Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Faere Warrior: Passion's Price Pt 2

Hope you are enjoying your first taste of Passion's Price.  It's a little different from Love Notes, but more along the lines of my usual writing.
An element of danger and intrigue always lies just below the surface.  People are seldom what they present themselves to be on first impressions. It  takes time to get to know the real person behind the mask, and time is often the one thing we don't have to invest.

Remember, this is a first draft.  It's not had the inspection of a professional editor and all things are subject to change at the author's discretion.  What the author doesn't change may in fact be changed by an editor.  By the time this goes to final publication the only thing that may remain constant is the author.

I'm going to pick this up with the last few paragraphs from before. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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Passion's Price Pt 2


Ellie Mack

Keegan mounted his bike, then pulled Selena into his arms, half laid across the front of his Dukati. Their kiss deepened, as Keegan slid his hand over her breast. Salena moaned into his mouth.
“Come home with me.” He whispered hoarsely.
    “OK.” She kissed him back aggressively, biting his lip, then holding it between her teeth, pulling back before releasing. She slid out of his arms and straddled the bike behind him. Her arms wrapped around his waist. “Let’s go.”

    He parked his bike in his designated spot and carried the helmets inside, Salena walked in step beside him. The walkway crossed over the highway below, and ended in a small lobby area on the second floor. Keegan took a sharp left after reaching the lobby area heading down the hallway to his room.

    "It's only temporary, I'm lookin' for an apartment, but just arrived in toon a few days ago."  He keyed the door, flipped the light switch and opened a mirrored door. He set his helmets on the top wire shelf, and hung his jacket on the hanger.  He did the same for Selena's jacket.

    Salena glanced around the simple efficiency unit, noting that it didn't look like anyone was staying there and wondered if he was military.  Before she could ask, Keegan had her pinned against the wall, kissing her deep, demanding.

     Salena practically melted at his touch. Once she recovered from the initial shock to her senses she matched him move for move.  Their tongues battling for dominance in their wet dance as he clasped her hands above her head pressed into the wall. She was lost in him: his scent overpowering her, his touch igniting flames of passion that she hadn't felt in a very long time.  

     Keegan pressed into her body, his hard lines against her curves, a coiled heat lurking, barely restrained.  He kissed a trail up her jaw line.  Salena gasped as his knee parted her legs then pressed into her mound.  Just then he sucked her earlobe, causing an electric sensation to short circuit any rational thought she may have had before that moment. 

    Keegan found himself on his back, pushed down on the bed, Salena laying on top of him, kissing him with a demanding passion that made him realize, he may have gotten more than he bargained for.  He smiled, satisfied that he'd finally met a woman who wasn't shy or timid.  He had yet to meet a woman who could fully satisfy his desires.  Tonight, that might change.

    He rolled Salena under him, pinning her with a firm hard kiss, as her hands roamed over his body.  "Aye, ye're a hot one aren' ya?"

     She merely moaned as she lifted up pressing her mouth to his  pulling his head down. Soft mewling noises mingled between them as they explored and undressed each other. 

     Keegan kissed a trail down her toned body, kissing at the defined lines of muscles on her abdomen, kissed her hip bones, the tendon at the top of her thigh, then paused just above the heart shaped patch of pubes, glancing up at  her with half lidded eyes. 
     "Do you want this?" His tongue flicked once over her clit.  Salena made a quick gasp.
     "Yes" Her breath was hoarse, barely above a whisper.
     His tongue darted out again.  "Then ask me for it."
     "Please lick me, suck me, make me come in your mouth."

     Never had a woman spoken so boldly, letting him know exactly what she wanted without much more coaxing.  As he dove between her legs, determined to make her cry out multiple times before he moved on to other activities, Keegan knew this girl was different.  Not just the attitude, but there was something else; something provocative.  Something that dared him to give in to baser desires he'd held in check. 

     Salena was lost in her desires.  After the first orgasm, she surrendered to the overwhelming lust she'd held back for so many years. She didn't know why this guy got her so hot. There were many nice looking men that were muscular that had wanted her over the years.  Why this one?  Why this red haired Scot?  After the third orgasm she didn't care.  She'd do anything for him. She'd let him do anything to her. She would fulfill his kinkiest dirty desires if he would just keep this up. 

     After five orgasms Keegan moved up her body, rubbing his cum soaked face over her abs as he went before he kissed her roughly.  "Wow!  I knew you were hot, but I never expected how much."  He positioned his head right at her junction.  "Are ye ready for me lass?"

    She nodded, breathing hard, anxious for the sensation.

    "Ask me for it."

    "Please."  she had to take a breath. "Please give it to me.  All of it.  Everything.  Please Keegan."

    Hearing his name on her lips was sheer heaven to him. He pushed slightly, slowly, prolonging the sensation. His tongue invading her mouth in similar movement. Slow and tender soon gave way to wild and frenzied. 

     Many hours later, Keegan sound asleep in the bed Salena glanced at her lover.  He was the best she'd had in centuries, but she couldn't stay.  She could never stay.  She quietly dressed and slipped out the door, leaving him a quick note.

     You were the best I've ever had!  You are amazing.  Hope I'll see you again soon.  Had to leave to go to work. 

     With one final glance back at her sleeping lover, she pulled the door until she heard the click. She dashed back to her car, then to her house, telling herself this changed nothing.                  


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