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Faere Warrior: Passion's Price Pt. 5

Dr. Mubarak seems to have more than one secret she's hiding.  Sometimes the unexpected can nearly be expected.  Fate has a way of throwing those things in front of us that we just can't seem to escape.  The question is, is Salena gong to be a saviour or a destructor? 
Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder, never under estimate the powers of the Dark Fae. 

Faere Warrior
Pt 5
by Ellie Mack

Keegan fidgeted all through class, keeping his head down. Her voice played havoc with his memories. While laying out the outlined schedule for the class, Keegan envisioned her beneath him, straddling him, on top of him, and kneeling before him, using her mouth. He squirmed in the seat. He noticed the jock next to him rubbing himself and was furious. He shot him a dagger stare, then tossed out a quick spell. By the end of class the guy was nearly doubled over with stomach cramps. It would ease when he was fifty yards away from Dr. Mubarak.

He closed his notebook and bound down the steps, taking three at a time. “Salena?"

She spun around, an expression of shock at hearing her name, saying “It’s Dr. Mubarak,” as she turned. When she saw that it was Keegan, she couldn’t help the gasp that came out. “Keegan.”

“So that’s how you treat your best. Hate to be your worst.” He was furious. He was nearly sick pining for her, and she was carrying on as if he meant nothing. “And I’ll no be addressin’ ya as Doctor.”

“Keegan. I--” her hand went to her throat, brushing the delicate skin there. “I went back to your hotel and you had checked out. I didn’t know how to find you.”

“Aye, so ya say. No numba, no nothin’. I’ve been out of my mind wantin’ ya. Now I have to wonder if it meant nothin’ to ya.”

“Of course it did! I wasn’t lying when I wrote that. I had to leave, had to get in early preparing for the semester and all. Like I said, when I went back you were gone. I even went back to that club.”

“Aye? Did ya now?” He reached for her hand. She busied herself with organizing her papers.

“Not here; I could lose my job.” She stuffed papers into the briefcase. “But, if you were to follow me to my house.” She gave him a coy look, motioning him to follow.

He was helpless to do anything else. He followed her to her car, then followed her to her home. His mind raced!  He knew Lee would harass him for his behaviour but he didn't care.  All he could think about had been Salena, and there was no way he was going to walk away. It was more than the sex, although the sex had been off the charts.  She had gotten to him, gotten under his skin, affected him in a way no other woman had ever managed. Although, to be honest it was his own doing.  He never allowed anyone to get close.
He pulled into the drive of her house, and shut off his bike. His heart was pounding and pulse racing.  He was already hard just being near her again. Once inside the door, it was instant heat. Salena closed the door behind them then turned as Keegan pinned her to the wall, her hands over her head as he plundered her lips.

When he finally came up for breath, nuzzling her ear he said “God, lass, I’ve been crazy for ya. Can’t think of naught else but you.” He licked her neck from collar bone to her ear, she shivered.

“You affect me like no other woman.” His lips on hers again as he raised one hand massaging her breast, kneading, cupping then rubbing over her hard nipple leaving her breathless.

“Keegan, I’ve thought of you as well. I keep reliving that night in my mind.” She kissed him aggressively, biting his lip. “Making me crazy with your touch, your kisses.”

He lifted her, her arms falling around his neck. He raised her up, allowing her legs to wrap around his waist, then pressed her against the wall. He couldn’t stop if he wanted to. Salena was finally his again.

He carried her, her legs wrapped around him as she directed him down the hall to her bedroom. He laid her gently on the bed, following her with his full weight, pressing against her fully as her legs were splayed.

She moaned he growled. Her hands clutched the comforter, his hands frantically unbuttoned her shirt. She trailed her nails down his back causing him to arch, pressing into her harder. She nearly screamed.

    A flurry of clothes fell to the floor as they kissed and licked each others bodies. He scooted up against the headboard and she straddled him, her legs wrapped around him. They moved together as if they’d been lifelong lovers, matching movement for movement, anticipating the other’s needs. It was a magical relay, unspoken cues for when they handed off the lead to the other, reaching the pinnacle together.

    As he lay there with Salena, his chest heaving trying to recover from the intensity, he saw a movement at the foot of the bed.  It was just dark enough that it was hard to distinguish. 

            *              *                 *                *

    Master would not be pleased!  His human had brought a male home an allowed him to not only touch her, but she enjoyed him immensely. Siann was to watch her, keep an eye on her, protect the master's property.

    Siann decided, she'd have to punish the humans.  Punish the male that touched the master's property, and punish Salena for her betrayal.  She crouched, shifting her shape into a different form.  Her flesh rippled, the inner parts vibrating as she focused her energy and thoughts into the new form.  It had been a while since she'd taken this form, nearly two centuries since she roamed the Sahara.

    She crept closer, silently edging to the male's leg.  Her mouth watered.  She wanted to taste his blood. She could feel the warmth coming off his body in waves, pulsating with his heart beat.  Her mouth salivated, she wanted to taste him but if she did chances are he'd move before she could sting him with her venom. She edged closer, the battle waging within her whether to bite and taste his blood or to sting him and punish him for touching the master's property.  

    Siann moved closer, she had to move quick.  If she bit and stung at the same time he wouldn't stand a chance.  She crouched, hidden in the folds of the sheets, carefully edging near his flesh. Her mouth watering as she sprang into action, clamping her pincers into his flesh and lashing her scorpion tail over her head, burying her stinger into his leg.  She lapped at the blood, sucking fiercely; knowing it was only a matter of seconds before he would fling her aside to allow her escape. 

   She sucked in deeply, waiting for the intoxicating rush that it gave.  Suddenly a rush of pain shot through her.  She released him before he could brush her aside and scrambled from the bed, falling to the floor.  Shifting as she moved, changing from scorpion to cat as she ran for the door. 

   The Pain!  It was so intense.  Nothing felt this painful except Seelie Fae blood.

   Once outside she halted, turning, spinning around.  Fae blood!  But he was human. Yet, unmistakably Fae blood.  Her insides clenched, she was going to be sick for days with Seelie blood.  Last time she prayed for death, it never came.  Siann slinked off to the cool damp cave on the edge of the woods and reverted to her natural form. Gone was the sleek lines of a feline, in it's place was her rough dark skin, the bulging eyes, her razor sharp teeth, and grotesque form that she despised. Instantly the waves of bile rose within her and she hacked, sputtering blood from her system.  Every nerve was on fire, every cell throbbing with the pain.  She slumped against the cool earth.

   As soon as the sickness passed she'd report to the master.

          *              *                *                *

     Keegan let out a scream!   He smacked at his leg, seeing a giant scorpion scurry across the floor.  "Fuck!"  He clamped his hand over his calf, the pain shooting up his leg.  As he took his hand away, a smear of blood came with it.  He glanced over at Salena, she barely stirred.

    He stepped towards the door determined to squash the stupid scorpion.  'How the hell did it get in here anyway?  Scorpions weren't native to California, were they?' When he stepped to the floor, intense pain overwhelmed him as he buckled to the floor.   He felt nauseous; waves of bile rising, churning his inside.  He drug himself to the bathroom.  The smooth tile floor felt like fire against his skin.  Just a few more feet. 

    He drug himself up to the edge of the toilet, a mere second before his stomach emptied it's contents.  A wave of fire ripped through his insides, and as he glanced at his leg, blood trickled down his leg from bite marks as well as a spot above it.  The blood from the spot above it was thick and greenish. Unseelie blood, but from where?

    "Leevander Traherne!"  He yelled, then collapsed on the cold marble tile. 

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