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Dark Magick by Cathy Brockman--post 2

Dark Magick part two-

Dreams do come true…And so do Nightmares


The shrill screech of an alarm clock startles me from a very strange dream. Something about an odd man and magic and black cats. I guess the events of yesterday caused them, though I have no clue about the strange man. I wouldn't mind meeting him for real. He reminds me of Adam Lavine. I guess since I was watching The Voice  before I went to bed. One good thing about sub-conscious thoughts, I sure dreamed up one fine man.

I slip on my fuzzy leopard print house slippers and head to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee before getting dressed. Crossing the living room to the kitchen, I catch a glimpse of the silky black hair on the sofa. I go over to see if the kitty will let me pet him.

My screams echo in my ears. There is a man lying on my couch instead of a cat. He jumps up, naked as a jaybird when I scream. I grab the closest thing I can find to hit him which turns out to be a big book on witchcraft.

The Mage

Normally the sounds of screams in the air don’t bother me, but this one sounds as if it’s right next to me. I jump up and the woman from the cemetery is standing before me. She looks very cute in a long garment and something furry on her feet. Her long copper hair is all messy and tangled. I resist the urge to run my fingers through it and pull the tangles free. My body reacts quickly to the thought. It’s been a very long time since I have been this close to a woman alone. A very intriguing one. Then she gasps and strikes me on the head with her Grimmoire. It isn’t enough to render me unconscious but she sure knows how to deflate a man’s ego. Among other things.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my house? And, and why are you naked?” Her cheeks bloom a  color of soft pink like a rose petal in dawn. I move my hands to cover myself since the thoughts are making things wake up again. Hands feel good on my stiffening member making it grow larger. My hands are not quite big enough in my aroused state to  keep me hidden. I catch her gaze fixed to my, erm, hands. That’s not helping the situation at all.

“You call me Magick, and you invited me in.” I realize with her words and clocking me with the book that I had overslept and forgotten to transform back into the cat. Oh well we needed to get this meeting out of the way. I can’t do much to protect myself and now her from the demon in the form of a cat.

“You expect me to believe you were the cat I brought in.”

“It is truth. How else would I have known you called the cat Magick. By the way thank you for your hospitality.” She eyes me cynically. I realize I have a challenge on my hands and almost decide to turn into the cat and back out knowing how much it will weaken me, when she raises her shoulders in dismissal.

“Get your clothes on then, you have some explaining to do.” She walks into the galley.

“Excuse me, Ma’lady, but cats wear no clothing.”

“So are you saying you’re a cat and you prefer to not wear clothing? You do know I’m still not buying this cat thing? Would you like some coffee?” I catch her gazing at my body once more and she blushes again. Such an innocent, ahh, what I’d like to teach her. Her mouth drops open and I realize I’m reacting to my thoughts once again.

“I have no clothing. I’m sorry. Yes I would like some coffee.” I pick up the blanket and wrap it around myself. Joining her in the galley, she glances at me once again this time as if sizing me up. For what I have no clue so I sit at the table where she places the nice sized cup.

I take a sip of the bitter brew and it must show on my face.

“Would you like cream and sugar?”

“Yes please.”

She places a large dish of sugar and a container of cream in front of me.

“I will go get you a pair of my jogging pants and a t-shirt. You’re not a lot bigger than I am.”

I take another sip of the coffee and nod. Much better though I’d prefer a nice cup of tea. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had anything that doesn’t take like soot, ash and sulpher.


I sat on my bed and take a few minutes to evaluate the situation. It’s not every day you wake up to find a naked man on your couch that clams to be a cat. Not a bad looking man at that. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off his private parts. I’ve never seen anything quite like him. Well I have only been with one guy but he looks nothing like this man. Josh is tall and muscular. I wouldn’t call him large. Well I guess I thought he was large until I saw this man’s body. I am so flustered by him instead of tossing him to the curb, I invited him to coffee. Now I am in here trying to find him some clothes to wear. My clothes.
I get up and open the dresser and pull out a black pair of jogging pants and find him a black t-shirt. The pants were easy but most of my t-shirts have Joe Mangenello or some cute sayings or are pink and girly. I choose one that has a frog on it and says ‘Dam still no prince’. I chuckle, since he is very hot. Well in my book anyways, but I always liked different, not pretty boy looks. This guy has prominent, angular features. If it wasn’t for the stubble and square chin he’d look slightly effeminate. Also odd, since I like very masculine men, and this man sure flips my switches. Like the man in my dreams, he does favor Adam Lavine in a way. Could be those eyes. A soft warm hazel with golden flicks and rings. Gold the color of… Magicks?
Could he really be telling me the truth? Impossible, isn’t it?

Feeling the heat of a stare upon me, I look up. There he is standing in the doorway of my bedroom, with nothing but a throw around his waist. It’s a good thing his is a small man.Not all of him is small. His long black hair skims the top of the throw.  I think he has slung it low on purpose.

“Something amiss, Mi’lady?”  His lips turn up in a most wicked grin as he eyes me sitting on the edge of the bed.

I notice the throw tent again. Thrusting the clothes in my hands out-wards to him, I try my damnedest to look at his face. The movement of him closing in on me to take the clothes, then the throw landing on my lap, yeah I looked. Bending gracefully to put on the pants puts his face level with mine. His wickedly sexy mouth just inches from mine. Catching myself holding my breath, part of me hopes he would close the distance and kiss me. The other part  hopes I don’t do it first. I clear my throat and put my hands on his chest to move him back so I can get up. Sparks fly. Literally. I fall back on the bed he staggers to the wall.

“Whoa! What was that?”

“I have no Idea. Either our magic’s like each other or they don’t? Not sure which, but I know a way to find out.” He flashes that wicked smile, this time white teeth gleaming, a slight gap between the two bottom front, his golden eyes sparkling mischievously.

“I’ll have to take a rain-check. I need to get ready to go to work. You will find everything you need in the kitchen to fix you something to eat. You can cook can’t you?”

“A rain-check? Of course I can cook.”

“Good! Now get the shirt and get out so I can dress.When I get home we will talk.” He reaches beside me for the shirt. His chest is covered in thick black hair trailing down into the waistband of my sweats that are stretched quite nicely over his hips.

“Ugg! You smell like a wet cat and smoke. No smoking in the house!! The bathroom is in there if you need to relieve yourself and please feel free to take a bath or shower. There is soap and shampoo in the cabinet and plenty of towels. You will have to wait until I leave. I will have to rush as it is. Now go!” I point to the door.

“Yes Mi’lady.” he turns and heads out the door.

“It’s Fallon! I’m not your lady!” I close the door and let out a deep long sigh. I’m not sure which is worse this or the day I had yesterday.

I spend most of the day in a daze wondering if he will be there when I return or if most of my stuff will be gone with him. I try calling a few times, but he never answers. I almost go home without getting him some supplies, but then something inside tells me to get them. I can always return them tomorrow if I need to. I really don’t want to wake up to him naked again tomorrow if he is there. Well I do, but I have a boyfriend and shouldn’t be thinking about an absolute stranger like this. A very odd stranger.

 Josh! I forgot all about him through this. I pull in at the cemetery and dial him. I get his answering machine and leave him a message that I’m worn out from yesterday and want to stay in and rest tonight. I just start to leave the cemetery when the phone rings I see it’s Josh so I stop and answer.  

“Sorry babe, I’m at work. I have to work till midnight tonight and looks like tomorrow also. I’m hoping that the guy I am working for tonight will take my shift tomorrow so we can see each other. Maybe go out?”

“Sorry you had to pull another late-night tonight after a double yesterday. Let’s see how I feel tomorrow I think I’m coming down from a cold from being caught out in the rain yesterday.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Well if I can get off and you don’t have to work maybe I can come over and we can watch a movie. I got to get back out, there are customers. Love ya!” the phone goes dead.

I almost dread going in the house. I’m figuring the strange man will be gone and so will most of my possessions. Not that I have anything worth much, but they are mine. I open the door and let out my breath. It looks like everything is here but the man. Why do I feel so disappointed? I have a hot boyfriend that is crazy about me.

“Here kitty, kitty” I found myself calling, hoping that perhaps he turns back in a cat at dusk or something. Hey anything can happen if a cat can be a man in the morning its possible he has to be a cat again. Shrugging my shoulders I toss the bag of man stuff on the counter and put away the few extra groceries I bought so he would have something to snack on during the day. I’ll get a refund on the clothes tomorrow.

“Did you lose your cat? I haven’t seen one all day.”

I catch my breath as he comes into the kitchen nothing on but my jogging pants I gave him this morning. His long sleek black hair shimmering. Even from a distance I can smell my herbal shampoo and body wash.

“I finally figured out how to use your indoor outhouse. Nice! How do you harness water to flow through your dwelling the way you do? And the liquid lye that smells like herbs, you should sell that. You must be an awfully powerful earth witch.”

“I’m not a witch! Why do you keep calling me one?”

“Then explain the magic of the water flowing into the house, the souls trapped in the box, the light from the rafters, and the fire without lighting flint?”

I can’t help but chuckle. He must have escaped from a nut-house, he can’t be for real.

“Ok I’m gonna make us some spaghetti and a salad. While I cook you tell me who you are and where you came from and why your here.”

 He seems comfortable in just the joggers I loaned him, so I decide to wait until later to give him the clothes and stuff. I like looking at him. His thin but firm body and strong muscular arms, and the cool but strange tattoos encircling both arms and shoulders rally does something for me.

I’m hungry and it would take a while to explain it all to him. Though surely he knows how to put on underwear and how to shave.

He watches me intently as I turn the knob on the stove. His beautiful odd eyes getting huge as the fire leaps up and I adjust the levels and set a large pan of water on to boil.

“My name is Sebastian Benedict. I came from the outer reaches of hell, or the In-between they prefer we call it. You brought me here. Is there anything I can help with? I’m used to doing the serving. I feel ill at ease sitting and watching. I am not accustomed to your ways but I’m a very fast learner.”

Feeling the heat from his body ,  I look up, not realizing how close he had moved to me. I hand him a bowl and sit a couple colored bell peppers, a cucumber and a tomato on a cutting board with a knife.

“Just chop these up into small bite-size pieces. Remove the seeds and cores from the peppers and put it all in this bowl. Do you know how to use a knife?”

“Of course I can use a knife. I’m not daft.” He looks up at me like I am the crazy one.

I go about putting the spaghetti into the water, opening a jar of diablo sauce and putting some garlic toast in the oven. He watches in amazement as I open the boxes and jars.

He doesn’t say much as we eat.

“So where are you really from?”

“I was raised in a small colony called Seabrook in Connecticut until the Demon took me to the in-between when I was around my 25th year.”

“You really expect me to believe that?” Before he could answer there was a harsh pounding on the door. I get up to answer it.


Too late. I pull the door open; stunned by the presence of the man standing before me, I automatically say come in.

The door swooshes open and in strides the most handsome man I have ever seen.

One moment Sebastian is standing before me his heart pounding hard. I could see it and the fear of the Gods on his face the next he is a black cat running beneath the sofa. Then Hell seems to break loose. Literally.


In storms a Demon

Without as much as a curt hello the man pushes in past me, glancing around the room.

“I believe you have something that belongs to me.”

Even his voice is beautiful, deep and commanding like his presence.

“Excuse me?”

“You can’t lie to me Woman. I know you have him. We are connected. I feel his presence and I recognize his wards.”

“My name is Fallon! Not Woman!” My voice even scares me. But hey, it’s not been a good couple days.

He turns large dark eyes to me, a look of surprise on his face. I guess he isn’t use to being yelled at, but it’s my house and he did just rip my door off the hinges. I think I’m entitled to be pissed.

"I glance out the window. Nope not a full moon. It’s still over a week untikl Halloween, so I have no reasonable explanation where all the loonies are coming from or why they seem to be appearing at my doorstep.

I turn my gaze back to the man or at least where he last stood, in time to see him heading into my bedroom.

“Look Mister! I don’t know who you think you are, but you can’t just barge in here and start snooping around my house.”

He turns abruptly and in two longs strides he is in my personal space. I can’t breathe. Damn he’s fine!

I am Matanbuchus. Give me what’s mine and I will leave you intact. Trust me you do not want me to have to coerce it from you.” He leans in closer. His face stern, eyes stormy.  His voice taking on a rather frightening tone as he makes a gesture. The air crackles.

I shudder, not just from fear. I’ve never wanted to be wrapped in a man’s arms or kissed so bad in my entire life. What’s wrong with me last night Magick, I mean Sebastian, now today this stranger? I love Josh don’t I?

A hiss turning to a shrill shriek about ruptures my eardrums, and then a blur of black fur shoots from beneath my bed back towards the living room.

“Ah There you are you little devil!” The man gestures to the sofa and it slides across the room, thudding as it hits the bar. The cat darts back into the bedroom. The stranger thrusts his hand out and without a word the bed flips up, the foot-board pressed into the ceiling as the bed seems to hang in the air.

The dresser zips across the room and up in the air. For a moment I stand there stunned. I don’t know what overcame me.

“STOP!” I scream.

The man turns to me stunned, the cat hunkers in the corner close to the closet door pawing futilely trying to get it open. Without turning his stare from me he flips out one arm towards Magick ,chants some strange words, then claps twice. A terrified yowl turns into a painful scream. I look past the tall handsome man to the corner where Magick is once again Sebastian, now writhing in pain on the floor clutching his throat gasping for air, his eyes bugging out.

“I said to stop! Release him or I’ll, I’ll…” I shout my voice full of anger and fear. This seems to amuse the riled stranger. His chuckle sending chills down my spine.

“You will what? What can you possibly do to scare a demon?”

“She will trap your soul in the magic box.” Sebastian rasps his face now blue, bringing out the bluish hue in his hair.

Damn we are in deep crap now. I can’t even do a simple card trick.

The alleged demon swings his head back towards me.

“Only demons can trap souls.” He looks me up and down leans in closely and sniffs me behind the ear.

It takes all I can muster to not turn my head to kiss him.

“You’re no Demon. You’re not even a witch.”

He says flatly, not looking impressed at all.

Sebastian has gotten very quiet, so I crane my neck around the demon’s shoulder and see him sitting up still huddled into the corner, once again naked as a jaybird. Now I have two hot men in my bedroom, one naked, and one is supposedly a demon. I always have had a thing for the bad boy types.

“Why did you summon him for me if you’re not one of them? I knew you had to be an evil witch. Charming me with your hospitality until dark to hand me back over. I was a fool to trust you.”

“You have a lot of room to talk Mage. It’s you that shouldn’t be trusted.”

“So how about you putting my furniture back how you found it and fix my door. And you," I point at Sebastian, "going in and getting dressed. Then we willsit down and work this out like adults.”

The Demon glared at me then made a motion and all the furniture was back in its place. I went and got the bag of clothes for Sebastian and motioned the Demon to follow me and take a seat on the sofa.

“I’ll stay with him so he doesn’t sneak out.”


Once we were all gathered, the tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Neither of them seemed to want to speak first so I decided to ask the questions that have been burning in my mind for two hours now.

I look at the one Sebastian calls demon.

“Ok, you start. Who are you and what makes you think you can just storm into my house and trash it?”

Then it dawned on me.

“I get it! You two are lovers and had a fight and he ran off. But how do you turn him into a cat?”

“Woman! Have you never heard of Matanbuchus?  Perhaps Belial? Lovers?” They both shake their heads and look at me with shock on their faces.

“Haven’t I told you not to call me Woman! It’s Fallon. What is it with you two? Jeesh. Kiss and make up and go. Please!”

“I am not going back with him!” Sebastian glares at Belial or Matt in bushes, or whoever he is.

“I am not leaving without him. We had a deal. He belongs to me.”

“If you’re a demon, can’t you just do your magic thingy you were doing tossing my furniture and zip him back to wherever it is you’re from?”

The demon looks at me as if I am the crazy one.

“I could, but he has cast a ward that won’t let me remove him.”

Sebastian beams proudly.
Well, we got nowhere. Nothing resolved.

I show Sebastian to the guest room and give him his bag of stuff I bought him. The Demon follows.

“Sorry, but I don’t think any of these clothes or anything I have will fit you, but you can share the other stuff. Don’t kill each other. Goodnight!” I go to my room and shut and lock the door.

I am so glad this is Friday night or is it already Saturday morning? Whichever, it looks like I’m in for another long day.
 Wlll what do ya think? Can it get much worse? Would you fall for a demon? Or a dark mage?
If you missed last week's epsiode and would like to catch up, you can find it here.
  Happy Halloween 

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