Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Final Battle!!

(And here it is!! Part Five of "You Belong With Me!")

“Abrica get your stuff. We are leaving in 10 minutes, don’t argue with me!” I ran into my bedroom and tugged on the cloth my alter was on and it folded up into a handkerchief for travel. Next I walked over to my wardrobe and tapped the door three times before saying “collapse”. The wardrobe collapsed in on itself and became a little square. I placed both items in my pink purse and went out to the living room.
“Abrica you ready yet?” I sat down on the couch and wondered if I should put a spell on my furniture and shrink it also. I shook my head deciding to get new furniture in my new home, maybe one with a yard for Abrica.
“Abrica?” I stood up when something fell onto my leg, I looked down and saw Andrews sweater from earlier. I bent down and slowly picked it up. I remembered this sweater, I gave it to him for Christmas last year. He was always complaining he was cold and had no good sweaters. I sighed and sank into the couch where we had sat all curled up like a pair of lovers on a cold winters night, watching reruns of Doctor Who and Leverage.
“Oh…Andrew…what am I to do with you? Grandma! Why couldn’t you tell me the truth…” I leaned back against the couch and took a deep breath of  the sweater. It smelled like Andrew, I laid my head back on the head rest and stifled a yawn. I needed to go see what was taking Abrica so long, he was probably trying to pack the whole fridge.

“Grand ma ma, why can I do all these strange and weird things…but my friends can’t?” I look up at my Grand ma ma who is stirring a potion.
“Because my sweet, you are a witch. You and I are both witches, the last of a dying breed I’m sorry to say.” She let out a little sigh before she put down her spoon.
“Was Ma Ma a witch?” I took a look inside the cauldron, it had to be the size of me.
“Yes…my sweet, she was.” She smiles at me and pats my head.
“What ya cooking Grand ma ma? I hope it’s not dinner.” I make a funny face at the smell coming from the cauldron. Grand ma ma giggles at me and sets me on the floor.
“No my dear, not dinner. Grand ma ma must make spells and potions in order to pay for our home.” She picks up the cauldron and carries it over to the stove, setting it down she lights the stove.
“Oh…ok.”  I sighed as I turn the pages in my Grand ma ma’s Book of spells.
“What’s wrong my sweet?” She looks at me and hands me my favorite orange pop.
“The girls at school were making fun of me…they said I wasn’t special and I was stupid.”  I sit down in the chair and sigh.
“Oh my poor sweet! You are far from boring or stupid, you are the most specialist person in the whole widest world!” She smiles and tackles me, I squeal and fall into fits of giggles.
“How am I special Grand ma ma?”
“You are very special! One day you will fight to save the one you love and by winning you will save our species from extinction!” She smiles and hugs me, I was confused. What did species and extinction mean.
“Grand ma ma, what does species and extinction mean?” I look up at her as she slowly morphs into Andrew who’s smiling down at me like I was the only person in existence.
“You are very special Tay, well at least to me you are.” He smiles again and I can feel my cheeks burning.
“Andrew…you are such a suck up.” I smack his arm and then lift it up so I can snuggle against him while he turns on the new episode of Leverage.
“I know, you love it admit it.” I felt him laugh, I smile and duck my head so he can’t see.
“No comment, now hush we’re missing important dialogue.” I get all comfy against him and let out a sigh of content.
“I meant it Tay, you are the most specialist person in the whole wide world.” I hear him say, I smile and turn back to Leverage.

“Meow…meow!” I hear Abrica calling me, I slowly open my eyes and much to my disappointment, Andrew isn’t beside me holding me. I sit up slowly and fight back the tears I feel welling up inside of me.
“Oh…Andrew.” I look at Abrica who has his things ready for me to pack, I glance down at Andrews sweater and I feel a deep powerful urge to ram it down Rowendras throat.
“Abrica…the trip is off! We are going to taken down Rowendra or die trying!” I got up and grabbed my purse.
“Come on Abrica we’re going back to that store and we aren’t leaving until we can cast offensive spells easily.” I picked up Abrica and walked out of the door determined to not stop until she was defeated or dead.
It was a long ride to the store, I didn’t remember it being that long the first time, or maybe this time I’m just impatient to get there. I couldn’t believe I’d only been there two hours ago, it felt more like two years ago.
“Hello?” I pushed the door open and noticed it had gone back to a dry-cleaning store.
“Umm….ma’am?” I stepped inside and walked over to the counter. “Abrica check in back…” I set him down on the counter and watched him jump down and run off into the back.
“I hope she didn’t leave…or we’re screwed.”  I sighed and laid my head on the counter, doubt was starting to creep into my mind.
“Why would I leave? This is my home…” A voice said in front of me, I jumped up and saw the old lady from before.
“You’re here! Thank goodness, I’m sorry I ran, please teach me.” I used my best begging voice, it worked on Grand ma ma and Andrew.
“Of course my dear, I knew you would return. It was a lot to take in.” She smiled and set the box on the counter I looked at it and nodded. I slowly lifted the lid and saw the pendant once more, It was just as beautiful as I remembered it, ok so not much changes in two hours but still.
“Put it on, then we can begin.” The old lady who’s name I never caught said, I took a deep breath and picked up the pendant, it came alive in my hands. I placed it around my neck and jumped slightly when I felt it’s power intertwine with my own until they were one.
“Wow!” Was all I could say, the old lady smiled and walked to the back. I followed her much quicker this time and saw Abrica near the table and chairs drinking a saucer of milk.
“Abrica…really? She got you just by giving you milk? You’re so easy.” I sighed and followed the lady to the spell range.
“Now, this spell is a very advanced fighting spell. But, we do not have time for you to learn all the basics and such. It’s not hard, it’s just like regular spells…just more volatile.” She smiled and had me take a step back. She closed her eyes and muttered a word, her hand glowed a bright green, it slowly floated up in the air and flew faster then I could follow to the dummy and exploded onto it, causing it to catch on fire. But, a deep green colored fire.
“Wow! How did you do that?” I looked at her and she smiled, and revealed her own pendant, it was green.
“The pendants allow us to skip the prep work and go straight to the casting stage.” She smiled and hid it again. “You try. The word is “enflame”.”
“Umm…ok.” I took off my bag and placed it on the chair beside Abrica before going over to the range with her.
“Ok…” I closed my eyes and pictured the dummy on fire. “Enflame…” I threw my hand out and jumped when something exploded. I opened my eyes to see the dummy next to the one I was aiming at one fire, but it was pink fire instead of green.
“That’s great! Aim needs a little work. But, once you get used to the spell you can cast it with your eyes open and you won’t even need to concentrate.” She smiled and threw her hand out, the dummy burst into green flames once more.
“Whoa! You didn’t even say the word!” I jumped back and gaped at her.
“I thought the word, that’s all you need to do.” She smiled and put the fire out.
“Are you ready?” She held out her hand for me, I smiled and took it.
“Ok, Abrica I need you to go hide until this is over. I don’t want her to hurt you” I cuddled Abrica and gave him some nuzzles, he purred and licked me before running off.
“I’ll be ok…I hope.” I set down my book and a picture of Rowendra I cut out of a photo of the three of us. I was going to do a summoning spell, so she would come to me, instead of the other way around. I needed every advantage I could get.
“Oh dark one, I summon you to my place. Come to me and let us end this finally!” I set the photo of her on fire from the special summoning candle I got from the old lady.     “Come…come…come…come!” I held the burning photo as I rocked back and forth concentrating on her coming to me, whether she liked it or not.
“Who dares summon the Great and Powerful Rowendra!” A voice pierced through the air, I opened my eyes to see Rowendra step out of the shadows looking very cross.
“Oooo….it’s the ickle witchy. Taylor…come to save your boyfriend have you?” She smiled and sneered at the summoning spell I’d created for her to come.
“Yes, and no.” I waves a hand over the supplies and they vanished, sent back to my apartment. I did not need them, I had all the spells I needed in my head, and all the power I needed from my amulet.
“Yes & no? Well, which is it.” She seemed bored and leaned against the wall and picked at her finger nails. But, she couldn’t fool me, I saw how scared and angry she was that I was able to summon her, a mere ickle witchy.
“I am here to save Andrew, but I’m also here to put a stop to you.” I stood up and saw her face go hard before her mask popped back up.
“Stop me? You…you don’t even know any offensive spells my sweet.” She smiled and pushed away from the wall, I rolled my eyes and forced myself not to act on it. I need the element of surprise.
“So, you going to stop me with the power of love? Your love for Andrew…” She sneered and walked around me, I blinked.
“I don’t love-” I started but Rowendra cut me off mid sentence.
“Whatever…” She stopped in front of me and smiled again.
“Well, do your worst.” She smiled and back away from me, I took a breath and pictured vines growing all over her and threw my hands out to her, I heard her laugh. I opened my eyes and saw her pulling them off one by one easily.
“That all you got ickle witchy? You’re dead!” She smiled and threw her hand out at me, I suddenly felt very hot. I knew what was coming a fire spell, I clenched my eyes shut and imagined a white barrier protecting me. I opened my eyes to see the fire hit the wall and fizzle out.
“I’m guessing defensive spells aren’t so bad after all!” I sneered at her. Her face turned ugly and she did a long drawn out arm gesture and threw her hands towards me. I waited but nothing happened, she just smiled and did not move. Slowly the air around me became thin and I could barely breath, I had just seconds to get out of the way before I was trapped. I took as deep a breath as I could and dove to the side. I landed hard on my back and winced as my remaining air whooshed out of my lungs. I looked over to where I was standing and saw a giant globe type thing, I guessed it was a sucked the air out of the area spell, I’d seen it at the store.
“Hmm…smarter then I thought. No matter, it will just make killing you more fun.” She smiled and turned to me, having dissolved the spell.
“Really? You’re pathetic, I can’t be killed that easily. Where’d you learn your magic…Magicians kit for children?” I sneered at her and got up, still wheezing from my landing.
“You child are starting to really anger me, and you don’t want to see me angry.” She growled and I saw her eyes flash black.
“Oh really? Maybe if I see you angry, then I will see real magic…not this pathetic any child can do magic.” I smiled and stepped back a bit.
“That’s enough! I will not let you child or not even 20 years, insult me…The Great and Powerful Witch Rowendra…oh 3000 years!” She said this all while pulling her self up to her full height, I just smiled.
“No wonder you look like crap. 3000 years, really? No wonder you look so old and brittle.” I giggled and pointed at her wrinkles.
“You know what! Sucking you dry is to good for you, you need to die…by my hand!” She closed her eyes and starting chanting in some strange language, while making some more weird hand movements.
“What you trying to do fly?” I laughed some more and made chicken noises while flapping my arms. I knew she heard me as the skin around her eyes tightened.
“Bobombtartical!” She cried to the heavens as lightning hit all around her, I took a deep breath and readied myself. She took one look at me and threw her arms at me, sending all the lightning straight for me. I smiled, I was ready for this.
“Portal…” I muttered and waited for the last second before dropping into it, letting the lightning hit the ground where I was and explode. I heard her scream and cheer and probably do some lame victory dance, I wouldn’t put it past her.
“How about a smart ass remark now you little brat!” She screamed at the spot where I used to be.
“If you insist. Is that all you got?” I smiled, standing behind her. Having popped up from the portal while she was cheering and screaming at the spot I was.
“You?!” She spun around and jumped back like five feet, she looked terrified before her mask came up, but I could tell it was cracked. She was scared.
“How…how…did you?” She looked at the fire and then back at me.
“I told you, not all defensive spells are useless.” I smiled and folded my arms and waited.
“This time you will die!!” She screamed as some hair fell out of her bun.
“Bring it bitch!” I did the whole head jab and finger snap at her, I could tell it just pissed her off even more.
“Abacratious!” She opened her eyes and threw her hands at me, I waited and waited but nothing happened. She seemed confused by this, I just smiled.
“What’s wrong? Where are your pathetic spells?” I smiled and folded my arms again waiting patiently as she tried again, and again.
“Uhh…what’s going on!” She screamed and stomped her foot.
“You’re out of juice my sweet! You’re all dried up like a shriveled up prune. Look like one also.” I smiled at her, she blinked confused.
“But, I’ve…I’ve never gone dry before…How?” She looked at me scared and I just smiled thinking back to the shop with the old lady.

“The key to defeating her, is not with offensive spells, or beating her up. Her magic come from her anger and hatred. If you get truly angry she will put more magic into her spells then needed. So if you can get her to do a massive spell after a few minor ones, she will be all dried up. You can’t use any offensive spells on her, it will only add to her magic stores. Only use defensive, you know plenty to avoid all her spells without much trouble. She won’t understand what’s going on, so be nice and explain it to her. Then use this.” She hands me scroll tied closed, I could feel the magic coursing through it.
“This is a one off spell, only use it when she is at her weakest and can no longer fight back. Good luck.” She smiled and walked me out of the store.

“I drained you, just like you have done to thousand and thousands of witches before me.” I smiled and pulled out of thin air.
“How…how did you do it! Tell me!” She screamed, I sighed and decided to let her in on the secret.
“My tactics where not just sheer cockiness, it was a plan of attack. Get you extremely pissed off with me and instead of putting 1% into your spells, you put 10%. Then when you did that massive lightning spell you put everything you had left into it. You are drier then a well in the desert during a drought.” I smiled at her and opened the scroll slowly.
“What’s…what’s that?” She looked at the scroll in my hands and took a step back. I smiled and held it up.
“A one off spell a friend gave me for you. It does the most horrible thing you can ever do to a witch.” I looked down at it and read the spell in my mind and mentally prepared for it.
“…Kill me?” She said with nothing but a squeak. Without her magic she was pathetic.
“No, that’s to good for you. I’m going to suck you dry of your powers. They will get stored in this scroll, that is until I destroy it.” I looked at her shocked and terrified face, I couldn’t help but smile.
“Rompasis…sergicoso…absorb!!” I turned the scroll to face her as a bright light shot out and went straight into her heart. She blinked for a second before she keeled over in pain and let out a scream I had never heard from a living being. I didn’t care, how many witches had she done this exact thing to in the last 3000 years? Well, never again!
“Please…stop…” She collapsed to the ground as she glowed white and the glow turned black and was sucked into the scroll, which then folded and tied its self shut.
“It’s done, you are Rowendra the Great and Powerful no more. FYI? No one called you that but you.” I placed the scroll inside a cauldron that had appeared out of nowhere.
“No!” She screamed and tried to lurch for the cauldron, but she was to weak and just landed on her face.
“Say good bye to your powers.” I threw my hand at the cauldron. “Enflame!” The inside of the cauldron burst into pink flames. Slowly the scroll was set on fire, I jumped back as a wail erupted from the cauldron and a black plume of smoke erupted from it, it was sucked back in and was gone. Even the fire was put out…all that was left was scorch marks.
“Life as a mortal is to good for you, but I think I will be happy knowing you can no longer harm anyone. Goodbye Rowendra…and good riddance.” I did a little twist on the spot, I and the cauldron were gone.

“Abrica, I’m home. I did it, she’s done forever!” I ran in through the door to the living and froze.
“Andrew…Rowe- Alexis isn’t here.” I said a little flat.
“I’m not here for Alexis, I’m here for you Taylor.” He smiled and got up, he walked towards me and I frowned.
‘Me? So, the spell on him is broken? Yes, now we can…can what?’ I looked up at him as he drew up to me, he smiled. I let out the content sigh I always let out when he’s near.
Yes, yes…I understand now, why I did it all…it was for him, because…’
“I came here for you, because this morning I felt freer then I have in months. I could finally think straight, and all I could think of was…” He started, but I cut him off and sighed.
“Alexis…” I was surprised when he laughed.
“No Taylor. You…all I could think of was you.” He smiled and took my hands.
“Me?” I blinked and he kissed them.
“Yes, you. I wanted to tell you this months ago, but then I met Alexis and…everything became blurry. But…I love you.” He smiled and I couldn’t help but stare into his gorgeous blue eyes.
“Yes…yes…I love you too.” I found myself saying, his smile grew and he took me in his arms to, well, I’m sure you can fill in the rest for yourselves.


  1. Very nice. The lessons with the old lady needed to be more, but really very nice.

  2. I love your spell casting. I've gotten very good with mine--would you like to share spells? I have some nice ones I could show you.

  3. Hey there! Were you able to execute all the settings of this portal on your own or you asked for some help?