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Faere Warrior: Passion's Price Pt 4

People are never what they seem.  Isn't it amazing the things you find out when you look beyond  the surface?  Of course what did you expect with a man who is contracted to the Fae, and a woman who is, . . . how old is she?

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Faere Warrior: Passion's Price

Pt 4

by Ellie Mack

     Salena stood in the steaming shower, the pulsing water massaging her skin.  After slaying she felt the effects of age.   She'd managed to reach six of the demons before a guardian showed up.  There had been one in Versailles that she managed to avoid. They were on opposite sides, the guardians and slayers.  

     Guardians worked with the demon masters; protecting them, using their own magic to send their lower caste brethren back through the portals to emerge from the next opening.  Slayers were sanctioned by the church.  Their mission was clear -  destroy the demonic hoards. 

     The Guardians used Seelie weapons to send them back.  What were they thinking?  They would only return at a different location. The lower caste demons were mindless for the most part, depraved evil with single minded focus:  destroy human kind.  It was her calling to protect the human race.  She'd been chosen.

    Salena stretched her neck while leaning against the marble enclosure.  Her body ached in places that she didn't know was possible to ache.  With a heavy sigh she shut the water off, and grabbed the towel.  She rubbed herself with minimal effort, dripping a trail of water as she forced her steps to the bed.  Tired, so very tired. Exhausted, she flopped on the bed, her towel falling open.  It didn't matter, she was too tired to care.  Her last thought was the knowledge that she'd have to use more of her precious elixir, or add another glamour tat, before the new moon.

   As she slipped into black oblivion, the masking spells faded.  The flawless physique was a maze of glyphs and runes.  A ring of glyphs encircled each breast, making a bra of sorts of the tattooed protections.  A series of runes covered the bottom fullness of each breast.  A maze of glyphs covered her lower abs, down over her triangular patch of hair, down between her legs, even over her labia.  the tops of her thighs were covered with long Celtic knot work that had been spelled.  His mark was on her inside thigh, on the top of her left breast just above her heart, and on her ass cheek.

  She sighed, exhaling deeply, with thoughts of Him. 

    She touched her breast. The scarred textured skin of his insignia ring branded into her skin, the reminder that above all else, she was His.  Instantly she was transported to stand before Him.  She knelt, naked in full submission to her master.  she waited until He recognized her.

    "Salena"  His voice rough and scratchy. "Why have you been so long in coming?"

    "I've been searching for the cuffs and torque that would free you, my Lord."  Her head remained down.  She was not allowed to view Him until he commanded her.

    "Any progress?"  A soft rustling of fabric, a slight jangling as he rose, then clipped footfall approaching her.

    "Not yet, my love.  I've come across another guardian."

    He moved her hair aside, and kissed her neck.  She shivered; this made it all worthwhile.  His touch was exquisite.  "How many humans have you offered yourself to since you've come to me?"

    Her mind raced. she knew better than to lie.  "Three, my Lord.  None that compare to you."

    He jerked her hair back pulling her head up.  She quickly squinted her eyes closed, but couldn't help the gasp that escaped her.   "Fucking whore!  YOU'RE MINE!" He roared over her, then slapped her so hard it knocked her to the floor.

    "Always yours, my Lord."  She knelt in full submission, her body folded over itself, head laid on the floor."

    "And what of this guardian?"  He circled her, she  knew the whip was coming.  Her body tingling in anticipation.

   "I only saw him from a distance.  I avoided contact, but I took out six demons."

    "Look at me!" He commanded.  She raised her eyes, viewing her lover as if it were the first time.  He was magnificent.  No human could ever compare to Him.  Salena swallowed hard, her mouth already salivating for his touch, for his pleasures.  She'd do anything for Him and He knew it.  

  "You'll stay close to the guardian.  He'll lead you to the torque."   He bent to her kissing her rough, demanding.   She was instantly wet.  He would torture her, beat her, whip her, but bring her to paradise more times than she could count.  It was worth any pain to be His. To be pleasured by Him, to have Him claim her as His own.  She was forbidden from using His name until she had managed to free Him from this Fae prison. 

             *                                     *                                       *                                         *

    Her body spasmed on the bed, naked in the moonlight. Welts appeared, beaded lines of blood rising.  Siann sat crouched next to her body, licking the blood from each line as it appeared.  The human was never aware during these episodes.  The taste of blood stirred the beast within her small form.  She could sink her teeth in fully, and this pathetic human would never know.  It would serve her right.

    Siann thought of the irony, the human giving her self over to His pleasure, while allowing Siann her own pleasure with her earthly form.  Humans were easy to toy with.  Once given over to their sensual pleasure, they could do whatever they wanted with them.  Siann sank her teeth into the full roundness of Selena's breast, feeling the tear of her flesh.  she lapped at the flow then suckled, drawing more of the elixir tainted blood from the helpless form.  the elixir was never meant for humans.  It only drove them to madness quicker. 

    Blood lust overcame Siann, and she bit her human again, lapping at the flow. A third time she bit, practically tearing a mouthful of flesh away.  It had been ages since she was allowed to feast, but she knew He would banish her if she destroyed Selena's human form.  She lapped eagerly until the flow ceased.  Siann growled, desiring more.  She watched as Selena's body spasmed and twitched in the moonlight. She needed more.  More blood to satisfy her taste.  She lept from the bed, and sauntered down the hall towards the atrium.  The small door that had been installed for her feline form allowed he to come and go as she pleased.  Although her taste was for human blood, a rabbit or squirrel would have to suffice.  She glanced at her reflection in the glass door as she passed.  Her mouth covered in the red blood just fueled her desire for more.  The sleek lines of a Siamese suited her well.  she rolled her shoulders with grace and power as she stalked towards her next prey.

           *                                          *                                   *                                         *

   Keegan always hated the first day of class.  He'd spent one year at the Uni back home; since then, it was a different place every semester.   He only had three classes this time:  Dr. Mubarak's Archaeology of the United States and Egyptology in the Modern Era, and Dr. Kincaid's Studies in Mythology.  

    He chuckled; if the professors had only seen half of what he had seen, it would change the way they taught.  If not for the fact that in the real world he needed the education to land the job of his dreams he'd fore go the headache.  It was a sweet deal really.  The Fae funded his college, provided a sizable bank account, and whatever ride he desired.  They funded all travel expenses in exchange for fueling his body with immortality in order to fulfill his role as Guardian.  Well, he hadn't quite made it to Guardian level yet he was still a Warrior.  Still, the benefits were sweet. 

    He took his seat at the back of the lecture hall.  His large size often made it difficult for his more petite classmates to see around him.  Inevitably one of these petite beauties were always drawn to him.   It was okay, he enjoyed the attention.  They were often fun, sweet girls that filled his time.  But he couldn't get Salena off his mind.  He combed his fingers through his hair as we watched the students filing in, thinking of his night with Salena. 

   "Hey, heard the professor's pretty hot.  You here for that, or to actually study this lame ass subject?"

   He turned to the voice beside him.  It was  one of the jocks he'd seen at the bar the night he'd met Salena.  "What?"

   "The professor.  Suppose to be super hot.  Or are you a Joneser?"

   "You want to nail some old man?  What the hell is wrong with you?"

    "NO!  Asswipe.  Dr. Mubarak's a chick.  A super hot stellar."  He scooted back in his chair. "There she is."  He motioned to the front of the class with a head nudge.

    Keegan opened his notebook, adjusting it on the desk shaking his head at the jock. He heard the movements at the front, and out of the corner of his vision saw a form moving about.  He raised his eyes noticing the spelling of the name on the blackboard.  He scanned the area.  Bent down, fiddling with wires, was the instructor.  When she rose,  Keegan's mouth about hit his desk.

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