            Justin reaches down and gently brushes his thumb over my lower lip. Excitement rushes through me as my nerves tingle with anticipation. Slowly, ever so slowly, he leans toward me. I barely move, hardly breathe, as I resist the urge to run my fingers through his golden locks. I stare up into his lime green eyes, which are sparkling with mischief.
            “Katrinna,” he whispers, as his mouth draws closer to my own. I shiver involuntarily as his breath plays across my mouth.
            Justin smiles, and his eyes sparkle with excitement as he leans towards me for a kiss. He stops, mere centimeters away from the kiss we both so desire. As he continues to remain immobile, I lean forward and touch my mouth to his. Warmth rushes through me as Justin reaches back and cradles the back of my neck, deepening the kiss.
            I sigh into his mouth, longing coursing through me. Hesitantly, I reach up and brush his golden hair. Justin moans softly as he nibbles gently on my bottom lip. I run my fingers through his hair, loving its silky smooth texture.
            Suddenly, a twig snaps nearby and we both freeze. Justin looks in the direction of the noise, and backs away from me slowly. I look around, but see nothing. When I return my focus to Justin, he is fleeing into the forest, and darkness is blurring the edges of my vision.

            Sound returns to me first. Everything else was slow as molasses. I hear hooves, and force myself to a sitting position. My vision blacks out as my head spins. When the world stops threatening to engulf me, my muscles start screaming out complaints. The time I had been unconscious had been just enough to make every single one of my muscles stiff.
            I look in the direction of the noise, preparing to scream. As soon as I inhale, Justin comes into view. I sigh in relief, releasing my breath as Justin climbs off his horse. A slight blush makes its way to my cheeks as I recall what I had been dreaming.
            “Finally!” Justin sighs, walking over to me. He grabs my arm and gently, but firmly pulls me to my feet. I bite back a cry as my muscles protest. “Come, Lady Katrinna, you are going back to the castle.”
            “No!” I cry in alarm, yanking my arm free. The world sways, and I have to steady myself by grabbing a hold of a tree nearby. Unfortunately, the tree snags my nightclothes. I try to regain my dignity, as I fight with the tree to free them.
            “No?” Justin asks, raising an eyebrow as I struggle with the tree.
            “No!” I cry, hopelessly yanking on my nightclothes. “I’m going to find Adrinna, she needs me!” I tug viciously on my night gown, causing my nightgown to rip loudly at the hem, but sadly, not to come free.
            Justin steps over and gently untangles me from the tree. “My orders are to bring you back Miss, and I will use force if necessary.” He says sternly, gripping my forearm.
            I wrench my arm free of his grip, and ignoring my protesting limbs. “Fine,” I say, tilting my head up smugly. “Then you will have to drag me back kicking and screaming. Because that is the only way I’m going back without Adrinna.”
            He frowns at me, his lime green eyes darkening. I know he did not approve of using force. Just as I know that what he had said before was an empty threat. He would take me back perhaps, but I knew Justin would never use force to get me to do something.
            “Aren’t you supposed to bring Adrinna back to the castle as well?” I ask.
            “Yes, however-“
            “Then take me with you. We’ll find her, and you can bring us back at the same time.” I say, trying to stay calm.
            “I can’t Miss, I have to-”
            “Did Father tell you who to bring back first?” I interrupt.
            “Well, no, but . . .”
            “Then bring us back at the same time. I’m sure a knight such as yourself would be more than capable of handling such a difficult task,” I say, giving him my most dazzling smile.
            Justin sighs in defeat. “Very well, but you stay right with me. If I lose sight of you for even five minutes I will be bringing you back to the castle.”
            “As you wish,” I say, smiling sweetly. Justin turns around and grabs the reigns of his horse.
            I grin, glad that things are working out. That is, unless Father were to find out what was going on. Then he would send a fleet of soldiers, none of whom would be swayed by me.
            “We will stop at the next town to get you some decent clothing, Miss.” Justin says, mounting his horse.
            I look down at my nightclothes, the faint blush in my cheeks returning with vigor. I realize that, in my haste, I had abandoned reason. The clothes were hardly adequate for a journey, much less one on horseback. I groan inwardly at the thought of riding again. My muscles throb dully, as I contemplate how to get back on the horse. It hadn’t seemed quite so tall last night. The Friesian horse I had been riding stamps his hooves and snorts at Justin’s buckskin mare.
            “It seems as if Zypher likes Flinn,” Justin observes casually.
            “Which one is Zypher?” I inquire, stalling.
            “The one you sto- Ah, borrowed, Miss. The black one,” Justin answers.
            I clear my throat, “You can stop calling me Miss you know. It gets a bit old after a while. Just call me by my name.” I say, as I grip the saddle horn.
            “As you wish Lady Katrinna.” Justin says averting his gaze,
            I glare at him, and try to pull myself onto Zypher. My muscle clenches painfully halfway up, and I fall back to the ground.  I grunt in frustration and stand, reaching up to grip the saddle horn again, preparing myself.
            “Ka- Katrinna,” Justin says nervously.
            “There, that wasn’t too bad was it?” I say, glancing at Justin before turning back to the infuriatingly out-of-reach saddle, happiness dancing around my gut.
            Justin was spared an answer as Flinn nipped at Zypher, causing him to start, and almost bolt, thus causing me to lose my grip on the saddle horn, and fall very ungracefully to my rear end in the dirt. Justin caught Zypher's reigns after jumping out of Flinn's saddle.holding them and calmed the huge stallion. I made my way back to my feet. Justin turned and handed me back Zypher’s reigns.
            “I would suggest that we set up camp,” Justin says.
            I look west in dismay, noticing the setting sun. Had it really been a whole day since Adrinna was kidnapped?
            “With the current circumstances, we’d best be on our way, lest rumors be started.” Justin says, stepping over to Flinn.
            I blush, unwilling to admit that I would not be unopposed to rumors, as long as what they implied was true. Dismay courses through me as I once again scold myself. Father would be furious if he knew my true desires. As such, I was forced to agree with Justin.  “You are right Sir Justin; however, I cannot get back on Zypher without assistance.” I say, attempting to retain my dignity, and to quickly change the subject.
            The corner of Justin’s lip twitches up in amusement as he walks over to me. Justin lifts me up onto the saddle, holding onto me until I am certain to not fall off. Nonetheless, as soon as he lets go, I almost tumble out of it. Only his quick reflexes prevent me from having another abrupt meeting with the ground. Justin makes me hold the saddle horn while he roots around in his saddlebag. When he returns, he steps into the stirrup,  reached over me and  wraps a rope around my waist. I barely breathe, immobilized by his close proximity. He smelled divine, like leather and strong spices. Once Justin finishes wrapping the rope around my waist a few times he has me let go of the saddle horn, and proceeds to tie the rope around that. I watch as he works, and cannot help but notice how tan he is. Justin wraps the rope around my waist again, then reaches behind me and wraps it around the back of the saddle before wrapping it around me one more time and tying it to the saddle horn.  He then steps off the stirrup and back to check his handiwork. I release my breath, unaware until then that I had even been holding it.
            “This should prevent you from falling off Zypher, even if you sleep,” Justin says, as he turns and climbs into Flinn’s saddle.
            “Thank you,” I say, smiling weakly. Justin glances back at me and nods. He ties the end of the rope to the back of his saddle, so as to lead Zypher. I yawn and stretch my taunt muscles painfully, before leaning forward against Zypher’s mane to sleep. I trusted Justin; I would go wherever he led me. Hopefully he was taking me to Adrinna. I was also eager to return to my dream Justin, to see if he would act as I so desperately desired the real Justin to act.

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