Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Faere Warrior: Passion's Price Pt 3

Hmm, well we already know there's more to Keegan than meets the eyes. Apparently Salena has an unusual secret as well.  I swear she doesn't look a day over 25!  Poor Kyle, he has no idea what kind of mess he's walked into. As if the contract with the Fae weren't enough he's walked into the proverbial fire.

Passion's Price Pt 3

The Night Shift

Ellie Mack

Keegan stretched and smiled. Salena was an amazing lover. She matched him move for move, and even bettered him a few times he’d have to admit. She might make this assignment tolerable after all. Dealing with Lee was worth it if he could counter it with Salena.

She was like no other women he’d known. Her dark features striking, her deep brown eyes were sultry yet demure, and her body was divine. He reached for her without opening his eyes only to find there was nothing there. He sat up abruptly, disappointed that she had gone. Keegan raked his fingers through his disheveled hair while searching the room hoping that just maybe she was still here.

He spotted the folded note on the nightstand, and knew. He swung his legs down, reaching for the note at the same time.

“Thanks for the best time I’ve had in ages. Hope to run into you again.”

                                                                  Salena M.

“Bloody hell!” He made his way to the bathroom grumbling. He’d lay odds Lee had something to do with it.

                 *                              *                                    *                                 *

It had been a week; no sign of Salena at the club, at any local restaurant, not even at the gas station. Keegan was a brooding mess by the time he settled into his apartment.

“She’s just a female, get over her arsehole.” Lee threw the insult at him like a ball of fire.

“Shut it.” Keegan was in no mood to hear Lee’s insults.

“Was it that you haven’t had any for so long that you were so grateful to the whore for giving you a mercy fuck? Or that you’re actually the brood mare.” Lee walked in a slow arrogance, sauntering across the floor without any cares.

Keegan jumped up from his plush chair, and slammed Lee to the ground. “I said shut the fuck up you arsehole.” He threw a punch that if Lee had been human would have broken his nose. “I doon expect ya to understand ya heartless fairy.” Keegan was bent over him, his face close to Lee’s.

With a blast of force, Lee threw Keegan off, into the far wall as bones cracked, Keegan sliding down the wall into a heap. He lay there for a few seconds his chest rising and falling before endeavoring to rise. Slowly, Keegan pushed himself up, twisting his neck popping, then rotating his shoulders popping then adjusting his back as a series of loud grating, popping noises could be heard.

“Pathetic human. You’re no match for me.” Lee sent another force in thought that slammed him back into the wall.

Keegan squirmed against the force trying to break free to no avail.

“Good, now that we understand each other. You’ve got work to do. Quit sulking over the female, there are hundreds more for Danaa’s sake.” He sent a piercing pain through Keegan's right shoulder.

Keegan clenched, but didn’t utter a sound.

“Save your fight for my dark brethren. The elders report there is an open portal that hundreds are streaming through. If you’re done with your little sulk, you have a contract to uphold.”

“I dinna sign your fuckin’ contract. I do it to honor my fatha.”

Lee chuckled. “Yes well, . . . one way or the other you have a job to do.” He picked up the Sword of Light and placed it in Keegan’s hand and winked. “Get on with it.” At that he sifted Keegan to the location of the portal.

Keegan found himself at steel doors at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. To the right of the door was a cleft in the rock, where the stone was crumbling away. As he stood, three Dark Fae wriggled their slimy bodies through the opening, making their hideous screeching sounds.

“Oh bloody hell! He set to work, just before a horde of them began to emerge from the small cavern hidden by the crumbling wall. Keegan knew his job well. He performed the skilled ballet of a seasoned warrior with the grace and ease that would have been expected from a smaller man instead of one of his massive size. The slightest touch from the Sword of Light sent them back through the portal, squealing that ear splitting screech they had.

He had to pursue some up the hill, towards the bridge then noticed about a dozen climbing along the chains on the underside of the bridge. “Damn!” He took off after them. Climbing was his least favorite, and the under structure of a bridge had been his demise thrice already. Thank the Fae for their healing powers, he’d been revived and had some of their Fae magic coursing through his veins giving him a form of immortality. As he climbed the super structure he spotted a figure clad in black climbing steadily about 500 feet ahead of him. It was a slayer.

It had been some time since he'd run across a slayer, since his first Fae round up in France ten years ago. As he climbed faster he noticed the sleek grace this slayer had, a confidence in their movements, a reserved power of ease in their style. He almost admired the slayer’s form, except they aided the enemy. Slayers actually aided the dark Fae. A deception spoken to an elite sect of warriors, in a time when battles had lessened on earth was easily grasped with manifestations of the dark Fae creatures that emerged before them. By destroying the Fae however, it upset the delicate balance that had to be maintained to keep the wards between the realms.

He seemed to move slow and sluggish as he watched the first two creatures drop, changing to a human form in midair before they fell into the waters below. He was too far away, Keegan couldn’t get to this slayer in time without a boost of Fae magic. He spoke the words and touched his gold torque, and was suddenly thrust in front of the slayer. His sword tip brushed three of the Fae, causing them to nearly dissolve into a black hissing mist, that trailed back inside the cavern. He rushed ahead, in order to reach the remaining Fae before the slayer.

When He had sent the last one screeching towards the cavern he turned to deal with the slayer. The slayer froze before him, crouched with a catlike grace, then bolted back to the shore swinging with ridiculous ease to he shore.

By the time Keegan had both feet planted firmly on Terra firma; the slayer had long since bolted, speeding off on a black bike. He had one answer at least. He walked to the wall where the stones crumbled and began the chant to close the portal. He knew it would be temporary until he could find the source that opened the portal in the first place.

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