Saturday, August 4, 2012

You Belong With Me!


Oh, sweetie pie. You're so cute, I just love you so much.” She squeeked and kissed him again, I on the other hand wanted to vomit...violently. And I hated that stupid little squeek. But he of course loved it. Since I was the best friend and she was the girlfriend...yeah.

Let me introduce myself. I am Taylor, and that is my best friend Andrew, and his annoying girlfriend Alexis. I've known Andrew since I was 6, I'm now 19. Not that his stupid girlfriend would admit it, she keeps calling me kid and shorty. She's 18, I'm older than her and yet she calls me kid? Sorry, I got caught up in my rant.

Oh Alexis, I love you too...even more.” He smiled and kissed her again, I was ready to vomit all over them.

So, are you two just going to sit there and make kissy faces all night? Or are we going to the movies, and no more horrible romance flicks in Italian. Last one was so bad I was ready to throw my drink on the guy in front of me for something to do.” I sighed, but Alexis made a huff and got up pushing past me.

Nice one Taylor, you hurt her feelings. That's her favorite movie.” He looked after her like a love sick puppy.

Fine, then the two of you can go see another horrible romance Italian romance flick together. You weren't even watching it, you two snogged the whole time.” I made gagging noises at the memory of it.

Fine, maybe we will. You are so immature.” He got up and huffed too, I rolled my eyes.

Me? I'm not the one following around a woman two years younger then me like a lost puppy looking for it's master!” I snapped back, he looked at me and then just walked out. I heard the front door open and then slam.

Good Riddence!” I yelled to the closed door. But, once he was gone I sighed and collapsed onto the couch.

'What does he see in her?' I rolled onto my side to look at the photo of the two of us as kids, hugging.

He normally has a strong mind and will, yet ever since she showed up, he's done nothing but follow her around like a lost puppy. Maybe she's a witch?” I frowned and looked at my black cat.

What? It could happen...I'm a witch. And Grandma never said that I was the only one.” I sighed and rolled onto my back.

The only spell she has over him is love, nothing else. Maybe I should spell her into breaking up with him? No, then he'll mope around for 5 months and moan for her, I'll have to bring her back just so he will eat.” I sat up and pulled out my little black book, that I kept in my purse for emergencies.

Enlarge!” I snapped my fingers and my little black book became my big black book. It's great for portability.

Hmm...maybe I should cast the spell that tells me if he is under any spells just to be sure. He doesn't even have to be here for it to work. I pulled out my photo album and grabbed a photo of Andrew, I set it on the coffee table and set my book next to it.

Hmm...for this spell I need his photo, something that belongs to him, his sweater should work.” I grabbed his sweater and set it next to the photo. “And some salt.”

Abrica, go get me some salt from the kitchen please.” I pointed to the kitchen and saw my cat, Abrica, run off into it. I wrap the sweater around my shoulders, hold onto the photo with one hand, make sure the sweater is touching it, and then sprinkle the salt over them both. If they glow pink he is free, but red he is trapped. Ok, sounds easy enough.” I bent down and took the salt from Abrica, I wrapped the sweater around my shoulders and picked up his photo, making sure the two were touching, I sprinkled salt on them both while thinking my question.

“Meow!” I heard Abrica say, he probably wants thanked for getting the salt. I opened my eyes to say thank you when I froze. His photo and whole sweater were glowing a dark purple.

“...Purple! It doesn't say anything about purple...” I dropped the stuff and grabbed my book. “Purple...puple...” I flipped through the pages as fast as I could.

“A ha! Purple. 'Purple is the color of the Great Witch Rowendra...if you encounter this color in any of your spells, just pack up and leave right away. If she finds out you are a witch she will suck you dry of your magic and leave you to die a mortals...death.' But, she doesn't know I'm a witch how can she?” I looked at Abrica who had jumped up onto the table. He pawed at the page and I finished reading.

'She can sense any spells that involve her, even in the tiniest ways and can track it back to the...source. Run, just run!' That can't be good...” I shivered and closed the book, before changing my mind.

“Abrica, go get your stuff. We are going to be packed just in case this is true and she comes for us. Ah yes, a enlargement spell will work nicely. Make my little purple purse large enough to fit all our things with no added wait, perfect. But, it's complicated.” I put away Andrew photo and shoved his sweater back onto the couch.

“Abrica more salt, some sage and tyne please.” I grabbed my favorite tiny purple purse and set it on the table. Luckily this spell doesn't require I spell my belongings also, or it would take to long.

“Thank you Abrica.” I took the salt, sage and tyne and set them on the table.

“Ok, I have to bless the purse, salt, sage and tyne. Then combine the salt, sage and tyne. Then I sprinkle all three inside the purse while thinking off what I want accomplished. Ok, sounds easy enough...I guess. Abrica a special candle please.” I pointed to my bedroom. I swore he let out a huff before running off to get it.

“You can have some treats later relax.” I sighed and heard him squeak from the bedroom, it means he's excited.

“This spell means we can pack the essentials now, and pack other things in a hurry if needed. Like you cat bed, food, treats...stuff like that we can pack now. I used to use this spell for college, no one ever figured out how I had all my school books, notebooks, everything, yet not break my back. I just told them all I was fast and would return to my room quickly.” I shook my head out of the past and looked down at Abrica who had the special candle still in it's wrapper in his mouth.

“Thank you baby, go get the treats.” I took the candle and set it inside the special candle holder I had in a box under the couch.

“Ok, you get five. One for each thing you got for me.” I dropped five onto the carpet and put the bag behind me on the back of the couch.

“Ok, here goes. Abrica go collect your things, and a few of mine while I do this. Yes, you can have more treats you greedy cat. Do a good job and you can have some milk also.” I smled when he did a flip and took off running.

“Silly cat.” I lit the candle with my special matches that were with the candle holder. I closed my eyes and created a dome shape over the top of the candle. The point of it was to keep out the negative and enclose the positive. Next I picked up the the candle by it's holder, now that it was blessed I could not touch it without blessing my hands first, takes to long, hench the holder. I held the candle of the purse first and made sure to let wax drip onto it and inside it.

“I bless you in the name of the Deities of old and new.” Then I moved onto the sage, tyne and salt. Once I was done I created a circle of wax surrounding all four items, to protect them from outside forces. Like cats that jumped up onto coffee tables while spelling.

Ok, that parts done. How you coming along Abrica?” I yelled to the bedroom, I heard him do a combination of a howl and a meow. I pulled the blessed bol and placed the salt, tyne and sage inside it.

Now to combine the three, bless them again and sprinkle it inside the purse while thinking of my objective.” I took a deep breath and combined the three in the bown, making sure they were were well mixed before grabbing the candle holder again. “I bless you in the name of the dieities old and new.” I made sure to let plenty of wax dripped into the bowl, I set the holder down and made sure to mix the wax into the ingredients.

Ok, now the hard part.” I picked up the purse and made sure it stayed open with one hand. I took a hand full of ingredients out of the bowl and slowly sprinkled it into the purse all while thinking about my objective, and only my objective. Many spells have been ruined with undisciplined minds. My Grandmother told me of a extension spell she cast on her book bag, but she did not do it right so anything placed inside it was lost. Unfortunately she did not know this until she had placed all her school books inside it.

Ok...done. Now to close it and give it a good shake to make sure it is even.” I zipped it shut and pulled the ties closed and shook it like a macarana.

Meow!” Abrica said as he returned to the living room pulling his sled behind him, filled with our items we would not miss if they were packed.

Thank you Abrica. Go get the milk and your bowl, but try not to spill it again, grab the small one.” I finished shaking my bag and decided to test it out. I grabbed a pillow and put it inside, what was great about this charm was, anything of any size would fit inside easily without much work.

Ok, now the clinch...can I reclain the pillow?” I took a deep breath and stuck my hand inside, much to my happiness, I was able to grab the pillow easily and pull it back out.

All right! I did it.” I beamed and sat on the floor and started to place thing inside the bag. “Ok, I think I got everything. I'm going to double check...” I got up and walked into my room and looked around.

Definatly need to grab my book bag which is already packed with everything I need.” I grabbed it and shoved it inside the purse. “Sleeping bags already in there, blankets, pillows, winter clothes. Abrica was very thorough. A few books in case bored. Heck, then all it's endless space and adds no wait to me.” I shrugged and grabbed all my favorites books and shoved them into a tote bag before shoving that into my purse, to keep them seperated of course. I grabbed my CD's and shoved them inside.

I'll keep my alter out until we obsolutely have to leave. It's easily dismantled, all I do is grab the cloth it sits on say and word and it folds up nice and neat for me, statues and all. My favorite stuffies my Mother and Grandmother gave me are already inside. Who am I talking too?”

Abrica you forgot my cameras and my photo's.” I grabbed my digital and manual cameras and placed them inside their cases before placing them inside the purse and made sure I had the cords and film. “I'll pack my clothes later. I have a word spell that will just fold up my closet with all my clothes in it, into tiny little squares. Perfect for travel size. Ok, I think we are done.” Abrica you things are in the side pocket ok. This way we can keep our things seperated, I don't want cat nip all over my stuff again.” I walked into the living room and took the milk from him and poured it into the bowl. I'd of made the milk do it by it's self, but when I do Abrica jumps on the jug making it fall to the floor and spill everywhere. I made him drink it all, let's just say he didn't touch milk for a month.

You're welcome.” I shrunk the purple purse down to a size that I could wear around my neck as a necklace with ease. Once I was done someone rang the door bell.

That's odd...” I shrugged and opened the door. “Hello?”

Hello my itchy little witch!” Alexis smiled at me from the doorway, I froze and wished I'd packed everything instead of waiting.

'Oh shit!' Was all I could think, as we stood there staring at each other.

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  1. i cant believe you ended wiht oh shit!!! LOl cute story love it..